Gift ideas for a woman's birthday

It's always difficult to make a present for a woman on her birthday. I want to surprise her, to see the rapture on her face. Therefore, do not limit yourself to banal presents in the form of cosmetics or jewelry. Buy a gift for your beloved, colleague or mother, who will like it, but it will be original.

What to give for a woman's birthday?

Hollywood star.
Hollywood star

There is no woman who never dreamed of becoming a famous Hollywood actress. So why not make her dream come true? Give her a Hollywood star, which will be an exact copy of the tile, which is paved with the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. It is a video camera, and in order for it to become a personal one, order an engraving on it of the name of your friend or relative. The cost of such a presentation depends on its quality and design. It can be flat tiles or with rough edges that create the appearance that the star has just been "taken off" from Hollywood Boulevard to give the culprit of the.

Picture "Sailboat" by Feng Shui.
Picture "Sailboat" by Feng Shui

In the Chinese doctrine of feng shui, a sailboat with inflated sails, walking along the calm sea at dawn, symbolizes well-being. Suffice it to hang it so that the nose of the ship "floated" into the room, so that the house appeared prosperity. Such a ship can be ordered in different versions. This can be a poster, a magnetic or a modular picture. You can choose the size of the gift, choose a frame for it, a stretcher. When ordering a poster, you can choose the basis - paper or canvas. Posters printed on canvas and framed in a frame, look like real pictures.

Pillow with family photo.
Pillow with family photo

If it is not just a question of what to give a woman for a birthday, but a present for the wife is chosen, it is necessary to show originality and make her a romantic gift. A cozy pillow on which a family photo is printed will melt the heart of any spouse. Pillow has a classic size of 50x50 cm, as its filler is used holofayber. The photo is transferred to it by the method of photo printing. It is possible to accommodate not one, but several pictures. Then it will be possible to create a real collage.

  • Подушку можно стирать.
  • Напечатанные фотографии не блекнут во время стирки.
  • Для изготовления подушки используется мягкая и приятная на ощупь ткань.
  • • Такой подарок – настоящая ручная работа. Это не типовой презент, который можно приобрести в любом магазине.
Set for the motorist.
Set for the motorist

A successful choice of a gift for a woman with a driver's license is a car kit for girls. It is made in a girlish pink color scheme, packed in a stylish backpack. The set includes:

  • key set;
  • pliers;
  • screwdrivers;
  • screwdrivers;
  • wire with terminals for recharging the battery;
  • insulating tape.

The backpack for storing the car kit is small, but roomy. Its feature - it shows an emergency stop sign. Despite the pink color and glamor, the set does not look cheap. Therefore, it can be presented on the holiday and a young motorist, and an older woman.

LED-lamp for drying gel manicure.
LED-lamp for drying gel manicure

LED-lamp VELENA L3-1 5012 will appeal to women who are not indifferent to the stylish and fashionable manicure. This drying model for lacquer is ideal for home use. It is easy to operate, can operate from battery and from mains, has compact dimensions. This model is used even by professional masters of manicure in their work, and this shows that it has good performance and reliability. LED-lamp VELENA L3-1 5012 will be a good choice if you do not know what you can give for a woman's birthday, which is your close relative, colleague or girlfriend.

Bright flash drive.
Bright flash drive

A good idea for a fashionista is a USB flash drive "Lady's handbag" with a 16 GB disk capacity. An accessory made of silicone is pink. The bag completely imitates the look of the female clutch. It has a small handle, a lock. The handle of the flash drive connects the disk and the cap. Therefore, there is no risk of losing any part of the product. The flash drive is sold in a small transparent case in the form of a tube. Therefore, you do not have to search for a gift for additional packaging. The cost of a USB drive, depending on the seller -1100 - 1200 rubles. Flash card "Lady's handbag" is suitable for young careerists who love unusual accessories, female students.

Certificate in SPA.
Certificate in SPA

Deciding to give an anniversary certificate for SPA procedures, you are guaranteed to be able to please the birthday girl. Such a present can be presented to your beloved wife, girlfriend, boss, colleague. The program of procedures includes:

  • customer meeting;
  • tea party;
  • showering;
  • visit to the aromatic sauna;
  • chocolate peeling procedure;
  • facial treatments;
  • showering.

The average price of the certificate is 3500 - 5000 rubles, depending on the salon in which it will be purchased. Duration of SPA-procedures - one and a half hours.

Chocolate set «For my mommy».
Chocolate set «For my mommy»

If children are looking for an original idea, how to congratulate the most native in their lives, then the chocolate set "For My Mom" ??will be a good choice. The set contains three boxes of chocolates:

  • If children are looking for an original idea, how to congratulate the most native in their lives, then the chocolate set "For My Mom" ??will be a good choice. The set contains three boxes of chocolates);
  • "Mom's Charter »(in the box 9 chocolates);
  • Set "For My Mommy" (12 chocolates "Bird's Milk").

Each set of sweets is packed in a beautiful box, which depicts a mother with a child. Packaging is sustained in a pleasant pink range, therefore it is an excellent "female gift". Such a sweet set can be presented to both a young mother and a woman who already has children. Due to the fact that candies are packed in colored boxes, they do not need additional design. The price of a set of three boxes of chocolate is 750 rubles.

LED Candle.
LED Candle

What woman does not like romantic candlelight evenings? But candles from wax have the feature of rapidly burning down. We will tell you an interesting idea how to prolong the romantic mood. Choose for your girlfriend or your favorite LED Candle LED Candle. The basis of these candles is a glass made of frosted glass, due to which a muffled light is created. The electronic device has several modes of operation. You can choose the color of the flame, the intensity of its burning. Such candles will create a romantic atmosphere for any holiday. At the same time, they are completely safe, there is no risk of fire when using them, and they will not be extinguished at the most inopportune moment. The cost of the LED Candle LED Candle is about 500 rubles.

Gift with your own hands.
Gift with your own hands

If you want to really surprise a loved one, you can prepare a gift that you will make yourself. It can be a congratulation, which will consist of sweets. This may be an original quest, after which the woman will receive her gift. You can draw a portrait of the birthday girl and make for him a beautiful frame. There are a lot of options for making presents, you just need to choose the one that will be to her liking.

We offered you 10 interesting gifts for a woman on her birthday. Choose from them the one to whom, as you imagine, she will be delighted. You can even choose several presents at once, as many of them successfully combine with each other.