Gift ideas for the headmistress on her birthday

Today, the editorial staff of our site will present a material on the choice of a gift to a man who is also the head, chief and simply representative of the fair sex. In our view, the recipe is surprisingly simple for a woman-boss: surprising a woman, you surprise the leader in her at the same time. Meet the TOP 10 gift ideas to the headmistress from the team according to the version of the GiftBox project.

What to give to the headmistress for her birthday?

Manual scanner Scanmarker.
Manual scanner Scanmarker

We will begin with our list of ideas with a description of a compact and useful device - a portable scanner. Its feature is that the device is capable of instantly recognizing and converting printed text into digital format, and then transfer it to a computer or tablet of the user. The product is ideal for selective scanning of literature. The gift will be useful to a person who works daily with the text. The device works from the battery.

  • An interpreter function is provided, as well as a voice playback feature.
  • The transmission of information is via Bluetooth. Device is compatible with Windows, Android, and MacOS operating systems.
Business cards from a tree.
Business cards from a tree

However, not all managers, especially women, prefer a present in the face of modern devices. The original idea of ??a gift may be business cards made of wood. Such items will undoubtedly give the boss a proper entourage. If your boss often conducts business meetings with partners, the original business cards from a tree can be a worthy birthday decision.

  • The text is burned by a laser. A shallow cut is sometimes used to transfer the necessary invoice. Thickness is usually no more than 1.5 mm.
  • One hundred wooden business cards will cost about 4500 rubles.
Table florarium.
Table florarium

To surprise the woman with flowers - a win-win version at all times. However, we suggest not to hurry to give a bouquet, at least in the usual presentation. A good idea of ??a surprise can be decorative florarium. This design is a miniature greenhouse inside which flowers are located. An original gift to a woman's birthday woman who will fit into the interior of any apartment or office.

  • A rich assortment of form and method of fastening - from desktop to pendant.
  • The florarium will look like a miniature oasis on your desk for your employee.
An unusual pen.
An unusual pen

And here is another idea of ??what can be given to the boss for the birthday. Designers of the most remote corners of the Internet are pleased to offer a lot of creative ideas. So, for example, this can be a lipstick, a swipe pen with SWAROVSKI inlay or just a pen pen.

  • A solid and universal gift to the leader of many different ranks.
  • Giant space for choosing a model for any taste and budget.
Carnet holder Magnetic Air Vent Holder.
Carnet holder Magnetic Air Vent Holder

A magnetic car holder will fit as a helm for a vehicle. If your boss leads the car daily, pay attention to the gifts associated with her car. This can be a handy design for the cellular or tablet. Naturally, such a presentation should be supplemented with a good bouquet.

  • The magnetic holder is attached to the elements of the interior of the machine. The metal base is attached to the cover, due to which the phone is attracted to the magnetic base.
  • Affordable cost, practical benefit.
The Right Cup.
The Right Cup

The peculiarity of this mug is that it can change the smell and taste of water without any chemical additions. You drink ordinary water, and your brain thinks that you are drinking a fragrant drink. A mug deceives the taste buds of a person. In addition, the effect is achieved by deceiving not only the taste, but also the visual receptors, as well as the sense of smell. In production, a harmless flavor is added to the plastic. The mug will be interesting to people who love sweets, but watch the figure. A creative idea for a gift to the head or director. Right Cup came on sale a year ago.

  • There are models with a taste of peach, apple, lemon, cola, and also orange and berries.
  • The author of the idea is Isaak Lavi. For the creation of his invention, he was pushed by the diagnosis given by the doctors. After Isaak was diagnosed with diabetes, he decided to develop this mug.
Pillow-folder "For dreams".
Pillow-folder "For dreams"

Relaxing gift in the form of an office pillow. If your boss appreciates a sense of humor, then a classic congratulation in the form of a gift set or a bouquet of flowers can be supplemented with such a pillow in the form of an office folder. By the way, the pillow fits perfectly into the office rack.

  • The top of the pillow is covered with suede, the filler consists of polyester.
  • Dimensions are 28x32 cm. Weight slightly more than 200 grams.
Quality headphones.
Quality headphones

Let's move on to the next idea of ??what to give a head for a woman's birthday. Another possible variant of the gift is high-quality headphones. Working at the computer, many people like to listen to music. Among the brand options, the BEATS Solo 2.0 White model can be distinguished. The upper frequency value is 26kHz. This is more than enough for the perception of all possible tonalities, but they cling primarily to their design.

  • In the variety of options, it is easy to get confused. Quality options can also be models from Sennheiser or Sony.
  • The idea is universal and will suit both a woman and a man.
Mouse Giddings.
Mouse Giddings

The quest for a gift led us to an interesting subject such as the Jason Giddings mouse. It is worth noting that this is in its own unique device. Developers tried to create a multifunctional input device that could recognize not only keystrokes, but also user gestures. The project successfully started on Kickstarter. Really an original choice and just a cool gift for the leader's anniversary. Under the glass surface of the mouse is the sensor, which is responsible for recognizing the taps. Buy a device through the Internet will be possible in the near future, although the exact release date is still unknown.

  • The mouse is made of tempered glass and metal. Item looks very futuristic.
  • The user can set for himself the buttons that he needs. In addition to the mouse, engineers develop an optical keyboard.
Chocolate paint tubes.
Chocolate paint tubes

And finally a chocolate set from the Japanese confectioners. The gift wrapping includes 12 chocolate sweets that imitate the tubes for paint. Undoubtedly, this is a successful design project. Each tube has its own filling, which corresponds to the color of the paint. It can be jam or caramel. Unfortunately, the circulation is limited.

  • Each tube of taste palette is marked and packed in the original packaging.
  • The idea, of course, will make your manager smile, because she is primarily a woman.