Ideas for a gift to a former girlfriend for a birthday

People meet, fall in love, disagree ... Some couples end their relationship while remaining friends, others do not accept such an option. Due to certain circumstances, they can not maintain good relations. In both cases, the parting process is sometimes delayed.

Meanwhile, many guys still continue to communicate with former wives. Good or bad is everyone's business. Sometimes, because of a certain need, they are in search of what you can give a former girl.

In our opinion, in such presentations there should be no hint of romance and weakness on the part of the man. Except for the rare cases when OBA want to return their relationship back to normal. In our understanding, a gift should be an inexpensive and original thing. In this article we will try to bring partially thematic (with a sarcasm share), partially neutral examples of gift ideas to the former girl.

What to give a former girl?

Butterfly in the Cube.
Butterfly in the Cube

Item number two is a more conservative solution to the problem. Perhaps, it may seem to someone too romantic, however, this option has a place to be, as the gift clings its originality. It is a glass cube, inside of which there is a bright butterfly on a stone stand. Idea in case you want to buy something original. At the same time, the gift easily fits into the interior of any complexity. At the bottom of each cube there is a plate with the name of a specific butterfly.

Mug with a pocket.
Mug with a pocket

And this is a funny mug with a pocket. It is noteworthy that on the Internet there are several popular modifications of pocket placement: a ceramic compartment on the side, a compartment in the bottom, and a hinged compartment that is attached to the cup only if necessary. Unfortunately, or fortunately, a piece of cake is not likely to fit there, but marshmallow or donut - yes. Like the previous version, the gift looks very neutral, and the price does not bite, and therefore the mug with a garage for biscuits takes an honorable place in our selection of ideas.

Coloring-antistress "Million cats".
Coloring-antistress "Million cats"

Continuing the theme of loneliness is difficult to resist and not joke on the topic of cats. The stereotype of the connection of female loneliness and the number of cats is so widespread and stable that it can be played on this. So, for example, as a present, the former can be presented with a coloring-antistress. The album is called "Million cats", it's also a smiling coloring page. In general, the gift is good and should like the girl. However, it will be appropriate only if your ex is concerned with such humor with understanding.

Handle in Victorian style.
Handle in Victorian style

If you have a good relationship, and you still managed to maintain friendly communication, are happy to offer a neutral gift idea. It can be a quality pen in the original style. The gift is so universal that there is no reason to fear that it will not be pleasant or unnecessary, and this pen will last for a year. Large assortment for every taste, color and cost. The offered variant first of all clings to the design of the invoice.

Entertaining chocolate set.
Entertaining chocolate set

But back to the topic of gifts with subtext. After all, those who are looking for something original on our site, as a rule, it finds. Attention is offered to a small chocolate set, the feature of which lies in the details, or rather in the lobules. The original name is "A set of depressive fools". Each chocolate tile has a satirical signature, like the one shown in the illustration on the right. And again I would like to note that the gift will be understood and appreciated only by that girl who understands such humor. In the rest it is an inexpensive and original idea of ??a presentation for a former girlfriend.


Alternate thematic shades, we return to neutral ideas. For someone who has always believed that giving a favorite watch - for parting, now all roads are open. If you are looking for a present for a former girl on your birthday, pay attention to such an idea as a watch. There are no romantic hints, no subtext. A more modest format can be a keychain-watch. A decent gift from a former guy. For all its prostate, such a thing can be a very useful option.

Interesting mug.
Interesting mug

Meet, an unusual gift with a weighty sarcasm for your ex-lover. I want to note that the gift does not put the idea to cause pain or to play tricks on a friend. The present is intended for a girl who first of all appreciates and understands such humor. Only in this case a wonderful mug will be appreciated. The idea will suit those whose break has not affected the stability of humor in the relationship. The gift is inexpensive, anti-romantic and at the same time creative.

Cork cactus.
Cork cactus

During the relationship, you probably gave your girl a flower. For those who are not used to depart from traditions, as a gift, several other plants are offered, namely, a cactus. And even if it is not as colorful and lush as those bouquets that you had to give earlier, the cactus will necessarily hook your former with its functionality. "Plant" is a stationery made of cork. The pot has a compartment for small items like paper clips, sticks and sharpeners. The outer part is for buttons and reminder stickers. And who said that this is not the most original version for the former lady…

Tasty Aid Kit.
Tasty Aid Kit

For those who are not easy to bear the sorrow of separation, hastens to share the next selection of sweet. Marmalade and marshmallow are packed in transparent jars that have a sticker, for example: "from social networks". The text of the sticker can and must convey the meaning of the hint. The inscriptions of a large assortment and bring them under your specific situation is quite simple. An example of the inscription described above is suitable if your communication with a former girl continues on social networks while you are trying to stop this communication.

Piggy bank for wine corks.
Piggy bank for wine corks

Today, topics such as separation, loneliness, chocolate and, of course, cats were touched upon. However, to some, this list may seem incomplete. "There is not enough bottle of wine!" - exclaim you, and the author of this article submissively nods. But since to give a bottle of red semisweet is too banal, attention is offered to such an interesting option as a piggy bank for wine stoppers. The gift looks very interesting. The product is a three-dimensional wooden frame with a glass on the surface of which is inscribed. The assortment is quite wide. We even managed to find a frame in the form of a bottle from Chanel. This is the piggy bank in the treasury of ideas of what to give a former girl for her birthday.

If you have the honor to be present at a celebration, you should always choose a gift creatively. As for the statistics of the collapse of pairs, our country, along with the United States, Belgium, Belarus and the Maldives, is one of the five leading countries in the world in terms of the leader in the number of divorces. So, if the girl has become not all so bad, it is more accurate to say everything is not bad for us alone. Success in a new relationship, read our next issues ...