Gift to the sister for the wedding

Wedding is a wonderful event in the life of every girl. The question of organizing this event will not make bored either relatives or close couples. Make it so that the process of marriage of the bride and groom has passed without unnecessary trouble - an uneasy task. But no less difficult test is the choice of a gift to the bride.

If you step aside from such a gift as money, you begin to understand that finding something really interesting on the Internet is not so easy. As you already guessed, today we will choose a gift for the sister at the wedding. If your own sister is getting married, and you have not figured out what you can give her, are happy to showcase our new selection of fresh ideas.

What should I give to my sister's wedding?

Box with Butterflies.
Box with Butterflies

How to surprise your sister in one of the most significant days for her? An unusual gift from her brother, who at least surprises her - tropical butterflies. The assortment for such presents is quite wide. Live butterflies are presented in a gift box decorated with rose petals. You can learn more about this gift by here .

  • A mix of 5 butterflies will cost 1500 rubles. One of them has a width of 14 cm, and the other 4 cm.
  • Ten large butterflies "Blue Morpho" from the Amazonian jungle will cost you 8 tr. The wing span of each reaches 16 cm.
Butterflies have pearly overflow, which, depending on the viewing angle, changes the shade. The natural habitat is the countries of South America. Exclusive present for your beloved sister.
Hobbies Set.
Hobbies Set

Take a closer look at your sister's hobbies. Perhaps she likes to play on any musical instrument, beautifully draws, dances or is fond of embroidery. After all, to give your sister for a wedding can be a gift, to match her hobbies. For example, it can be a quality set of pencils, a set for decoupage techniques, an easel with paints or a collection of good sewing knitting needles.

Inscription from wood.
Inscription from wood

Continuing the top ten surprises is a three-dimensional inscription cut from plywood. The material is birch. Above the tree is applied absolutely any color to your taste. If you are looking for gifts for a sister's sister's wedding, we suggest that you take a closer look at this option. As for the cost, the standard tablet will cost you 700 to 1500 rubles.

  • Cutting of inscriptions in format # hashtags is possible;
  • It is possible to make a product in the form of wooden shoulders for a wedding dress.
Sketch on photo.
Sketch on photo

In search of something really unusual, we came across an interesting video , which tells us in detail how, How to create a hybrid of a pencil drawing and a photograph. So, if you have the skills of owning a PS, and you draw a good pencil, then your sister can give an exclusive sketch. On the sketch, it can be portrayed with the groom, thus creating for them a truly individual wedding collag.

Photoalbum Moretto.
Photoalbum Moretto

But back to the classics. Wedding, as well as any other significant event, can not do without a lot of photos. It's hard to imagine how many frames a photographer will make for a bride alone. If your sister likes to review family photos, pay attention to the archive photo album from Moretto. The case is made in a classical style. Production Italy. You can buy a gift here .

  • Photos are inserted in separate frames, adapted for a photo 10 x 15 cm.
  • The box has a size of 22 x 16 x 18 cm.

What gift should a sister make on her wedding day? "Decoration!" - exclaim you, and you will be right. Undoubtedly, jewelery will be a win-win option among other original ideas.

It can be gold pendants or quality jewelry. If you are inclined in favor of the former, treat the choice of the store very carefully. Do not rush to run to the nearest salon. First of all, study customer reviews and store assortment.


Photomosaic is a single image, composed of hundreds of small photos. If you look from afar - the concept is one. On a detailed examination, you can see a separate photo 2 cm in size. A truly original gift for the sister's wedding, which she will appreciate. In fact, the picture is a whole photo archive. To find out the exact cost, you can follow this link .

  • Images are handled by designers;
  • When ordering, you get a photo on canvas and in digital form.

Agree, no one knows so much about this native person as her sister. The younger or older is not so important. You have lived in the same house for many years and probably perfectly orientate in its taste preferences, which means it will not be difficult for you to choose a perfume for your sister. Advise something specific will be superfluous, because what kind of gift to a sister for a wedding from her sister - you only know!

Gift with your own hands.
Gift with your own hands

Do not forget about the gifts made by yourself, because they are unique in their own way. For example, you can organize an unforgettable evening, creating a special atmosphere. As an idea for a handmade, you can use glass jars, decorating them properly with ribbons and turning them into beautiful candlesticks.

Having arranged something like this, you do more than just a candlestick with your own hands - you create an evening for your sister bride, who she will remember.

Certificate for the photo shoot.
Certificate for the photo shoot

What should I give to my sister for a wedding? Among the gifts ideas listed above, there were a wide variety of creative options. And here I want to add an idea with a photo shoot. Try to create for your sister a unique entourage. It can be help florists or the same candlesticks made by hand from simple materials. Talk to the photographer all the details of shooting, so that the pictures are special.

In all nations, the rite of marriage takes a special place. We hope that today we managed to offer you some worthy ideas on what gift to make to your sister for the wedding.

We hope that we managed to offer a wide variety of ideas, having done this at the proper level: from gifts to own gifts to presents in the form of jewelry and collages.