Gift for 20 years girl

Sometimes, to find a really unusual gift can take a lot of time. Every day thousands of men rack their brains in the hope of finding an interesting idea for congratulations. Today the editorial staff of our site will offer you a selection of 10 original gift ideas for a girl on her birthday, because twenty years is an age when you want to surprise beautifully.

What to give a girl a birthday for 20 years?

Honey with gold.
Honey with gold

A selection of creative gifts reveals unusual honey. Its feature is the presence of particles of food gold. The first thing that catches your eye is an amber color. However, in addition to the spectacular appearance, the gift also has useful properties. In honey contains folic acid, which is necessary for the immune system. The composition of the particles is 96% pure gold and 4% silver. Such a ratio of components is attributed to bactericidal properties. There is food gold at number Е175. If you are looking for something interesting for your girl, pay attention to this set and its features.

  • The useful side of the product is focused on strengthening the cardiovascular system. As for the aesthetic part of the gift, everything here is at the proper level. Present looks qualitative and original.
  • By the way, there are other varieties of honey in the assortment. A great option for those who intend to surprise their loved ones on their birthday. You can buy a gift here .
Ring made of wood and glass.
Ring made of wood and glass

What to give a girl for 20 years original? The answer can be found here. Recently, designers from Canada have expanded their line of unusual rings with new works. The collection includes marine, summer and autumn landscapes. As you may have guessed, the rings are made of wood and glass. Inside each one you can see a miniature picture of nature. What is remarkable, originally the collection included only snow landscapes. A worthy gift in the box of your favorite girl's jewelry.

  • Rings are made of natural wood, glass and jewelry resin.
  • Handmade, and therefore each product is unique in its own way.
Set Choсolatexture.
Set Choсolatexture

Rethink the concept of chocolate candy took design studio Nendo. Not so long ago she presented a set of 9 sweets. Its peculiarity consisted in the fact that each candy had its specific shape: pointed tips, granules, air structure, a cube with thin walls, small cubes, and a frame of rods. Such a selection will decorate any holiday. It is assumed that the perception of taste is largely influenced not only by the percentage content of cocoa beans and flavored supplements, but also by the form of the treat itself. For the first time the collection was demonstrated at the exhibition "Maison & Object" in France, where she won the title "Designer of the 2015.

  • Unfortunately, the gift set was released in a circulation of 400 sets. Order this set is not so easy, although in Nendo and promised deliveries of products to the Russian market.
  • It is interesting that in the collection there are other unusual works that you can buy now.
Original notepad.
Original notepad

Ukrainian designers were pleased with their interesting ideas. A nice wooden notebook is made of flexible plywood, which has cutouts and patterns on top of the print. The product consists of white sheets, which can be supplemented with bookmarks, records and photos. The notebook has a spiral binding. In addition to the owl, there are other sketches in the collection. A good gift for those who like to record, whether it's travel stories or routine office wor.

  • The size is 16x19 cm. Flexible plywood cover. 80 sheets.
  • Format A5. Cardboard packaging.
Rose in a flask.
Rose in a flask

Another unusual gift idea is a rose placed in a special flask. According to the manufacturer, the flower can not fade before 5 years. This longevity is explained by the special technology of flower conservation. The basis is the stabilization of the composition of the rose. From it evaporate all the moisture, replacing the composition with a liquid based on glycerin. The latter, in turn, slows down the process of regeneration, and also blocks photosynthesis. At the same time, all the external signs of a freshly cut flower are preserved. A beautiful solution to the question of what to give a girl on the 20th anniversary.

  • Rose height 31 cm. Bud size 12 cm. The flower is resistant to the absence of sunlight and does not require watering.
  • A perfect gift for an anniversary that will surprise your girl. In the assortment there are roses of very different colors, and therefore there are plenty to choose from.
Wooden puzzle.
Wooden puzzle

Another interesting idea of ??a gift for twenty years can be a puzzle made of wooden elements. A large number of details makes it not the simplest puzzle, which it may seem at first glance. The puzzle is made of a large number of wooden pieces, separated by an implicit contour. This idea can be taken as the basis for a gift to a girl with her own hands.

  • The main feature of the puzzle is its complex contour. The potential of the puzzle is more than 20 figures. The material is plywood.
  • In the assortment you can find a puzzle of rectangular and round shape.
Thermo bottle "Escape the bottle".
Thermo bottle "Escape the bottle"

For those who lead an active lifestyle, are happy to offer some interesting idea of ??a gift for the 20th anniversary. Now the Internet is full of a wide variety of all kinds of shakers, bottles and other containers for training and active recreation. However, among a number of interesting options, the edition of our website attracted several bright thermo-bottles. The first of them is "Escape the bottle". It is made of stainless steel with an acrylic sheath. The second is "Asobu Flavor 2 Go", made of food plastic. Both have an impact-resistant design and look very futuristic.

  • The material does not contain particles of harmful bisphenol - hardener for the manufacture of plastics, which is important for health. Bottles are great for hiking, long trips, fitness and cycling.
  • If you rack your brains over what to give to your girl who leads an active lifestyle, you here.
Modular picture.
Modular picture

In place of paintings in expensive baguettes came a modular type of performance. The name speaks for itself. The picture is made of separate modules, each of which is part of a single image. In such paintings there are basic and peripheral elements. As a rule, pictures have from five to seven segments. With proper placement, this concept can visually expand the area of ??your girlfriend's.

  • The drawing can be executed on a canvas or a thick cardboard. A great idea for interior decoration.
  • Some pictures can create the illusion of movement. When they are viewed, the view glides from one element to the other.
Aqua farm.
Aqua farm

Aqua farm is a hybrid of an aquarium and a site for plant breeding. The peculiarity of this gift is that the ecosystem is self-cleaning, and therefore requires minimum care on your part. The design is divided into two segments. The lower part is a tank with water and a system for supplying fish with oxygen, the upper part serves as a platform for growing greenery, including for adding to food.

  • A gift will please those who have long been dreaming of building a small aquarium. A small green harvest to the table will please every city resident.
  • Modest, but original gift favorite, which will appeal to both the girl and the child. The size of the aqua farm in the package is 35x34x26 cm.
Gift set "The taste of gold".
Gift set "The taste of gold"

And finally, the idea with which we started, or rather, a slightly different version of it - an unusual gift set, which includes honey for eating and honey for massage. The latter can be used for wrapping, and this, by the way, is an effective way to correct the waist. The set looks unusual and delicious. Incidentally, the use of honey for the skin began in the VI century. The roots of the idea go to ancient China and Egypt. It is believed that it was there that the bee product was first used to improve lymph flow and relieve fatigue. A similar procedure is practiced in modern society. A good option, which can be presented to your girlfriend in an original way.

  • A positive effect for the skin is the presence in the honey of vitamins B1-B3, having an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as vitamin B6, responsible for the formation of new skin cells. You can learn more about the gift by here .
  • The set is represented by a selection of two jars of honey, which includes particles of gold. The kit has a proprietary packaging and is ideal as an unusual presentation.

See more congratulatory ideas in our next releases.