Gift ideas for a girl made by own hands

Doubly pleasant is the gift, in which we invest more than just money. And this something makes our surprise unique. Of course, each of us at least once thought to make a gift to his beloved girlfriend. But not everyone had the patience and time to realize this idea.

An exciting question about what to give to a loved one, regularly troubles the search lines of Google. After all, picking a gift for the New Year, birthday or any other holiday is not always an easy task. Especially if we are aimed at a really unusual thing. Do not forget that it takes a lot of time to make an original gift, so remember that such a surprise should be planned in advance.

What to give a girl own hands

Flowers in the ice for champagne.
Flowers in the ice for champagne

The idea of ??a gift is far from new, but interest in such a surprise does not cease. With proper freezing and packaging, the composition looks really impressive. Having many small flowers, you can make ice to cool champagne, arranging, therefore, a pleasant evening.

  • Forms must match the size of the flowers.
  • The gift is simple to make.
Painting on the dishes.
Painting on the dishes

First of all, decide on the material for which you plan to paint. Will it be glass or ceramics?

  • Glass! Draw the outline of the picture on the mug with a pencil. Stained with stained glass paints within the contour. Allow to dry for 4 hours. Put in the oven for an hour at a temperature of 150 degrees, then let cool.
  • Ceramics! Draw the drawing with paints for ceramics on the dishes. Since it's paint, not enamel, put in the oven for an hour at a temperature of up to 160 degrees. Turn it off. Allow the ceramic to cool for another hour without removing it from the oven.
  • After processing, the dishes can be washed with detergents.

Earphones made of cartridge cases.
Earphones made of cartridge cases

To make such an unusual gift, you need a pair of 9mm caliber cartridges, for example, from PM. The sleeves should be cut off in length. We disassemble the body of the headphones, change it to the cut sleeve, in which we pre-drill the hole for the wires. Tightly fix the design of the speaker inside, after which we select convenient nozzles for the size. The gift looks original, but there are a number of shortcomings:

  • Headphones are heavier.
  • Terribly to pull out of ears in the frost.
Pencil box.
Pencil box

As a material for the gift is better to use the skin. Such a pencil case is easy to manufacture and convenient to use.

  • For the eraser and rods, you can cut a separate pocket
  • The pencil case is folded into a tube and wrapped in a lace.
Cache in the book.
Cache in the book

The cut space in the center of the book can be used as a cache for small items. Such a hand is very convenient.

  • Choose a neutral theme of the book.
  • The girl can react negatively to the cutouts in the book. Do not stumble upon her favorite.
USB flash drive with own hands.
USB flash drive with own hands

Wood is the material that underlies many handmade gifts. Things made of wood have a nice appearance and are easy to manufacture. One of the ideas of a wooden gift can be a USB flash drive.

  • Easy to manufacture. The case of the flash drive is opened without much effort.
  • On the case you can burn any inscription: greetings or contact information in case of loss.

The first step is to determine the body. You can make it yourself, but you can buy it already ready. After that, you can "conjure" over the box.

  • To the case of the casket, you can attach a musical device that triggers upon opening. The main thing to hide all the extra wires and battery, leaving for them space on the bottom of the box.
  • Painting and patterns are applied to taste.
Wine stoppers.
Wine stoppers

For those who keep wine cork at home, there is a great option to adapt them for a small gift. Use this material as miniature pots for plants. To do this, you need a sharp knife, a few plugs, a plant, a little soil, as well as materials for decorating the composition: tapes, markers, etc..

  • Virtually no costs for consumables.
  • You can attach magnets and decorate the refrigerator with a live miniature.
Mug support.
Mug support

A stand for a mug can become a truly original gift if it is created for a specific person. As a material, it is easiest to use a cork tree.

  • The design of such a gift can be diluted with glass, bark or even coffee beans. But do not abuse it.
  • Do not add too much. Otherwise, you risk making your gift excessively saturated.

Putting a candle inside the candlestick, you can get a wide variety of shadows. As a basis, you can take a glass vessel.

  • The gift is simple in manufacture.
  • As a material for such a gift, glass, aluminum, string or mosaic mirror.

Having set out to make a gift on your own, do not stop at half the battle. Try new ideas. A handmade gift is made longer and more difficult, however, the result is worth it.