Gift ideas for grandmother's birthday

Most of my friends associate the word "childhood" with my grandmother. And I fully agree with them, because my childhood was spent under the supervision of this woman. But now we are getting older, and the questions "What to give?" And "How is it better to do this?" Are becoming more acute for us.

It is worth remembering that an important place in the life of each granny is occupied by grandchildren. Therefore, any congratulation or homemade gift from grandchildren is a delight. It can be something simple that your child or your younger brother could handle.

  • Original postcard.
  • An unusually framed
  • Embroidery on the kitchen stove.
  • Video gift with congratulations. If grandchildren are far away and can not be present.

What should I give my grandmother for my birthday?

Weather station.
Weather station

In order to provide a concrete example, I took the model Oregon Scientific BAR339P. The device has a number of interesting advantages:

  • Projection! By sending the station to a wall or ceiling, a projection of the weather forecast appears. Font bright and saturated.
  • There is a wireless sensor that is mounted outside the room (or on the balcony) and analyzes the weather.
  • The station displays the time and calendar.
  • Set it up for your grandmother, and she will become the owner of the most useful information.

It was first invented in Japan in 1987. I myself have never used such a device myself, but recently I came across details on baking. A few words about the process:

  • In a certain sequence, the stove is loaded with flour, yeast and water. Components are mixed. There is a batch cycle.
  • During cooking, on a sound signal, raisins, nuts and other ingredients are added. There is a cycle of sample.
  • Then the dough is kept at a certain temperature cycle detuning. After that, a cycle of baking takes place with the extraction of the finished bread. All this machine does for you.

The device is classified as a non-trivial weather meter. It represents a bulb filled with a liquid with crystals. A detailed recipe for the mixture can be found on the Internet. When the weather changes, crystals of different shapes and concentrations are formed.

  • The flask is able to predict the weather even 15 minutes before it changes.
  • The appearance of the liquid indicates the approach of a thunderstorm, fog, frost, snowfall or a clear day.
Form for baking.
Form for baking

The form for baking can be glass, silicone or metal. Each of the applicants has its own merits.

  • Glass easily tolerates heat. It can be used in a microwave oven, however the material does not like temperature changes.
  • Metal forms are characterized by fast cooking times and do not change the taste of baking.
  • Silicone. Does not take up much space. He is not afraid of differences. Baking does not burn, and the molds are easily laundered.

Another version of the gift can be jewelry. Many grandmothers do not cease to follow fashion. It can be a gold or silver decoration.

  • Earrings.
  • Zodiac signа.
  • Brooch.

A gift will decorate the table. Beautiful white tablecloth suitable for family celebrations.

  • Long since the sign of a good housewife was considered not only the ability to cook deliciously, but also to give the table a festive entourage.
  • The gift is useful and inexpensive.
Large set of tea.
Large set of tea

A gift set of good tea can be a pleasant surprise for your granny. It is better to give preference to brewed tea.

  • If you do not decide on a particular variety, give a set of "assorted".
  • Do not forget to keep her company.

The family photo album will take its place of honor in the grandmother's room. Probably my grandmother will be happy with this collection of memories.

  • Print and paste the best photos of children and grandchildren.
  • Supplement this gift can be congratulations and family dinner.
Wall Clock.
Wall Clock

They say that the clock should not be given not only to the beloved, but also to the elderly. However, all this prejudice.

  • For wall clocks it is better to choose a large dial face.
  • The design of the watch can be found for every taste. However, the classic option will be for older people closer.
Something tasty, that she likes.
Something tasty, that she likes

If your grandmother is very many years old and material gifts for her are of no value, give her something delicious that she likes. For example, caviar or her favorite chocolate candy. The main thing do not forget about congratulations.

Do not give money. Many of my acquaintances learned from their own experience that their grandmothers are saving them or giving them back to their grandchildren. Good luck!