Gift ideas for the boyfriend's mom on birthday

In every girl's life, the moment comes when she meets the parents of her young man. For many, this event is associated with experiences, because it is important for a girl to find a common language with the mother of her lover. Here it is necessary not to be mistaken, because before you is the same woman who knows and loves her son from the very childhood.

But what to give mom to the guy? The emphasis should be made not only on the original, but also a useful gift. Of course, the first thing in the head come to the flowers, because whatever one may say - this option is a win-win classic.

Nevertheless, if you are aiming to find a really interesting surprise, we present a selection from the new collection. As part of the format of our website, we are happy to offer you the top 10 standing gifts to the guy's mom on his birthday, meet.

What to give to the boy's mom for his birthday?

Rose in a flask.
Rose in a flask

Let's start with pleasant surprises. The ruler opens the gift in a very creative way. Surely you've heard of the colors in the flask or the colors inside the vacuum vessel. If not, then it's time to learn more about this.

A special feature of these colors is the specific technology of their conservation, in the process of which moisture is evaporated from the plant and replaced with a liquid based on glycerin. This substance blocks the process of photosynthesis, due to which the flowers do not require watering, and are resistant to prolonged absence of sunlight. A great gift to a woman by the day of her birth, you can learn about which more you can here .

  • The "live" state of flowers is preserved up to 5 years. At the same time, all the tactile sensations persist.
  • The flask has dimensions: 26 cm in height, 15 cm in width.
Aquatester US Medica.
Aquatester US Medica

And this idea is for those who pay special attention to proper nutrition and health in general. Aquatester is a device designed to determine the quality of water. If the mother of your young man likes to travel, then this gadget will certainly be useful to her on the road. To take a sample, immerse the TDS meter in water for a few seconds. The results of the test are displayed on the LCD screen. Fully purified water has a range from 0 to 5.

  • Optimum for drinking liquid has an interval from 5 to 50.
  • The result from 300 to 500 and above suggests that drinking such water is not recommended.
Mirror with LED backlight YAMAGUCHI.
Mirror with LED backlight YAMAGUCHI

We continue to choose a gift to my mother. We represent the modern and functional mirror Moonlight, which will fit even in the smallest female handbag. The clamshell has a clamp-fastening and LED-backlighting. Reflected light is scattered at an angle of 220 degrees. The main feature is that the number of shadows, even with a small opening of the aperture - is minimal.

So, your young man's mom can easily repair his makeup on board the aircraft, or in the car or train. The attribute is unique in its own way and has already flashed in the fashionable catalogs of the Sapsan and Aeroflot magazines. Modest and at the same time a pleasant surprise for a woman from a girl.

  • The material is plastic, aluminum and glass.
  • Ultra-thin design. The cost of the gift is 1900 rubles.
Nano coating for clothes and shoes HYDROP.
Nano coating for clothes and shoes HYDROP

Every woman watches her appearance with special trepidation. Therefore, we present to our attention a superhydrophobic self-cleaning coating intended especially for clothes and shoes. Give mom your favorite special water repellent kit to care for her things, with which the shoes and coats will remain under protection, because from now on you can not think about dirt. A modern idea of ??what you can give to the guy's mom. By the way, HYDROP products can be divided into 4 different areas: pollution removal, antibacterial antistatic, moisture protection, as well as a light reflecting layer. The official website suggests buying a spray kit for 3000 rubles.

Gift set is easy to use! Clean the surface of clothing from rough dirt, spray the product, leave things for a day. At the end of the spray period, it will create a strong hydrophobic coating.
Original Plaid.
Original Plaid

If the rug is intended to be wrapped in the cold, the blanket is intended solely to cover the bed. By the way the plaid came to us from far Scotland. The first mention dates back to the 14th century. Earlier they were called TaurTan, which means "the color of the terrain".

Today, there is no point in commenting on the meaning of this attribute. This is a cozy gift for the birthday of my mother, who will certainly find herself in the interior of her terrace or room. By the way, the illustration on the right is a good idea as a gift for your boyfriend's mom for the New Year.

Certificate for spa program.
Certificate for spa program

It is believed that the first time a spa procedure appeared in distant Rome. One of the legends describes the healing properties of oils, massage and salt solutions after which the Roman soldiers felt much better. The first spa appeared in 1909 in Manhattan. The salon immediately aroused interest among the citizens. The manager of the salon was Elizabeth Arden. If you do not know what gift to make to the mom of the guy for a birthday or an anniversary, get a certificate for her in the spa with one of the programs of your choice.


And here is another original idea of ??an inexpensive, but beautiful gift for your heroine. Florarium is a miniature greenhouse, inside which there are fresh flowers. The shape of the construction can be a cube, a rectangle, or a complex polyhedron.

Take a closer look at this gift, because no woman will remain indifferent to such a lively surprise. If your acquaintance with the guy's mom is just beginning, and you're a new person in their family, start communicating with beautiful representatives of the flora.

  • As for the cost, the retail price for buying a florarium is 1300 rubles. By purchasing a blossoming cube, do not forget about lighting, watering and grooming. For this purpose it is enough a table lamp or a special phytosheet.
  • The frequency of watering depends on the particular plant. You should know for certain the features of care. If this, for example, succulents, then excess water will be superfluous. Watering should be no more than 50 - 100 gr. water every 10 days. Detailed instructions specify in the complete set with a flower.
Mini forceps-straighteners Babyliss.
Mini forceps-straighteners Babyliss

To give the magic form to the hair of your mom's mom will help miniature pliers-ironing. They are compact and technologically advanced. The length is 15 cm. The size of the plates is 15 x 60 mm. The titanium-ceramics is deposited on the heated surface. The maximum heating temperature of this device is 200 degrees. There are also all sorts of indicators, a convenient cord and an insulating tip. You can buy tongs in the online store for 1600 rubles.

Cellexon global anti-aging concentrate.
Cellexon global anti-aging concentrate

Serum is designed to restore the youth and beauty of the skin of a woman's face. The composition contains hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera extract, vitamins B5, B3 due to which the process of restoring the health of the skin of the face has a clearly pronounced result. To use the serum, it is sufficient to open the vial and apply the composition to the face. Detailed instructions for use as usual in the kit.

  • The cost of the kit is of course "good", the gift will cost you almost 13,000 rubles. Expensive, but, judging by the opinions of independent forums, it is effective.
  • The drug also has the properties of active therapy after prolonged exposure to UV rays of the sun.
To some extent, this is a very specific gift set. Give him to his mother's mom only if you know her well.
Light-cured plastic Bondic.
Light-cured plastic Bondic

In search of innovative gifts, we came across a compact and useful device from Dadget . You ask: "Why is this device useful for a woman?" It's simple! To do this, it is enough to recall how often women are faced with a variety of small failures in everyday life. Something has cracked, something has broken, something has come unstuck. And not every modern glue can save from such troubles.

Inside the Bondic case is a container with liquid plastic, and on the end of the device there is an ultraviolet lamp. The plastic remains liquid on the surface until you turn on the UV LED. After its action, the liquid plastic instantly hardens, creating a strong coupling of the material.

If you are looking for something to give a mom a birthday party, be sure to pay attention to this useful item. With it, it is possible to restore almost any household attribute, whether it is made of plastic, glass or ceramics.

  • For hermetic gluing it is enough to apply 1-2 mm of liquid plastic to the cleaned skim surface and then "burn" it with a UV lamp.
  • Bondic is a more durable and more versatile alternative to glue.

We hope that in this article we managed to present something useful for you and give an answer to the interesting question regarding the gift for the guy's mom. We are sure that you will definitely take some notes on expensive girls. Read our related issues, because we always have a lot to choose from.