Gift ideas for a girl for a year of relationships

What can be more beautiful than feelings of love? The question is rhetorical, because this is the very condition when one wants to be together all the time, to love and to please each other with gifts. This feeling is not confused with anything else, because at every moment we feel happy. This is the time when bright events, experiences and passion drive us into euphoria.

Every day millions of men come up with the most original gifts for their girls, in order to present what will cause in ladies delight. If you are a guy who is looking for an answer to the question of what to give a girl for a year of relationships, you clicked on the address, because today GiftBox tells about 10 ideas that will surely surprise your pretty.

What to give a girl for a year of relationships?

Rose in a flask.
Rose in a flask

In place of classic bouquets, new ideas come. Florists and designers know a lot about beauty, and we know a lot about good surprises. If the anniversary of the relationship with the girl is inexorably approaching, and simple flowers do not want to give, present your favorite rose in a glass flask. Feature of the gift is that the flower is in a special microclimate. The technology is such that moisture is evaporated from the rose, replacing it with a substance based on glycerin. This composition blocks the process of regeneration and slows down photosynthesis. As a result, the flower does not need watering and light, while the tactile sensations from touching it are natural. A truly atmospheric idea of ??a present for a girl on the anniversary.

  • The height of the flask is 26 cm, width 15 cm. With proper storage, the rose is able to stand up to 5 years. You can also order an engraving and a gift .
  • Rose will create a romantic atmosphere in any place of the room, it will feel comfortable even in a low-lighted room. The item will perfectly decorate any interior.
Bracelet with coordinates.
Bracelet with coordinates

The first meeting is the most memorable event. Sometimes the places we are in, become for us exceptional, especially it is connected with the beloved person. Answering a question what to present to the beloved girl for 1 year of relations, we suggest to pay attention to the following bracelet. The peculiarity lies in the fact that on its surface the geographical coordinates of your first meeting are applied. View the GPS data of any point in one click. To do this, you need to go to Google Maps and find the most important place for you. Having recorded the latitude and longitude, we transfer them to the website of the manufacturer of the bracelets or we make engraving ourselves. Surprise is ready.

  • You can make a gift with your own hands. The bracelet can be made of steel, leather or rubber. Decoration is simple and creative.
  • In addition to the coordinates, the date of your first meeting can be plotted on the reverse side. We are sure that your girlfriend does not yet have such a romantic bracelet.
Electric locomotive.
Electric locomotive

And this is an active gift option for those who do not know what to give to a girl. In the last couple of years, scooters have become so popular that models with an electric motor have appeared. If you and your girlfriend do not like to stay at home, pay attention to such a device. Undoubtedly, at the moment the most popular model is from Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter. It is practical, and looks very futuristic. The case is made of aluminum alloy. There are front lights.

  • A scooter can deliver your loved one to a range of up to 30 km, and this is the way to work and back. The total charging time reaches 5 hours. The scooter is designed for a weight of up to 100 kg, so the curvy ladies are also in the subject.
  • The Li-Ion battery is integrated in the case and does not interfere with comfortable moving. A sports gift for the most athletic girls. P.S. The image above is another model.
Casket with Butterflies.
Casket with Butterflies

And here is another scenario of how you can surprise a girl in the first year of a relationship. Imagine the situation, you order a beautiful box, inside which are living butterflies and dozens of rose petals. The courier delivers the box to the address on an important day for you. Opening it, the butterflies fly out. Emotions from surprise and delight are guaranteed.

  • Choose which butterflies will be in your box right on the site. This is really an interesting alternative to lush bouquets and restaurants.
  • As for the cost of such a surprise, everything here is quite democratic. A box of 20-30 butterflies will cost you 1000 rubles. Delivery is paid separately.
Fondue Set.
Fondue Set

Do not forget that it is possible to please your beloved and culinary art. If you are looking for a surprise with a similar bias, pay attention to the fondue preparation kit, because very few people will resist fruit in melted chocolate. There are several types of fondue design. Some sets are a ceramic bowl, under which is placed a candle, melting chocolate. More expensive models work on electricity. But on whatever you have stopped, this is a good romantic present on the anniversary of relations with your beloved. Most often there is chocolate or cheese fondue. Personally, we recommend the first option.

  • There are models that are adapted for gas and electric burners. Before buying, make sure which tile your girl uses.
  • A gift can be supplemented with a good bouquet of flowers or a set of chocolates. So, take a note, because this is an excellent occasion to visit your beloved and melt a couple of chocolates.
Forged Rose.
Forged Rose

We present one more interesting gift to the girl for a year of relations. A wrought rose made of bronze is offered to attention. An extraordinary object with meaning, because it does not wither and it will not break. The rose is forged by a master blacksmith. Every detail is sharpened by a professional. High quality metal. If properly stored, it will not bend or oxidize. The gift is strong, strong and unique in its own way.

  • To order a rose it is possible through the Internet, delivery is carried out across all Russia. If desired, the "Flower" can be supplemented with engraving, an important date, name or wishes.
  • If necessary, the rose can be decorated with Swarovski crystals. If you are looking for your lady such an exclusive option, welcome.
CUBE Projector.
CUBE Projector

For those who want to make an original gift from the world of hi-tech, are pleased to introduce a portable projector. With him you can watch your favorite movies in the most extraordinary places. Use the CUBE at home, lying in bed or in the car. To demonstrate the image is enough flat surface. Park the car near a wall or in a parking lot, and the cube projects an image onto an adjacent wall or ceiling. The thing is functional and compact. Automatic sweep adjustment. Arrange your girlfriend personal theater where she wants it.

  • The projection distance is up to 4 meters. Weight 95 g. Audio and USB-out.
  • The projector is capable of playing 1080p video. There is a built-in 960 mAh battery. The brightness is 30 lumens. Smart cube plays video, both through the phone, and through the built-in memory card.
Notepad from a tree.
Notepad from a tree

Recently, we wrote about a variety of notebooks. They were 3D 3D organizers, scratch-notebooks, as well as interactive notebooks. It's time to talk about the classics, or rather about materials like wood. Choosing a gift for the anniversary is not easy, especially if your lover has it all. However, a really high-quality notebook can be a very worthy variant of a surprise for one year .

  • A subject for sketches and creativity. The cover is made of plywood with the silhouette of an owl. In the diary you can make notes, insert photos and various bookmarks.
  • The internal module contains 80 sheets, two of which are stickers to decorate the diary. Ring bonding mechanism. The design is fixed with an elastic band.
A pet.
A pet

And why not give something soft? "Toy or domestic pet!" - exclaim you and will be right. The first option is a bit trite, but the second one is more interesting. However, you need to be 100% sure that this is exactly what a girl dreams about, because starting a pet is an important matter. Both options are good in their own way, but today we will stop at the second. Once again we want to repeat that before deciding to give the girl an animal, make sure that she really .

  • Unobtrusively ask your friend about what animal she would like to have. Perhaps she dreams of a Husky dog, cat or chinchilla.
  • Do not forget to take care of the stern and tray, because a pet is a big responsibility.

Joint impressions are what connects the couple even more. To be together means to walk together, to see together and to develop. Therefore, a good trip is the best answer to the question of what to give to the girl on the anniversary. The main tourist routes flock to Europe. Try to destroy this habitual way. Visit a truly unusual country, such as Peru. The state has a mysterious history, closely intertwined with the civilization of the ancient Incas. One of the most famous sights is Machu Picchu, an ancient city in the mountains.

  • Such a trip is a relatively expensive pleasure, but memories will remain for you for life.
  • Whichever country you choose, try to collect as much information about it as possible on the Internet before visiting it.

We hope that our selection was useful, and it will be a little easier to choose a gift for the anniversary of relations. Read our related issues and do not forget to give presents to your loved ones along with the GiftBox team. Successes.