Gift ideas for a girlfriend on her birthday

Every girl dreams of getting something special for her birthday. In our time, when the space for choice is almost unlimited, there is a difficult task to choose from all other options something original and unique. This article is intended to help you decide on a gift. So, what can you give to your beloved?

Gifts for a girl on her birthday

Pendant with crystal.
Pendant with crystal

A gift will be a good addition to her along. Correctly selected pendant can be combined with various dresses of her wardrobe.

Jewelry Box.
Jewelry Box

Now your girl will always have where to put on her jewelry. A useful gift with which her second earring will never be lost.

A bracelet.
A bracelet

A nice gift that can be combined with her other decorations. The bracelet can be supplemented with new elements. Figures are selected for every taste.

Handle with crystals.
Handle with crystals

This gift is suitable for both work and study. A convenient flash drive in the cap will always be at hand, and a spectacular design will dilute everyday workdays.

Linen, silk robe.
Linen, silk robe

Such a gift is perfect for those who are in a relationship for quite a long time. Beautiful set of lingerie - the weakness of every girl.

Book with original cover.
Book with original cover

For girls who adore books and notebooks, you can puzzle the choice of the original cover. Such a book will stand out from the rest, and a notepad for entries is becomes an element of style.

Unusual puzzle.
Unusual puzzle

Another version of the gift can be a puzzle based on your favorite photo. It will be especially interesting to collect such a puzzle together with the child.

Light filters for the figured side.
Light filters for the figured side

An original addition to the set of a beginner photographer. Your girl will be able to choose different filters and create original photos.

Shawl with painting.
Shawl with painting

Not all girls like to wear hats, and therefore a worthy alternative will be the painted Pavlov-Posad shawl. It remains only to choose the right color and painting.

Certificate in the spa.
Certificate in the spa

An excellent option is a certificate in the spa. It will be a very unusual gift, especially if you have not received such a certificate before. Spa procedures allow you to relax and have a nice time.


An integral part of girls is the purse. Probably, this is the second significant thing in the girl's bag after the comb. However, to choose a purse should be carefully, so that its color is consistent with other things.

Electronic Fitness Bracelet.
Electronic Fitness Bracelet

A convenient, modern and technological thing that includes alarm clock, sms alerts and much more. The gift is perfect for a girl both for sports and for everyday activities. Now she will not miss any of your messages on the mobile.

Certificate for manicure.
Certificate for manicure

Every girl loves to take care of herself and, especially, when others look after her. Therefore, she certainly will like the trip to the nail salon on the gift certificate. It remains only to choose a suitable salon.

Porcelain doll or soft toy.
Porcelain doll or soft toy

A gift that will live in her room and with which she will not want to part. A soft toy is sure to please your girlfriend and become an integral part of her bed.

Walking on horseback or dog sledding.
Walking on horseback or dog sledding

An excellent gift option that will leave a lot of impressions. The advantages of such a surprise will be memorable moments and bright photos.


The gift is suitable for home, as well as for country trips and walks in the park. At the right time, you will always have what to hide your girlfriend.

Journey to another city.
Journey to another city

If your girlfriend likes to travel, then do not hesitate to decide. The ideal option would be a joint trip to another city, which she had long dreamed of.


A perfect gift for a girl who likes to be photographed with friends and loved ones. Everyone knows what it is, and therefore for those who do not already have such a gift, you can choose only on a monopod.

Umbrella with its image.
Umbrella with its image

A unique picture of an umbrella, which will only have one and no one else.

And remember, whatever gift you choose, attention in a relationship is an important detail.