Ideas for a friend's girl birthday gift

We are well aware of the interests and interests of our friends and girlfriends, and therefore special difficulties in choosing a gift should not arise. But this is not so. There are difficulties, because it is not always easy to come up with an original gift idea. If you are looking for a gift to your best friend, you probably want something special: unusual and at the same time useful. In this article I will offer some interesting solutions.

What to give to a friend for her birthday?

Notebook Stand.
Notebook Stand

Inclined stand with folding supports. Easily folds. Plywood is used as a material from poplar or birch. Laminated layer prevents overheating and surface contamination. There are several color solutions. Excellent for a friend who prefers to actively use the laptop in bed. The cost of such a stand in the ikea store is 800 rubles.

  • Sitting on the bed, the computer will not overheat and do not slip off the knees.
  • Provides your friend with a comfortable viewing of your favorite movies and TV shows.
Vibrating pillow - alarm clock.
Vibrating pillow - alarm clock

Creative alarm clock. Wake up neatly and without a solemn music. You set the wake-up time using a tape-tag. Perfectly suits spouses who wake up to work at different times. In case you have not woken up, there is a repeat function. There are many other models, in which the vibrating signal is supplemented by illumination. Unfortunately, some models can not be ordered.

  • The original alternative to the classic alarm clock.
  • If you sleep soundly, there is a risk of not hearing vibration.
The book is a lamp.
The book is a lamp

The lamp is made in the form of a book. When it is opened, the pages of the volume light up. The wider you open the book, the brighter the pages glow. The binding can be opened 360 degrees. With confidence, we can say that such a lamp will find its place in the interior of the room. The model has the index YL-T285, the price of the goods is about 800 rubles.

  • Nightlight looks great in total darkness.
  • Judging by the reviews, some samples are poorly glued.
Handmade soap.
Handmade soap

Bright colors, unusual design and a wide range of additives make this gift option very attractive. The set is perfect as a gift for girls. The composition of soap includes essential oils. The price depends on the specific set.

  • Sellers of handmade soaps claim that their product is able to have a positive effect on the skin and soothe the nerves. May be…
  • In my opinion, an excellent gift for a friend, especially if it is nice to present it.
Holder for a bag.
Holder for a bag

He's a hook. Does your friend like it when everything is thought out? Then such an accessory will be of interest to her. Convenient fastening, nice design, compact design. Not the most superfluous thing in your girlfriend's bag. The cost on AliExpress is from 100 rubles, but more interesting models start from 400.

  • Your girlfriend's bag will not get dirty. At a table in a cafe, do not look for an extra chair.
  • There are models that can be worn as a bracelet on the wrist.
Towel in the form of a bottle of wine.
Towel in the form of a bottle of wine

Again it did not turn out to surprise her friend with a bottle of red dry? Then it is worth revising the strategy. An original gift with a joke can be a towel, designed in the form of a bottle of wine. Such a surprise will surely cause a smile. Material: cotton. The cost of this "exclusivity" is about 200 rubles.

  • Low cost on AliExpress.
  • Suitable for both Christmas and birthday.
Scratch pad.
Scratch pad

Instead of a handle, use a wooden stylus. Using it, we erase the surface of the notebook and rejoice at the appearance of the iridescent substrate. The gift will dilute the usual idea of ??the notes in the notebook. The cost of this scratch is only 55 rubles for kupislona. Retail price slightly higher.

  • The notebook will brighten even the most boring pair of your girlfriend at the university.
  • Excellent anti-stress.
Box of sweets.
Box of sweets

No less original, but more delicious gift will be a set of chocolates. Such a gift is useful to add words of congratulations. Conveniently, the kit can be formed for every taste and budget. And do not forget about the packaging. In the illustrations I attach the time-tested kinder.

  • You will need a basket, sweets, transparent packaging and ribbon.
  • A set of sweets can be diluted with a greeting card.
Keychain for radio key search.
Keychain for radio key search

Imagine going anywhere, your girlfriend can not find the keys in any way? You are dressed, hurry, and the keys are like through the earth. Agree, this happens often. In order to be aware of the location of the treasured bundle, I suggest to pay attention to the search station "Finder". 3 trinkets for three things. The range is up to 40 meters. We press the button of the remote, and the key ring makes a sound. A useful and original gift to your best friend. Powered by batteries. The cost of the station is up to 2200 rubles.

  • It's easy to look for keys and other small things. A ring and two-sided adhesive tape are provided for fastening.
  • Your girlfriend will no longer run around the room searching for keys or bags.
Manicure set.
Manicure set

Another version of the gift can be a manicure set. There are classic and electric sets. The choice will have to be made in favor of one of them.

  • The good quality of classic sets is supported by the brands "Singer" and "Viper" (Germany).
  • Popular and affordable brands of electric manicure sets are the brands "Scarlet" and "Vitek".

On this list of what you can give a friend is not limited. More other gift ideas look in other articles of our rubric.