Ideas for a gift to wife on the anniversary of the wedding

The wedding day is a solemn event number 1 in the list of your family traditions. Most spouses, choosing what to give to his wife on the anniversary of the wedding, are guided by the classification, tied to the number of years lived together. Others do not change their practicality and are based on the usefulness of the subject. Whatever the main principle of choosing a gift, one should take into account the age of a woman, her taste and hobbies.

There are 10 ideas before you. They will prompt you what you can give your wife on the anniversary anniversary of your life together

What to give to his wife on the anniversary of the wedding?

Set of registered bed linen on the "calico" wedding anniversary.
Set of registered bed linen on the "calico" wedding anniversary

The original, and most importantly a 100% relevant gift - a beautiful bed set of satin. Dazzling whiteness always finesses elegantly and freshly, but the main emphasis is not on the color of the bedding. Attractive decoration in the form of calligraphic machine embroidery is made on pillowcases and a duvet cover. It can be a golden monogram, decorated with a royal crown, or completely the surname of the newlyweds, deduced by the elegant stroke of the machine "pen".

Depending on the size of the family bed, the kit can be 2-bedroom or made to the standard euro, euro-maxi. Embroidery design is developed individually: the final version of the sketch is approved by the customer. Do not like white? - Original sets look in color Champagne, coral, lavender, olive and other varieties, up to black.

Classic rocking chair from solid wood and leather - for "leather" 3 years.
Classic rocking chair from solid wood and leather - for "leather" 3 years

Improved classics - rocking chair with massage function. The urgency of the gift is confirmed by the presence of a beautiful leather upholstery, stretched on a frame from the array. Ideal "helper" for the beloved, in order to relieve fatigue in the evening after a hard working day. No need to waste time on frequent trips to the massage parlor: thanks to the extensive functionality, the chair will perform a vibrating, rolling massage, shiatsu. The relaxing effect is enhanced and has a beneficial therapeutic effect through the operation of an infrared source.

The rocking chair is also a convenient gift for the wedding anniversary of his wife - a young mother. Sit comfortably in the bed, put your feet on, enjoy the massage and at the same time lull, feed the baby.

Music center in retro style - for the wooden wedding anniversary.
Music center in retro style - for the wooden wedding anniversary

The music center, but not from the category "like everyone else". It is evident that stylization is good under the old days. It looks like a radio of the middle of the 20th century, but only pretends to be an "old lady". In fact, is a music complex with the ability to listen to music from CD media, MP3 format. It is able to play files from "flash drives", and also record on "flash cards". There is a special headphone jack.

Antiques in its pure form - also an original idea, but the old thing, rather, carries an aesthetic function, not having a broad functional meaning. In your gift, the vintage style acts as a beautiful wrapper, behind which is a modern gadget with remote control.

Exclusive Tin Casket for 10 Years of Wedding.
Exclusive Tin Casket for 10 Years of Wedding

Ancient casket from Germany - an original gift to his wife on the anniversary of the wedding. It is made of durable tin. The old surface puts the casket in a row with expensive antiques. It is functional, because it is suitable for storing useful small things, which is now always in place and at hand.

The casket is generously decorated with cast decor. Such a gift has every chance to become a family heirloom with the passage of time and be inherited from generation to generation. The design of the casket is copied from the products of the "royal chancery". They enjoyed status in the medieval Germany. The product is worthy to replenish the home collection of exquisite items. Will adequately look at the background of the classic interior, the style of romanticism, Empire and other antique furniture, antique furniture, antique buffet, antique buffet, Antique kitchenware, Jewelry and bijouterie, Antique furniture and interior items, Candlesticks, Used goods, Boot goods, Sculptures, Interior items, Jewelery, Pendants, Silverware, Plates, dishes, saucers, Bronze, Bracelets, Porcelain, Soviet, Glasses, piles, glasses, Rings, Vases, pots, vessels, bottles, Statuettes, figurines!

Biokamin for 15 years of living together.
Biokamin for 15 years of living together

Deciding to choose a gift in accordance with the tradition - to appropriate the anniversary of a certain material status, pay attention to souvenirs made of glass or crystal, if the 15th anniversary of the wedding is approaching. The bio-fireplace is 100% homemade, symbolizing comfort and warmth. You created it together during the most difficult 15 years of marriage - now this symbol should be fixed in the house.

The most pleasant memories do not always reflect the bright moments of life. Marriage is, above all, comfort, warmth coming from within. Bio-fireplace - their real embodiment, on the one hand. On the other hand - a practical thing that does not generate smoke puffs, ash mountains. To install it, you do not need to call specialists and mount the chimney. Ideal imitation of this fireplace will decorate the interior of the living room, bedroom, veranda. It is absolutely mobile, so it can be installed on a shelf, on the floor, a window sill, in a niche - depending on the situation. If before you only looked closely at the bio fireplace, now you have an excellent reason to buy it.


Twenty years after the marriage, it's time to change inexpensive dining rooms, tea sets to really elegant sets. Moreover, for this there is an excellent reason - to give to his wife on the anniversary of a joint life. First, you do not break traditions. Secondly, porcelain is beautiful and safe. Thirdly, well, you deserve this luxury, because not everyone can keep a family after 2 decades after the wedding.

What to choose? - Try the collection service of Bernardaud (1863). An elite copy of porcelain of the highest grade is served in 5-star hotels and expensive restaurants. The service consists of several dozen items. Products are made from the purest porcelain. For such dishes choose an exquisite decor in the form of gilding, drawings made by hand, carved handles, lids, etc.

Hand-made table watches - for a silver wedding.
Hand-made table watches - for a silver wedding

Traditionally, on this day, the spouses next to the gold ones put on silver rings: the wedding protocol demands that. Touching - yes, but to make a splash and see the brilliance in the eyes of his wife, you need to come up with something else.

For example - a clock. These have a monumental appearance due to the body made of natural stone and a stable metal pedestal. Exquisite carved legs and decor visually lighten the facade, adding a truly royal aplomb.

Author's design of the masters of the Italian company "Linea Argenti". Irreproachable manual work of artisans, who master brilliantly the techniques of turning the crystal, glass, wood and stone. The classical dial is crowned with a figure of a lion made of durable metal with a superficial silvering. The price of the watch corresponds to their appearance and the invested labor. They are not given on the occasion - they are deliberately chosen and presented to mark the importance of the solemn date.

Exotic travel and pearl fishing - to the 30th anniversary of life together.
Exotic travel and pearl fishing - to the 30th anniversary of life together

It is simpler to present the corresponding decoration to the wife for a pearl wedding - a pearl necklace of 30 pearls. If you think creatively and like to surprise, buy a tour to the capital of the UAE, the city of Abu Dhabi. You can stay at another place in the universe - not the essence. The main thing is that the tour program includes a sea voyage and a meeting with real pearl fishermen.

Even more lucky if you have mastered the rules of scuba diving. Diving to depth and staying there for a long time is not safe, but for a short time to go down to the bottom to see how professionals cope with the job - it will organize you.

How nice it is to get the conch shell with a pearl! And you are still the same incorrigible romantic, like 30 years ago.

Ruby cuisine - for a ruby wedding: 40 years together.
Ruby cuisine - for a ruby wedding: 40 years together

Tolerant colors make the interior lighter and visually more spacious, but their everydayness begins to bore with time and even press. If the soul asks for a holiday, buy a red kitchen set.

Advice - try to make a secret out of this until the fortieth anniversary of the wedding comes. The people call it ruby, which means that the burgundy cuisine will not only be a long-awaited, but also quite an appropriate gift.

About the patterns of furniture selection you will tell the manager in the store. Before you go to choose a gift, you can ask your wife carefully - how she looks at changing the situation and making the kitchen brighter. We are sure that she will like the idea.

Warm cover of foxskins.
Warm cover of foxskins

Congratulations! You lived together for half a century. Such a union is as strong as gold. You can give your wife another piece of jewelry, and with it you can present a plaid plaid of natural fox skins. The long pile of the forest beauty has a golden ebb and is in keeping with tradition.

Warm plaid is an independent interior decor. Original looks on the bed next to the fireplace. Decorate a guest room in the country.

Of course, the gift should show attention and love, but in no case is the financial state, although the size of the budget also affects the nature of the surprise. A bouquet of flowers, candy, cakes, champagne - this is attached by default.

Women love gifts, and we assure you that not everyone likes diamonds. Show your imagination, read our materials - they are sure, they will help to find hundreds of attractive ideas and dilute the candy-bouquet minimum with more valuable items.