Gift ideas for a girl on February 14

Back in the Middle Ages, the legend of Saint Valentine was firmly formed. At this time the Emperor Claudius II did not prohibit marriages much more! He argued this by the fact that men who are not burdened with family life can serve the empire much more effectively. Valentine secretly performed wedding ceremonies, for which he was later caught and arrested. It is reported that Valentin was a doctor and had a prominent status in society. A high position helped him escape punishment. He, but not his servants, whom the emperor swore to execute. However, Valentin managed to exchange his life, the life of his servants. For what he actually got the face of holiness.

Before his death, Valentine wrote a confession for his lover. It was this message from Valentine that became the prototype of valentines. So the tradition was born to admit to love, and at the same time to give gifts ...

What to present to the girl on February 14?

Bracelet with the coordinates of the place in which you first met.
Bracelet with the coordinates of the place in which you first met

An unusual gift with the coordinates of an important place for you. This may be the place of your first meeting, the first kiss, or some other important event for you. The coordinates of the place you are interested in are easily determined with the help of Google maps. Advantages of such a gift:

  • You get an original decoration with which your memories are related.
  • The bracelet perfectly matches with other accessories on your girl's hand.
  • The bracelet can be made independently, which will make it even more valuable.
  • The bracelet can be ordered on third-party sites. Engraving will do for you. The average price for a product is 1.5 tr. It will only remain to choose materials of execution: leather, rubber, steel, silver.
Umbrella changing color in the rain.
Umbrella changing color in the rain

Imagine an umbrella that, when wet, is "colored" with bright colors. If your girl does not have this, it's time to buy. Now in the rain your girl will not get wet exactly, but the umbrella will look spectacular. You can order on AliExpress. The average price is about 1.5 - 2 tr. Ideally dilute the realities of the gray Petersburg everyday life and gloomy regions of Russia.


The miniature of the ecosystem, enclosed in a glass vessel. The price of the gift ranges from 6 tr. Such a vessel includes algae, soil and microorganisms. You can order a gift on the site. Alternatively, the ecosphere can be a florarium. About this gift, I wrote earlier in my article here.

The picture on which your speech is written.
The picture on which your speech is written

Record a voice, and then arrange a sound recording as a picture & # 8212; the idea is very original. Such a gift will remind a loved one. You can also draw a picture yourself. In the simplest case, this requires a dictaphone, printer, paper, paint, frame and, of course, your words.

Brush the stylus to draw on the tablet Sensu Brush.
Brush the stylus to draw on the tablet Sensu Brush

They say that the time for the styluses has passed. And indeed, with the advent of the iPad and iPhone, almost all devices switched to capacitive touchscreens. He did not like the stylus. But concerning the brushes for tablets things are somewhat different. According to developers from Artist Hardware, tactile sensations from working with a brush are as close to real as possible. The device does not need recharging. Perfectly suits as a gift for creative personalities. The price of the goods on the average 4000 rubles. Expensive, but interesting.

LIFX Lamps controlled by WI-Fi'em.
LIFX Lamps controlled by WI-Fi

So, what is this? This is a wireless smart lamp, controlled by your smartphone through wifi. The control panel is provided. Adjusts the color as well as the brightness. And it's spectacular! Moreover, the lamp is capable of responding to the rhythm of music and signaling messages in the social network. networks. It is possible to describe this product indefinitely. I'll say that the thing is really interesting, but there is a catch. With a price of 5,000 rubles, in Russia the product is unlikely to find many buyers. If the price suits, take it without hesitation.

Eternal Pencil.
Eternal Pencil

No ink, sharpeners and other consumables. The peculiarity of the pencil is that he writes metal particles and practically does not grind. On one of the portals, the developers claim that the pencil is capable of leaving a trace of 50 km. The price depends on the model. Napkin 4.Ever is one of the representatives of the series. The design, of course, pleases. Anyway, I could not ignore such a gift. For girls who prefer to draw, this option can be very interesting.

Message in the glass.
Message in the glass

Original confession, enclosed in a glass vessel. You can make a gift yourself, but you can order it. Personally, I tend more to the second option, because you can take a lot of time and nerves to find a suitable glass container. In general, this is the perfect design of your words for the day of all lovers.

Personal filter for travel lifestraw.
Personal filter for travel lifestraw

If in brief it is a filter that can give its owner the advantage of drinking from any open water body. Pure water power!) And if you take it seriously, the filter is perfect for a girl who often travels to unusual countries. The service life of the filter is 1000 liters of water. Filter grid - 15 microns.

Unusual plant grow bottle.
Unusual plant grow bottle

In the original, this is a packing kit, a pot and a reservoir in one capsule made from a cut wine bottle. Grow bottle. The composition of such a vessel includes a wick for irrigation and nutrients. In general, the kit allows the owner to grow favorite plants in a new format. The price of the goods is 35 USD. However, it's not so difficult to repeat this idea yourself.

Few people know, but the roots of the holiday of all lovers go to distant Rome. There is a legend that back in 276 BC. there was a so-called prototype of this holiday - Lupercalia. It was a pagan feast of fertility. The animals were sacrificed, they made a long whip, which were then "lightly" struck by women;) So that the Gods sent them healthy children and light births. Such are the Roman amusements.

Although in Russia this holiday is not considered indigenous, no matter what Valentine founded it in that far Rome, we would like to thank him for another reason to give gifts to beloved girls.