Gift Ideas Neighbor

They say that before buying an apartment, first thing is to get acquainted with the neighbors, because of who will live next to you, and your personal life depends. So find out whether you have a pretty neighbor, whether she knows how to cook deliciously and whether she plays on a drum set, should be done immediately. Take with you a small gift, and safely go on a visit. "But what to give to a neighbor?" - you ask. This is the topic that we have to discuss today, because a good neighbor should always know the answer to this question.

Your ideas for a surprise should start with something neutral, because any gift will be considered as something meaningful if not for her, then for her husband, if that is certainly there. If the spouse is not present, we are happy to offer the following selection of various gifts. Perhaps some of them will seem useful to you.

Gifts for a neighbor?

Pizza knife.
Pizza knife

To visit a neighbor with empty hands is not good. So take a pizza with you, and at the same time a knife for cutting it. The illustration on the right shows the original knife in the form of an ax, the Enterprise ship and even a knife-bicycle, both wheels of which are sharp blades. This is a neutral gift to a neighbor girl, who will become a reason to eat and get to know each other better.


Crispy macaroons are one of the most delicious desserts for congratulations. The treat is a French variety of almond cookies. A delicious idea for which you will not be ashamed, because with such an accompanying presentation to find a common language with a neighbor it will be much easier. By the way, these culinary products are so popular in France that they can be bought at McDonald's fast food restaurants.

Skalka with print in the form of cats.
Skalka with print in the form of cats

To make a present to the neighbor who is engaged in a batch it is possible and through the Internet. As a gift for the anniversary, you can present the author's rolling pin. The object is made of beech. The depth of the printed impression is 3-5 mm. Length 40 cm. When used, stencils are used, the assortment of which is quite wide: it can be animals, figures or just scribbles. The product is made to order, and therefore the cost reaches 3000 rubles. The delivery will also have to fork out. It will cost you 280 rubles.

Unusual pillow.
Unusual pillow

A pillow made in the original form continues the collection of pleasant little things. It can be cookies, animals or something else. Whatever you choose, the pillow will dilute the interior of your girlfriend's room, and watching your favorite movies will become even more comfortable. The cushion-cookie is made of foam rubber and holofayber and can have both a rectangular and a circular shape. Most sites offer customized manual work. The cost, as a rule, does not exceed 1000 rubles.

A set of spices "Four seasons".
A set of spices "Four seasons"

Another original idea of ??a gift to a neighbor is the vessels for spices. Earlier we already talked about a similar set, made in the form of test tubes. Today, your attention is offered flasks, inside of which are miniature trees. They are made of food plastic, however, the image on the right speaks for itself. This is an inexpensive gift for a neighbor on his birthday, which is original and at the same time acceptable in terms of value. A single concept is created thanks to a stand. A creative idea of ??what to give to a neighbor in the country or apartment. The only drawback, in our opinion, is that the shakers are made of plastic, not glass.

Before buying, pay attention to other offers. Look closely at such an interesting set as "Spices in test tubes", as well as a set of "7 ingredients".

Before buying a rug, the first step is to determine its length. For double beds it is best to purchase the dimensions 220 x 220 mm, and for the chair version the plaids 130 x 170 mm are quite suitable. With the choice of colors is more difficult, because to know the taste preferences of a person with whom you are little familiar is not easy. Nevertheless, if you do not know what to give to your neighbor's birthday, we recommend paying attention to the variant with a blanket. As for the material, it is possible to give preference to both wool and mixed fabrics. The latter have advantages in terms of cost and washing.

This gift is in its own way universal, because it can both wrap up and wrap. And it can be not only a bed, but also your neighbor.
Original cutting set.
Original cutting set

The set attracts its unusual shape. The surface of the board has an angle joint in the edge of the countertop. The shape is distinguished by a smeared effect. By the way, to this kit you can find a stand for devices, made in a similar style. The item looks neutral and original at the same time. As a material, food plastic is used. Blood-red color makes this attribute a bright decoration of the kitchen. An excellent surprise-congratulation from a friend who has culinary abilities and is glad to present something interesting for the kitchen.

Toy antistress.
Toy antistress

If the professional activity of a neighbor is connected with hard work, remember about such a new gift as "toy-antistress", it is also a viral stressball. The object is a rubber ball filled with a multicolored liquid. The toy is covered with a net. When squeezing, stressball takes the form of a deadly virus. In the uncompressed position, the diameter is 7 cm. If you are looking for what you can give to your neighbor's birthday, pay attention to this concept. The gift is inexpensive, and will be useful both at work and at home. The collection is represented by four variations, each of which has its own color:

  • corn fever;
  • Bubonic plague;
  • zombie virus;
  • anthrax.
A tea set.
A tea set

If you go back to the classical form of gifts, you should not discount such a neutral idea as a good set of tea, buy inexpensively that you can almost in any store. The cost of such a good presentation starts from 500 rubles. Talking about a particular souvenir in our opinion does not make sense, since the range of this product is more than colossal.

Wall housekeeper.
Wall housekeeper

In conclusion, I would like to offer such a product made of wood as a housekeeper. In search of what to give a neighbor on the birthday of inexpensive and tasteful, we came across a very interesting product. Specialists from the Fair of Masters are ready to offer wooden housekeepers for 3 5 or more people. Plywood area provides keys for men, women, children, as well as two cars. Each housekeeper is made by hand. Order is carried out within a week.

Gifts have always been a good tool for creating favorable relationships: friendly, loving, family. Why not use this tool on neighbors? If the collection of ideas for the present to the neighbor turned out to be not boring, look at our related issues. We will be happy to offer you many other diverse ideas for your friends and family.