Gift for a woman on 45 years

Not without reason, the figure "45" rhymes well with the word "again". Again a surge of strength, vitality, optimism. A woman at this age is the embodiment of a juicy berry from a common expression: she is a caring mother, a good wife, a specialist in her profession, an needlewoman, a skilful girl - all the characteristics can not be counted. Therefore, the question "What to give for 45 years for a woman?" Will never lose its relevance. After all, this anniversary symbolizes a meeting of experience and energy in order to translate numerous ideas into reality. If you break your head over a gift and can not come to a decision, then we are ready to give you some good ideas.

What to give a woman for 45 years?


Spirits are a marker of style and character, expressing a person's mood. The choice is to give a good perfume: for example, buy Chanel Chance. This is an excellent gift for a woman for 45 years. Rare representative of the fair sex can resist a gentle, delicate, but deep and thoughtful aroma. You can buy it in a boutique, or order it from an online store.


Such a present for birthday will be appreciated by any hostess: he will decorate the festive table, and he will not simply collect dust. Each tea drinking with it turns into a magical and almost sacred action, one can not refrain from it. Which producer countries should be preferred?

  • Czech Republic. Medieval traditions, embodied in porcelain with the help of modern technology.
  • Japan. An original gift that will give the oriental flavor a cup of tea and make it deeply philosophical.
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    Who is the best friend of beauty? That's right, diamonds. They are desirable to have a lot. An excellent version of what you can give for 45 years, a woman, conquering and surprising her. The choice of such a gift should be approached in detail: "I ran into the first store I saw and bought" - this is a wrong way out. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances of character, to try on the ornament to the exterior of the future owner, to apply imagination. So, a person with a lot of energy, full of emotions, should present a jewelry piece with a ruby. A faithful friend with pure thoughts and an open mind - with a diamond. Creative personality, charging all creativity and positive, perfectly fit decoration with citrine.


    Give on jubilees a technique - such gifts will always be received favorably and with great pleasure. Take into account: "smart phone" should include a lot of new products and provide an opportunity to "sit" in all social networks. And he also has to be stylish and beautiful: functionality - this is not a justification for an unattractive appearance. A great option will be the Huawei Honor 5X: a model with a metal case, simple control and a literally "flying" Android operating system, instantly launching even complex applications.


    Forty-five years is a good occasion to present as a presentation a stylish and functional accessory. Beautiful watch will gracefully and elegantly look at the woman's hand, giving it some charm and fascination. Women of this age are suitable for hours of medium or small size - too much accessory will look gross. The dial's form should be preferred to the classical one: from round to rectangular. The strap should be leather or textile, but the "metal" does not fit: it looks painfully too brutal.


    The ideal solution to the problem of what to give to a woman on her birthday is 45: the present will have a considerable effect. Before contacting a travel company, play in the "spy": in any way you need to find out where the daydreamer wants to go. Do not be seduced by the tour to Paris or Florence, because the image of these cities could fill the woman's teeth. There is no need to stop at any particular city: it is likely that she will want to visit several countries for one trip. After buying a tour, put in the envelope some amount of euro: for souvenirs and good pastime in Europe.

    Handmade cake.
    Handmade cake

    What a holiday without a sweet treat! It is impossible to imagine a festive table without the main highlight: a beautiful cake. In this case, you do not need to stop at the variant from the nearest store: a special case requires an original solution. You should choose a beautiful handmade cake. It can be placed on it:

  • beautiful inscription;
  • stylish image (suitable for bright representatives of various professions);
  • figurine, statuette and much more.
  • You can order this creation of culinary art in various confectioneries: it is worthwhile to hammer into the search engine phrase, as you will understand that with a beautiful cake you will surely succeed.


    Be sure, this gift to a woman at the jubilee of 45 years will be remembered forever. He will immediately stand out among the heap of banal gizmos presented to the birthday girl. Painted by a professional, the image looks stylish, original, attractive. Modern artists offer the following types of portraits.

  • Written in oil. It looks very representative, as befits the occasion. He will definitely take the most prominent place in the house.
  • Written in pencil. Exclusively, stylishly, airily - in three words you can describe such a work of art.
  • Written pastel. Suitable for individuals light, spiritual: the image seems to be transparent and perfectly conveys all the nuances of the character of the birthday girl.
  • The cartoon. Painting in a jocular style, past which you can not go without a smile.
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    Men, give women flowers. Especially on the day when she turns forty-five. It may seem that this is a trivial and "jaded gift", which no one can be surprised. But it is worthwhile to show a little imagination, as a beaten idea will play with new colors. 45 years - 45 roses. Do not need to stop on any one floor: give the birthday girl a multicolored scattering of flowers. If you find it difficult to compose a bouquet, then with this difficult task you will help the florist. And then the flowers will strike a woman - perhaps, in the literal sense of the word. If you want the flora you have given to bring joy for a long time, stop at the option of flowers in the pot. Crocuses, hyacinths, begonias, chrysanthemums and many others will be a worthy birthday present.


    With this presentation, you can unambiguously hint that the birthday girl is an excellent hostess. When choosing a kitchen assistant, pay attention to the power of the device (the recommended parameter is 600-800 W) and the capacity of the bowl (the golden mean is 5 liters). Also of considerable importance is the material from which the bowl is made and the inner coating: a longer model will work from stainless steel with non-stick coating.

    The 45th birthday is a great opportunity not only to show your name to your feelings, but also to show imagination and ingenuity. Give to the anniversary not only your emotions and wonderful mood, but also a good present, to the choice of which you have approached creatively. Above were given "starting points", from which you can build on. We are sure that the gift chosen by you will necessarily make the right impression.