Gift ideas for employee's birthday

Each team has its own traditions regarding gifts. Most often, employees are given money. This option is found by many to be optimal. I agree, I support, but ..

But our site is not about money, but useful or original ideas. So we will skip such a common option as money and move on. In search of creative solutions you have to thoroughly break your head. It's not so easy to choose an original gift to a colleague at lightning speed. And what if your colleague is a young employee?

What to give to the employee on his birthday?

Gift set «ON / OFF».
Gift set «ON / OFF»

The set includes a cup chameleon, two kinds of tea, a postcard and chocolate. The set is presented in black and white.

  • A great gift to a young employee who recently started her career.
  • The set is minimal. Nothing extra. An unusual mug and congratulations from the staff in the card. Everything is simple and pleasan.
Clever cube - reminder "ORBneXt".
Clever cube - reminder "ORBneXt"

The product recently appeared on sale. This is not just a lamp, as it may seem at first glance. Depending on the chosen algorithm, the cube can signal about any previously scheduled event or change the color depending on the temperature.

  • For connection with the Internet has a built-in Wi-fi module. You can choose the algorithm of work using the application on your smartphone.
  • As it turned out, order a miracle assistant is not so simple. With the luck of luck, the goods cost $ 120. High cost its lack. It is unlikely that the device will find great demand in the Russian market. But let's hope that the price of the goods will soon fall.
Hammock for feet.
Hammock for feet

According to the analytical center of the portal more than 27% of Russians spend at work more than 9 hours. 3% of the respondents were even harder workaholics. Our work takes up most of our free time. And if the policy of the enterprise and the authorities allows you to make the workplace as comfortable as possible, do not miss this opportunity by giving your employee a mini hammock for the feet.

  • Your colleague will surely be pleasantly surprised to see such an unusual gift.
  • Low cost and, judging by the reviews, fast delivery in Russia.
Certificate for Yoga classes.
Certificate for Yoga classes

The reporting period has nothing to close, the deadlines are on, and the deliveries are delayed? "Working moments" - you will say. I agree. However, there is an opinion that nerve cells are not restored. The decision: we rescue the colleague the certificate on employment by yoga.

  • The main thing is to determine the program and the load.
  • An excellent option for those who prefer gifts - impressions.
Levitating Stand.
Levitating Stand

The device is an induction platform with a floating magnet. Depending on the material, prices vary from 600 r to several thousand. Office version of the gift for every taste and budget. The stand literally soars above the platform. Original gift to the employee.

  • On the stand, you can put both a phone and another small object. For example.
  • The device does not carry any practical use, but you can guarantee a spectacular appearance.
Pen with crystals and flash drive.
Pen with crystals and flash drive

A handy USB flash drive will always be at hand, and an effective design will dilute everyday workdays. As you already guessed, the handle is decorated with Swarovski crystals. Excellent gift to the employee for the memory.

  • Large range of colors. There is a model with a built-in flash drive.
  • Suitable for both work and personal use.

If it is not customary in your team to give gifts, but you are not ready to accept it, you can choose on a diary or a good notebook. It will not be collective, but your personal gift to the employee.

  • Under the brand "Moleskine" a lot of different notebooks are disguised, each of which differs in its specific profession, expressed in design.
  • Large range of performance: for artists, travelers, office workers. There is even a series of notebooks for fans of rock "The Woodstock Limited Edition".
Belgian Chocolate.
Belgian Chocolate

Delicious gifts for female employees can be found in a pastry shop. For example, chocolate is handmade. In its way it is also good as marble beef. Belgian chocolate positions itself as elite.

  • Good not only taste, but also appearance. Packaging is also at a height.
  • On most sites the assortment is luxurious, there are plenty to choose from, there is something to try.
Business Card holder.
Business Card holder

A business card holder is convenient. Suppose that your colleague works with clients. Let it be a real estate agent. Imagine that, communicating with customers, she will look for a piece of paper to write down her contacts on it. It is not comfortable. The use of such a gift in such a situation is undeniable.

  • A business card holder may have additional sections for plastic cards or badges.
  • With a certain profession, a business card is a good source of customers.

Another option that you can give an employee. The original name is macarons. It's dessert. One of the most delicious treats that I've tried at work. For a sweet snack the price tag is quite high, but the taste is worth it. So, if you are aiming at a "sweet treat" for a colleague, I strongly advise this dessert.

  • Tasty, bright execution.
  • Dessert is not found in Magnet, Ribbon or Pyaterochka.

Do not forget about gifts to colleagues, because it depends on the quality of your work and the success of the company.