Gift ideas for the writer

To create something creative, whether it's painting, poetry or a piece of music, you need inspiration. As you know, the spiritual mood of the author is influenced not only by people, but also by the objects surrounding him. Therefore, the choice of a gift should be carefully considered. Today we will talk about such a profession as a writer. The editors of our site made 10 variants of what to present to the writer for his birthday. If among your friends there is an author of the book, are glad to offer you the following selection of thematic ideas of this year.

What to present to the writer?

A fountain pen.
A fountain pen

A pen for a writer is a professional tool. However, there are some subtleties here. A gift is suitable in the event that your author does not yet have that favorite pen with which he works constantly. But a gift to a budding poet is guaranteed to his liking. The modern fountain pen consists of a refilling mechanism, a container for ink, and a pen. Such handles are officially used in schools in Western Europe at the stage of teaching children to write. The fountain pen is a perfect gift to the future author who chose the creative path.

  • The first mention of the fountain pen dates back to 600 AD. in Spain. Patented the design much later, in 1803.
  • Over time, the fountain pen was replaced by a cheaper ball version. However, the culture of writing "pen" remains very popular among creative people in our time.
Chocolate collection "Collected Works".
Chocolate collection "Collected Works"

The idea for those who are looking for an unusual gift set. Congratulate the writer can be a thematic box of chocolates "Collected Works". The peculiarity of the set is that each tile is wrapped in a package with the text of known works. The golden age of works of art in a miniature book box. The collection includes 9 tiles.

  • The set consists of bitter chocolate bars. The packing size is 161x230x17 mm. Weight 82 grams.
  • Inexpensive gift, which is nice to get at any age.
Handmade bookmark.
Handmade bookmark

Another useful idea of a gift to a writer can be a bookmark. The gift is suitable for those who do not like e-books, but prefers to scroll through the page by hand. A large number of sites are ready to offer a diverse range of original handworks. Bookmarks can be decorated with stones or pearls.

  • Bookmarking is not only the lack of need to remember the page, but also the nice attribute of reading your favorite book.
  • Spectacular design. The material used is patinated copper, tin, agate, and also glass.
Candle "The smell of old books".
Candle "The smell of old books"

The peculiarity of this gift is an unusual smell. A gift will appeal to all book lovers. When burning, the candle smells of paper and fresh grass. The candle is aimed at creating a creative atmosphere in the room. The full collection is represented by several fragrances. The candle is perfect as a gift to a writer for a birthday or a new year.

  • The candle is placed in a glass jar. The composition includes wax, cotton wick and natural oils. Soy wax is environmentally friendly and suitable for an apartment.
  • A good gift that will not only dilute the writer's creative process, but will complement any small celebration.
Ex libris.
Ex libris

Ex-libris is a small label that certifies the owner of the book. Typically, an ex-libris is a small drawing that speaks about the interests of the writer. The name and initials of the author are placed above such a logo. In the event that an ex-libris is applied on the cover of a book, it is called super-exlibris. If you are looking for something really original for your author, then the perfect idea can be your own bookplate. Order a similar coat of arms is very simple. For example, on or a freelancer. It is enough to know the interests of your writer and clearly formulate the task. A worthy gift to the writer.

  • In total, there are three subgroups: stamped, monogrammed, and plot ex libris.
  • Ex libris originates in Germany. In the USSR, the greatest interest in stamped bookplates was observed in the early 1920s.

Another idea of a gift to a writer can be a notepad or inkwell (if you have a fountain pen). Most authors prefer to make sketches on paper, so a good notebook can be a welcome gift. A laconic version can be a notebook "Moleskine". Quality paper and a good binding. And yet it is a notebook under the popular brand, which, unfortunately, could not but affect its value.

  • It is noteworthy that Moleskine has several collections focused on different professions. There are notebooks for creativity, business, drawing, and even notebooks with black pages. The latter are designed for creating collages and scrabbing.
  • You can buy a notebook of any size. From a miniature notebook XSmall to A4 and A3 formats — wonderful gifts for a future writer.
Shelf + Lamp + Bookmark.
Shelf + Lamp + Bookmark

And this idea belongs to the Dutch studio Smeets Design, which came up with an unusual shelf for books. The shelf has both a luminaire and a bookmark function. As a bookmark, a curved surface is used, when removed from which the lamp turns on. The surface is equipped with sensors. Immediately after you put the book back, the light turns off. For convenience, the luminaire can be equipped with a switch. To prevent the book from sliding down, the shelf surface is equipped with a silicone holder.

  • The LiliLite is made from curved oak plywood. The shelf will perfectly fit in both the classical and modern interior.
  • The gift will appeal to all lovers of literature and evening reading.
Growing pencils "Spicy herbs".
Growing pencils "Spicy herbs"

A non-adult gift for adults. Growing pencils are not just stationery for your writer. On their back side is a special capsule, in which are the seeds of various herbs and fertilizers. After the pencil is written, it can be safely stuck in moist soil, watered and wait for the ascent. A set of pencils will be an original gift to anyone who deals with handwritten texts.

  • Each pencil has its own filling: basil, coriander, pepper, rucola, parsley and melissa. All the plants that have risen can be safely consumed.
  • Inexpensive and useful gift, which will be useful both in the office and in cooking.
The book is safe "English dictionary".
The book is safe "English dictionary"

The book is the source of knowledge. But this gift has several other functions. This is a small amateur safe that looks very much like a regular book. A practical gift is suitable for things that are best kept away from unnecessary eyes. The safe is locked. Dimensions of the storage will be 224×15,5×5,5 cm. An original gift for those who like not only to read, but also to count.

  • Such a copy will not be superfluous in your writer's library, because everyone will find something for themselves that should be stored in a secret place.
  • The book-safe is made of metal. Imitation of pages is made of plastic. Very high quality and useful object.
Pillow for hands "pencil".
Pillow for hands "pencil"

And this is the same pencil that bends, but does not break. A gift is suitable for a person who prefers to type texts on a computer. Pillow is placed in front of the keyboard under the brush. An interesting and inexpensive thing for a man who spends a lot of time at work. As a filler used holofayber and sintepon.

  • The main drawback of this gift is its marquee.
  • The palm rest is in blue, yellow, gray and green.