Gift ideas for mom on birthday

In the holiday of the most expensive and beloved for us a woman - our mother, can not do without a gift. Everyone understands how much good this person has done and continues to do in our lives. Surely you already chose what to give to your mom for your birthday and have some idea of ??what she likes.

If you choose a gift for the mother of a girl or boyfriend, then it's a little more complicated, because in this case the gift adds up about you some impression, and this is important. In the article presented, we will, by tradition, choose 20 original ideas for a gift to my mother from my son or daughter. Perhaps one of them will suit you.

What to give to mom for her birthday?

Congratulations with poems.
Congratulations with poems

Try to write a congratulation yourself. No mother will be indifferent to such a gift. If the poems do not add up, it does not matter, you can make a congratulation in free form.

Flowers in vacuum and glass.
Flowers in vacuum and glass

The idea of ??a gift is very interesting. Flowers are inside a glass bulb in which there is no air. Looks very impressive.


A good gift will be an unusual photo album. It is best to give it with a set of already inserted photos of the family archive.

Going to the theater or restaurant.
Going to the theater or restaurant

Order a table or buy tickets to the theater, such a gift will make the festive evening even more memorable.


Such a gift can be ordered in a confectioner's shop or prepared independently.

Casket for jewelry.
Casket for jewelry

Surely your mother has many ornaments, and therefore the jewelry box will be a very useful and pleasant gift. If you prefer to make it yourself, then the box will be a unique gift for your mother.

Family service.
Family service

Another version of the gift for mom on her birthday. Such a gift will be useful both for the reception of guests and for family celebrations.


Perfectly complement the table, create a homely atmosphere.

Tablet PC.
Tablet PC

This gift will give her more modern opportunities. Surely your mom likes to take photos and view photos of her children. Also in it there is the Internet, the navigator, the camera and many other things & # 8230; Everyone knows the benefits of such devices, but because comments are unnecessary.

Household appliancesHousehold appliances.
Household appliancesHousehold appliances

Category of small household appliances. Useful things, without which the mistress of the kitchen can not do.


At first glance, a very useful gift, although not all women find it convenient.

Set of kitchen knives.
Set of kitchen knives

Superstitious say in one voice that you can not give knives categorically! However, a set of ceramic or steel knives seems a very tempting option, without which in your culinary affairs your mother simply can not do.

Bouquet of flowers.
Bouquet of flowers

A gift, without which you can not do on the birthday of your beloved woman. To give flowers is truly an ancient tradition. As a sign of respect and deep love, a bouquet of flowers is a classic, passed through the centuries.

A bag.
A bag

As a gift to my mother, from the side of my daughter, you can present a bag. Surely you know with what clothes from her wardrobe the bag will be combined best.

Plant in the pot.
Plant in the pot

If your mother loves flowers, as a gift you can organize a potted plant in a pot.


A nice present in the bedroom. Here the main thing is not to make mistakes with the size and color.


Here the space for choice is very wide. Various creams, shadows, mascara and other attributes of this subtle female science. It is important to understand taste preferences.

Manicure set.
Manicure set

A great gift for nail care. With confidence, we can say that such a set will be pleasant and useful for your mother.

Certificate in SPA.
Certificate in SPA

A good idea of ??a gift to my mother's birthday will be a certificate in the spa salon. This idea is especially interesting if given to the mother for the first time. Perfectly suitable for a daughter or daughter-in-law.


If you are confident in the wishes and taste preferences of your mother, then you can give perfume or scented water.

If you choose what to give to your mother, you are tuned to something more solemn, not related to everyday life, will have to take up the preparation of her birthday. In this case, you can focus on going to the theater, making an original wooden box with your own hands or even trying to write poetry and congratulations.

Take your time, prepare for yourself this day's program. In it, plan flowers, congratulations, a list of invited guests, balloons and an evening trip to the restaurant. Alternatively, the restaurant can be a boat ride with the whole family. In a word, create an unforgettable holiday in her life. This kind of gift is more difficult to prepare, but the time spent is completely justified. Mom will be delighted with such a program, and the emotions received on her birthday will be remembered for a long time.

Appreciate your mother and do not forget about congratulations. Whatever gift you choose, give your attention and care .