Gifts for wife on the first anniversary of the wedding

You have lived together for a year. The so-called lapping is in full swing. You still do not think to sell a wedding dress. The album with the image of the rings stands in a prominent place, and a bottle of champagne, bought a year ago, more and more often leads the young man to meditation - what to give to his wife for 1 anniversary.

Council - try to adhere to generally accepted folk customs. This wedding is called "calico", and therefore among the gifts there should be textile items - bed linen, curtains, bathrobes, tablecloths, decorative furniture covers, etc. It is recommended to supplement the calico extravaganza with something more significant.

Practical people prefer to give a useful gift to his wife on the first anniversary. In the list of priority - household appliances, furniture, wardrobe items. Others give ornaments and romance.

We offer 10 valuable ideas for wonderful gifts for 1 year of the wedding - from the husband to the beloved wife.

What to give to his wife for a cotton wedding?

Textiles in the bedroom.
Textiles in the bedroom

He is not just attractive. A set of beautiful micro-velours is the brightest gift version with an original design. Decorative ruffles are located in the center of the bedspread and pillowcases. They look elegant and bring an atmosphere of solemnity to the bedroom. Yet the dominant element is not the style and texture, but the color. Bedding is painted in a juicy blackberry shade. This gives the kit a brutal, exciting appearance - the most suitable option for the bedroom. And to cover did not roll off the bed, polycotton fabric was sewed under smooth micro-velours. Interior will become even more spectacular if you block the windows with curtains of the same material with a similar decor.

Family album "Family Tree"..
Family album "Family Tree".

Perhaps the chronicle of the name will begin with your married couple. The idea of ??compiling a family tree sooner or later visits each of us. It reflects several generations of the genus. These relics are stored and transferred to the descendants. To such things are anxious and try to protect from negative environment.

The original idea - a gift "Genealogical book" in a reliable binding of genuine leather. The cover shows the family tree, as an example of what you will make up for your dynasty. It is a gift copy of a noble color. The interior is decorated with soft velvet. As a decoration gold embossing and bandages (convex cross-pieces on the cover) were used. The kit include:

  • Case;
  • Cover, equipped with a ring mechanism for easy withdrawal of contents;
  • A block of sheets, including several forms-separators, for a list of family members, personal sheets;
  • Instruction in the form of a brochure on how to compile a family tree;
The book is accompanied by a certificate Genealogic, on the basis of which you can contact the company for help in compiling a pedigree.
Set for home barbecue.
Set for home barbecue

The gift will make your weekly diet more varied or introduce new gastronomic traditions into the family - prepare delicious steak for the weekend, other delicacies. The household appliance will be very useful for a youth party - friends will like crunchy barbecue, and the young housewife will have several branded recipes in stock.

The built-in options will make the cooking process simple and quick: the modern grill is equipped with a touch control, can independently adjust the temperature, "reading" the size and thickness of the meat tenderloin. And that you do not miss the moment and in time took the dish off the surface of the grill, the device has a special indicator.

In everyday life the grill will help to save time for defrosting food, keep the food warm until dinner, useful for quick cooking sausages, fish, bacon, etc.

The device is equipped with removable panels. At the end of cooking, it is enough to install them in a dishwasher.

Gift certificate for participation for two in the quest.
Gift certificate for participation for two in the quest

It is more difficult to decide what to give to his wife for 1 anniversary, if she is an extraordinary person. Your spouse is sure that the main thing in the gift is his creativity. We believe she will like the game. Buy a certificate for two to participate in the quest. Unusual situation, active participation in the event, a tense atmosphere, the need to solve life puzzles - you are waiting 1.5-3 or more hours of play with a full immersion in a detective, military, love or another story. You will become the protagonists, and only on your resourcefulness depends on its finale.

When buying a certificate, you will know when to go to the designated place. You can invite your friends and take part in a collective quest with 20 or more characters. Impressions will be very bright, and emotions are real, not comparable with the sensations that you experienced when playing on the computer.

Smart sink + shelf for dishes.
Smart sink + shelf for dishes

A long life together will bring many pleasant moments, if the spouses care about each other. No hostess will refuse a gift that will shorten her time in the kitchen and make some routine processes interesting and even enjoyable.

How about the novelty? We do not think that someone from your wife's girlfriends already has an "intelligent" shelf for dishes. Model S2 - a small lightweight device in a modern design. The design is simple, but it combines several useful devices. Place the glass exactly under the spout - the vessel will be filled with water. After you empty it, put it back on the shelf - the system will rinse the glass, dry it with a jet of hot air and disinfect it, sending ultraviolet to the container.


To give a beloved wife a living being, you need to be sure that she will like your idea. Motivation should be very serious, otherwise it's better to pay attention to inanimate objects. Living in an apartment building, many are deprived of the opportunity to raise a large breed dog. And some just like miniature animals - they are loved for their sweet appearance, loyalty and defenselessness. It is more convenient to look after small puppies. They are no less loyal than their big relatives, and with equal zeal rush to defend the owner, if the danger is threatened.

Going to buy a dog of decorative breed, do not forget to inquire about her health, vaccinations, diet, ways of leaving. The option should be treated with caution if the house has allergies or a newborn.
Certificate for recording a song.
Certificate for recording a song

Try on - for several hours - the image of the famous vocalist ... this is not a romantic dream of admirers of talented idols. Maybe she has a music school behind her, or she sings beautifully in the kitchen, burying the natural gift day after day. No, we are not trying to persuade you to pursue its rapid career. First, buy a certificate for recording a song in a professional studio. The price of the question depends on the number and type of services selected. The VIP package, for example, offers an expanded list of products, up to and including the whole album and single release: the number of copies is discussed in advance.

For the quality of performance do not worry: the studio equipment will remove roughness and will present everything in the best possible way, and you, as a loving spouse, will look more convincing in the eyes of the young wife.

Gift glasses.
Gift glasses

Do not give up gifts that symbolize love. In the traditions there is a permanence, and this is one of the signs of a loyal and strong family. Therefore, a chic set of wine glasses from two objects, called "Swan fidelity", is one of the most popular gifts for a spouse on the day when the first frontier of a shared distance is celebrated.

The souvenir has nothing to do with copies of the Chinese china shop. For one year from the moment of marriage, I want to show the fullness of my feelings. Collectible dishes of handwork from silver of 925 tests and high-quality crystal, on gold-plated knives, made by Zlatoust craftsmen, adequately reflects the importance of the event.


If the spouse likes to read, your e-book will decide what to donate to a cotton wedding. A small gadget the size of a tablet will hold a whole library. Its advantage over print media is absolute mobility: in order to pass the time on the road, to read the material before the seminar, you need to take a compact device, not an encyclopedia. The reader is easily placed in a small bag. He does not have pages that are torn and dirty, and the price of the device is much less than the total cost of the library that fits in his memory.

Twin bedroom night view.
Twin bedroom night view

Traditional and at the same time an unusual gift to his wife for a cotton wedding - a lamp, or rather a pair of appliances on the bedside tables. A set called "The Sun and the Moon" is made exclusively to order. This is not a mass product, but a real exclusive handmade in a case made of natural beech and with LEDs under stained glass

The luminaire was created according to oriental traditions, and the images on the surface are nothing more than mandalas - the Sun and the Moon. Drawing promotes the concentration of the mind, the purification of creation and the formation of harmony between the inner content and the external world.
p> So, a year after the wedding, you got to know each other better, appreciated the beloved in the role of wife and mistress, or maybe managed to make her a happy mother. If the family celebrates a cotton anniversary, then a successful start was made. The first boundary is the most difficult. You are together, and this is important. And now - we prepare flowers, perfume, sweets, order a table in the restaurant and beautifully - with pathos and tenderness - we give our beloved a gift.