Gift Ideas for a Web Designer

It's no secret that the specialty of a web designer is one of the creative professions of our time. This is a relatively new direction, which means that the vast majority of web designers are young people under the age of 35. Representatives of the creative profession need a creative approach to the choice of gifts. Today GiftBox publishes a selection of 10 original solutions in favor of web developers.

So what can you give to a web designer?

CMYK puzzle.
CMYK puzzle

An unusual gift is ready to offer the Australian artist Clemens Habicht. His project is a CMYK color palette of 1000 parts. According to the designer, the puzzle is able to develop a sense of color in a person, and also have a calming effect. The CMYM system is a color formation scheme that includes a combination of blue-green, magenta and yellow. The puzzle will be a wonderful gift to all connoisseurs of puzzles.

  • The puzzle idea first came to us from the 18th century. Geographer John Spielberg, in order to teach his students geography, pasted the map on a wooden panel, and then cut this plate into many small details. His students had to collect the pieces of the card together. Such a mosaic helped them to grasp the correct location of the continents.
  • Popular popularity puzzles began to recruit a bit later, in the 20th century in America. With the opening of the printing technology on cardboard, the whole New World has plunged into a fascinating process.
Stencil for WEB-developers.
Stencil for WEB-developers

And this gift is sharpened specially for web developers. As you know, WEB designers prefer to design some elements of their work exclusively on paper. American company "UI Stencils" is pleased to offer a metal stencil + notepad for sketching. The stencil is made of stainless steel on a scale of 140%.

  • In order to help the developer, cliches are indicated on the stencil indicating various actions, such as scaling, turning, etc. A cool gift to a web designer, which everyone will be pleased to work with.
  • The second assistant is an A4 notepad. It also replicates the iOS interface on a scale of 140%. The template has 50 double-sided printing sheets that contain the most important fields for the developer.
Thematic pillow or mug of the web designer.
Thematic pillow or mug of the web designer

Another idea of a gift can be a soft pillow with a printed code on it. And if the web development is connected with writing a program, then why not present a stylized gift-pillow. Ideally, find the code that is relevant to the project that your designer is working on or working on. In this case, the gift will carry a real meaning.

  • An alternative might be the idea of ??putting the code on a mug. Now quite a few companies are ready to offer similar services to their customers.
  • The third option is to put the code on the T-shirt. Such gifts can be of interest to all representatives of the IT industry.
Mountie clip.
Mountie clip

And now a few useful new products. So often when working with a project you catch yourself thinking that the main display is not enough. Suppose you have an urgent need to do work and talk on Skype at the same time. A little-known project from blessthisstuff is ready to offer a connector-clip that will dock the main display of your computer with a tablet or mobile phone. Now working with both devices at eye level will be much more convenient.

  • Control Skype, Twitter or watch your favorite movie at the same time as work.
  • A budget and useful idea of a gift to a designer who wants to do everything.
Lexon Around watch.
Lexon Around watch

As you know, "non-standard" has the properties to attract attention. Like any creative person, the designer tends to gravitate toward the original subjects. Engineers of foggy Albion in search of an answer to the question: "Image or functionality?", Bet on the first option, and, apparently, have not lost. Most recently, they released a watch Lexon Around. With its unusual design, the device looks unambiguous. A bright device is made with a red or green arrow that will willingly show you the current hour. Another idea of what you can give a web designer.

  • The device is available in three variations: white, black and aluminum.
  • The gift emphasizes individuality and an unconventional approach.
Literature for a web designer.
Literature for a web designer

They say the best gift is a book. As you know, in addition to graphics, web designers have to work with the selection of fonts. Professionally acquainted with the quality criteria in the field of typography will help book with the original title "The Elements of Typographic Style". The book contains a catalog of fonts with personal notes by the author. By the way, his name is Robert Bringhurst.

  • Typography is an art that makes the text laconic and easy to read. The task of typography is to breathe in visual material visual harmony.
  • The book includes basic postulates and features. The material develops the desire to become better.
Rubitone Puzzle.
Rubitone Puzzle

And this is a modernized version of the Rubik's cube from Argentinean designer Ignacio Pilotto. The cube resembles a tinting fan. However, unlike the fan, each shade is applied to a separate element. The puzzle has a classical dimension of 3x3x3. Correctly picking up the shades, you solve the puzzle.

  • The author of the upgraded version of the puzzle gave him the name "Rubitone".
  • For the first time Rubik's cube was invented in 1974 by the Hungarian sculptor Erno Rubik. The cube will not let you get bored of your brain. A great way to get away from work.
Notepad Wacom Bamboo Spark.
Notepad Wacom Bamboo Spark

Unique functionality for web designers. The device is able to convert a handwritten version of the text to the digital plane. At the same time, absolutely any paper is suitable for work. The electronic stylus opens up new possibilities for design and drawing. A modern gift for the birth of new ideas, because sometimes it is much more pleasant to create something by hand. From now on "Bamboo Spark" gives web designers such an opportunity.

  • The created notes are saved in pdf or jpg format. You can edit after saving. Working time is more than 8 hours. The device is running iOS or Android.
  • The device is capable of storing up to 100 pages. After connecting to the Internet, the gadget is synchronized with the cloud and the resource is updated.
Electronic brush for cleaning from OXO Good Grips Electronics.
Electronic brush for cleaning from OXO Good Grips Electronics

A good gift for every day, which is convenient to have at work. Silicone brush is designed to keep the workplace clean. At a relatively low cost, a gift can be a very useful thing for its owner.

  • Ideal for cleaning keyboards, clocks, monitors and cell phones.
  • A soft cleaner is presented in a sliding casing.
Desktop robot Tankbot.
Desktop robot Tankbot

In search of unusual gifts, the editors of our site came across a thing like Tankbot. For all web designers who work in offices, the robot will become a source of entertainment. The boat is miniature and simple to operate. So, with the help of a single iPhone, you will be able to control this thing. The tank has three modes: exit from the labyrinth, demonstration capabilities, as well as full control mode from the smartphone. Merry idea of what you can give a web designer.

  • Powered by USB. A fully charged battery lasts for 15 minutes.
  • A fun toy that will distract you from work. Get some of these office monsters and arrange a tank battle with fellow designers. Destroy the office!