Gifts to your beloved wife for 10 years of your wedding

Ten years of life together - the time is awesome. Your union has long outgrown tenderness and youthful awe, reborn into a strong sense of loyalty, mutual understanding and respect. The main question of men on the eve of the solemn date is what to give to his wife for 10 years of the wedding. In the unconditional priority, items made of tin and everything that is painted in pink. People associate the strength of your marriage with this metal.

Of course, there will be pink roses, sweets, solemn speeches and congratulations. Yet a gift to his wife for 10 years of marriage should be special, and it is not necessary to follow the traditions and present on the day of the anniversary items from the tin-pink list. It is quite acceptable accessories for the interior, figurines, paintings, bedding, household appliances, travel - everything that the spouse will accept with understanding and gratitude.

To help loving husbands - 10 gift ideas for the tin wedding anniversary.

What to give to his wife for a tin wedding?

Forged banquet.
Forged banquet

The subject of furniture for the house or cottage from the category Handmade is an excellent gift for the wedding anniversary of 10 years. Artistic forging is again in vogue, especially executed by the hands of an experienced craftsman strictly by order. The banquet is produced in a limited edition. This means that the chances of finding a second approximately zero.

Soft pouf is mounted on a metal base made of thin rods, giving grace to an object with monumental strength. The banquet has a compact size. Suitable for a small and spacious hallway, will create an additional rest on the veranda, in the garden.

Souvenir "Crown": deserved reward for 10 years of marriage.
Souvenir "Crown": deserved reward for 10 years of marriage

Choosing what to give to his wife for a tin wedding, does not always follow, based on the benefits and practicality of the subject. Souvenirs with meaning are welcome. We have an idea how to prove ourselves on the anniversary of our life together. The work of art of the Ural masters is a crown decorated with Swarovski crystals. The product is a copy of the famous symbol of power, the Great Imperial Crown, made in 1762 for the coronation of Catherine II. For a woman who has been married to you for ten years, such an ornament is the final recognition of her reputation as a full-fledged mistress.

Being a good imitation of a script worth several billion rubles, your souvenir is no less charming, although it is made of tin, silver, nickel and copper. As decor used 1750 Swarovski crystals plus pearls.

Steam cabinet.
Steam cabinet

Famous manufacturers of goods for the home came up with an "intelligent" wardrobe. It is not suitable for long-term storage of things. Its function is to ensure that clothing and linen are perfectly ironed and disinfected. A few minutes is enough to make the wardrobe a crumpled suit into an outfit "with a needle", in which it is not a shame to appear at a business meeting or a wedding.

The cabinet is an improved home steam generator. The control is located on the touch panel. You can set the desired temperature and other parameters. Your wife does not have to spend time ironing, and in her absence you can easily refresh your shirt by simply placing it for a few minutes in an airtight container.

Try to give your wife on the anniversary of a stylish "helper", so she shifted some of the household chores to the powerful "shoulders" of your gift.
Table lamp made of amber.
Table lamp made of amber

The lamp is not a trivial gift idea on the day of the jubilee, if it is a designer work of art from amber. The wife will certainly be imbued with his beauty. Exclusive product from the category of "masthev" will become an accent in the interior in the included or disabled form.

The diffuser of the author's lamp is made of honey amber, and in the molding of the lampshade is used a solid stone that was not under the press. Taking as a basis its matte natural beauty, the designers received a bright stained-glass effect, as in the harsh Gothic interiors. Untouched inclusions in the form of particles of plants, earth, insects make the raw amber even more valuable.

The device is mounted on a stand-up leg. The decorative component is made of bronze casting. A magnificent gift copy for use in the living room, office, bedroom.
Tin Casket.
Tin Casket

These boxes are created especially for expensive jewelry. The highly artistic product of Italian designers is marked with an author's stamp. The base is cast from tin. The gift is richly decorated with floral ornaments. Elegant legs smoothly pass into the lovely faces of angels. The casket is stylized under a magnificent setting of interiors with baroque elements.

Truly, a chic gift to his wife on the wedding anniversary of 10 years from her husband-esthete. It will not lose value with the years, it will not be rubbed, it will not rust, it will remain as beautiful after decades. Caskets made of metal with pronounced charisma often become family heirlooms and are inherited.

Removable fridge panels.
Removable fridge panels

It is customary to discuss the purchase of household appliances in the family openly. If the agenda is to choose a refrigerator, it's time to purchase it, because on the nose is the jubilee marriage date. Give a pink wedding to his wife is not an ordinary refrigerator, and a color - that is, not red, yellow or green, and household appliances in a wide range of shades.

An interesting approach to the design of the refrigeration plant manufacturers began to use in 2017. Its essence lies in the use of light removable panels of beautiful plastic. Elements are made for a specific model of the refrigerator. The panel is easily mounted on the front of the appliance and is also simply removed if the color is bored. In the arsenal - about 20 different colors for curtains, decoration, furniture and other objects in the interior.

Tapestry by photo - hand made to order.
Tapestry by photo - hand made to order

To decorate a house with tapestries is prestigious and always fashionable. Husbands who prefer original gifts, we advise you to order a handmade author's product. The main thing is think about this in advance, because the work on tapestry takes time.

Decide what or who will be depicted on the canvas. There are several options: either it's your wife, or your wife, or you and your children. It remains to find a good photo and send it to the master. Do not forget to agree on the design of the frame and delivery to the address exactly on the day of the celebration of the anniversary.

A table clock.
A table clock

Objects of interior and accessories with a high artistic meaning are bestowed by very close people, and taking them is always a pleasure. Therefore, the desk clock, in which part of the work is done manually, will become an expensive and very valuable gift to your beloved wife.

his is a product from the category of those placed in a prominent place in the living room . They are beautiful and elegant, their cost is adequate to the exterior, and the quality of the mechanisms is so high that they will be verified by the time of children and grandchildren.

To create a luxurious entourage used bronze with gilded spraying. Decorative elements are obtained by the technology of artistic casting or minted personally by a master. As the central character of the clock, the God of love is chosen - the winged Cupid, which is very symbolic for the anniversary of married life.
Romantic night at the hotel.
Romantic night at the hotel

Not all wives prefer to receive something tangible on the day of the tin wedding. Some wait for the husband to take decisive action, so be resourceful and find a suitable place to retire. Certainly, the wife to you more than once hinted at their desires, and therefore it remains only to call a specialized agency and order a gift certificate for a romantic night in the hotel.

A bouquet of pink roses, balls, candles, delicious alcohol and pleasant music - everything will be just for you today. Prestigious hotels specially make out a couple of rooms, which constantly maintain a private atmosphere of intimacy for the couple. As a variant of a romantic gift - a tour to another city or country with the reservation of a similar number.

Jewelry with pink stone.
Jewelry with pink stone

In the continuation of the pink theme - a set of jewelry from silver and stone, but unusual, but with meaning. The set consists of earrings and a ringlet. Its uniqueness and secret meaning lies in the stone. Pink quartz is installed in the products, and this mineral is endowed with an amazing property - it symbolizes sensuality and attracts love to the one who wears it. Its main purpose is to protect family happiness and love, so the jewelry can be worn as a charm. We are sure that any woman will appreciate such care from her husband.

The purpose of our material is to ask the idea, and not to insist on buying a particular item. In fact, the theme of wedding gifts is much broader. You better know what your wife would like to get on your wedding day. Please note that for completeness of the picture, you need to add roses to the main gifts - 11 pink buds and one white, as the personification of the hope for a happy future together.