Gift ideas for wife's birthday

Imagine your wife was left without a present! It sounds scary, does not it? Terrible, if you do not prepare in time. Otherwise, to be a witness to her bad mood, and this, you will agree, is not the most pleasant occupation. And it does not matter what kind of holiday you have on your nose, be it the anniversary of the wedding or something else. Leaving a beloved wife without a surprise is not good. But what if you can not find an unusual gift to your wife right away? If you are looking for an idea, I'm glad to present a selection of useful and original solutions from our site.

So what to give to his wife on his birthday?

Solar charger.
Solar charger

The idea of ??charging mobile devices with solar cells is not new. Such a battery has its advantages and disadvantages in front of an external battery. But did you see such a charger in the design? Suntree is made of bamboo. In the role of leaves - solar panels, which in their own way will complement the interior of the room. A beautiful and original solution, although it's fair to say that the price bites.

  • There is a built-in battery with a capacity of 1400 mAh. Not enough, but nevertheless.
  • In the absence of the sun, there is a charging from the network.
Pillow - anti-stress.
Pillow - anti-stress

3D cats look very unusual. On the Internet, I found a whole collection of such pillows. A merry gift with a lot of advantages. Unlike the real cat, the pillow does not spread the wool, moreover, it does not need to be fed.

  • The structure of the toy includes granules of polystyrene. These balls are aimed at fighting stress. Give your wife this pillow, and she will be calmer than any boa.
  • If the wife has a car, the pillow will perfectly fit in the back seat. After all, in some cases, the passenger it will be very handy.
Measuring cups - nested dolls.
Measuring cups - nested dolls

The idea is that each nesting doll is a measuring cup. The set consists of three dolls, each of which contains another matryoshka doll. Total we have 6 measuring cups. They are made of food plastic, which can be easily washed and used without problems in the microwave oven.

  • Low cost. Item is easy to order on AliExpress.
  • Excellent addition to the kitchen accessories of your wife. It seems nothing special, but there is something unusual in this design.
Magnet video on the refrigerator.
Magnet video on the refrigerator

Do you like to leave valuable instructions for your beloved? Excellent, because these videos can reproduce a message lasting about a minute. This is enough to remind of the most important things: "I love you", "Do not forget to take the child out of the kindergarten", "When you leave, grab the rubbish".

  • Up to 3 messages. The device is simple to operate. There is an indicator of unread messages.
  • A great way to exchange errands, an alternative to a notebook. Original gift to his wife.
Form for pancakes and scrambled eggs.
Form for pancakes and scrambled eggs

A simple gift, which is a form for the preparation of fried eggs. Can be used in the oven. According to the Chinese developers, the mold is resistant to temperatures of up to 250 degrees. A wide range of forms: owls, crocodiles, giraffes. There is even a good old smile. All this is quite easy to order.

  • If you have children, you will kill two birds with one stone at a time. Just think about it. A gift for the wife, from which your child will be delighted.
  • The gift is simple and cheap. This he is good and bad at the same time. On the birthday of his wife, it is unlikely to get rid of such minimalism.

Your weapon on the occasion of an anniversary or birthday. It can be a bracelet, earrings or a pendant. No wife will remain indifferent to a good jewelry. As for the cost, the price range is very diverse. In the meantime, this is another worthy version of what to give to your beloved wife.

  • Do not worry that the gift may not like.
  • A large assortment.
Organizer for linen.
Organizer for linen

Organizer is designed to organize an infinitely large number of things present in the wardrobe of your beloved. All the linen is put in an orderly manner in the organizer and hides in your wife's wardrobe. This thing is suitable for those who love order in everything.

  • It is no longer necessary to puzzle over what gift to make to your wife. Any color and dimensions.
  • Many sections, fit everything.
Umbrella SENZ automatic.
Umbrella SENZ automatic

As can be seen from the figure, the model has an asymmetric shape. Umbrella positions itself as anti-storm. Do not turn inside out with gusts of wind up to 90 km / h. Automatic expansion. A special cloth is used - pongee. The surface is treated with a water-repellent layer. The spokes are protected with special tips. In a word, designers from the Netherlands tried their best. And all in order that you bought this original and practical gift for your wife

  • Lightweight and compact. Excellent assistant, who will serve your loved one for a year.
  • The developers argue that this form helps the umbrella to find the best position in the wind and not turn out.

Here the bet is made not for practicality and not even for originality. At the heart of such a gift is aesthetics. Clutch is a miniature bag in which your wife could concentrate the most necessary things to her, such as money, keys and cosmetics.

  • A large assortment. Acceptable price.
  • Deciding to choose this option, you will not notice how to get bogged down in studying reviews and finding the best models. In addition, your choice may not like her. And then all of your diligence under the catу.
Lamp "Otherworldly world".
Lamp "Otherworldly world"

Peel Light is a lamp that is attached to the ceiling of the room. Against the background of competitors, this lamp looks really unusual. The surface is covered with a special cloth. To turn on the lamp it is enough to pull off the edge, imitating the wallpaper. Judging by the reviews, the price for such a device is very high

  • Your wife will give this gift at least interest.
  • Suitable for those who prefer creative and unusual things.

Find an unusual gift for your beloved wife is not so difficult. Sometimes it is much more difficult to find a wife. After all, to give a gift, that person is needed.