Original inexpensive gifts for a girl

Choosing a gift for a girl, we strive to impress her, make her something nice and original. A large assortment of things makes us spoiled. Surprising the beautiful sex is becoming more difficult. Theme excites many: What can you give a girl inexpensive and at the same time interesting?

Recently, the editorial staff of our site was puzzled by such a question. In this article, we are ready to offer our readers a fresh selection of 10 interesting ideas that can please a lady.

What to give a girl for a birthday is inexpensive?

Frame for wine caps KEEP KALM and....
Frame for wine caps KEEP KALM and...

Opens a list of hot ideas. The format is very original, because the piggy bank is designed to collect wine corks. The frame is made of wood and glass. On the surface there is an inscription recommending drinking wine and staying calm even in the most stressful situations. The gift is creative and at the same time to the ugliness is simple. Friends will certainly want to come back to visit you again, in order to replenish the piggy bank with another stopper from good wine.

Candies "Cosmos".
Candies "Cosmos"

Inexpensive gift, which does not need a special reason. The collection of candies is made in a space style. This is not only a sweet gift, but also a way to remember the planets of the solar system. Yes, it's cheap and beautiful. By the way, this collection is not the only one. In the assortment there are other thematic collections. For example, "Ocean", "Animals" and much more. The idea is sure to please your girlfriend, who will certainly rush to dilute her next picture with a photograph.


For those who have repeatedly surprised your favorite bouquet of flowers, are happy to offer such an alternative as eco-cube. The object is a form for growing a plant. What exactly, it's up to you! A rich choice is more than 25 varieties of plants. From pomegranate and basil, to lilac and persimmon. Made a cube of natural wood, inside which is the soil with all the necessary fertilizers. From you only need timely watering and care. Inexpensive gift for a girl on her birthday, which will dilute the desktop and distract from the computer.

Wooden shelf for bathroom.
Wooden shelf for bathroom

If a girl likes to read, pay attention to the Aquala shelf. The construction is made of bamboo / walnut. The shelf has a holder-stand for books, a lock for a glass, and a place for snacks. The size is 71x3.8x21.5 cm. The support is adjustable in width to 93 cm. An interesting and inexpensive gift to a girl who likes to read in the bathroom.


Turning to the theme of edible gifts, it is impossible to bypass the next gift set from "Peroni". Volume of 250 ml. The composition of the dessert is focused exclusively on natural ingredients. The ruler of the souffle includes more than 17 different recipes: from an apple with cinnamon to a fragrant raspberry and almond flavor Amaretto with coconut is a delicious addition to your favorite breakfasts. Manufacturer: Peroni. Composition: 100% natural floral honey + special production technology. Honey is beaten in such a way as to obtain the maximum air and bulk consistency. The set perfectly suits both as a personal gift to the girl, and as a corporate surprise for the employee. You can purchase the collection by here .

Soft toy.
Soft toy

We continue the choice. Another idea of ??surprise can be a soft toy. There are entire collections of certain characters, for example, the cat Basika. The ruler includes more than twenty different images of a soft toy: from a sailor and a pirate to a cat-cook.

Stand for a bottle of wine "Rope".
Stand for a bottle of wine "Rope"

A steep stand with the illusion of a soaring bottle is an original inexpensive gift for a girl for a house. The holder is designed in such a way as to evenly distribute the center of mass of the wine bottle. Pleasant trifle in the kitchen of your favorite. To surprise guests with such an attribute will be easy. In addition to the "rope", in the range there is a holder "chain", but we wrote about this earlier.

Creative deer.
Creative deer

And here's another interesting option. Notepad is a small album intended "for sketching impressions". There is such a direction as the management of travel-book - a traveler's diary, in which you can paste photos, attach tickets, make notes and other memorable moments of travel. The book-album has a stylish hard cover. The size is 18x26 cm. The volume is 80 sheets. A perfect present for a girl who often travels.

Piggy bank for beer caps.
Piggy bank for beer caps

In addition to the wine cellar, another unique item appeared on the market less than a year ago. At first glance this is not the most feminine gift, nevertheless, many girls will surely appreciate it. The material is a tree. The construction is fixed with magnets. So, for example, you can fasten the roof frame to the refrigerator. The kit includes a glue mount and a double-sided magnet. As for the assortment, here you can find a shape for every taste and color. A good idea for those who are looking for that give a girl inexpensive and original.

Tablet for drawing with water.
Tablet for drawing with water

The original name is Buddha Board. The idea belongs to the designer from Canada. The gift is a tablet on the surface of which you can draw with water. A brush is used to apply the outline. Water is used as the "ink." The drawing does not need to be erased. After creating a masterpiece, the water slowly evaporates, leaving you a blank sheet on which you can create new patterns. This subject can be attributed to a new branch of art therapy, oriented primarily to relieve stress. The board for drawing will approach both to the girl, and to the child.

Subconsciously, most girls continue to dream about something unusual from their boyfriend. Choosing gifts becomes more difficult. Imagine a girl who constantly receives an expensive bouquet of flowers. Over time, interest in such a luxurious, but unoriginal gift is lost. Give her something that others do not, and she will be satisfied. Dilute gifts with original trifles along with us.