Gift ideas for a Teacher man

Choosing an idea for a gift to a male teacher is a fairly important task, because even the profession of a teacher has its origin from ancient times. This activity is closely related to the vocation of the teacher. From China to Ancient Greece, representatives of this profile were respected and respected, both among pupils and ordinary citizens.

As you may have guessed, today we will choose a gift for a male teacher, because there are enough reasons for that. This can be a collective gratitude of students after graduation or a personal present in a sign of respect.

So what to give to the teacher-man?

Thematic circle.
Thematic circle

It is difficult to imagine the beginning of the working day without a cup of coffee. If it is a question of technical discipline, an inexpensive and at the same time an original solution can be a thematic circle "Apple Newton". So that a person does not forget his skills and professionalism for a minute, the surface is decorated with physical / chemical formulas. The assortment is represented by several models: two-color, chameleon, with edging. There are other forms of printing, which are also worthy of attention. The product attracts its print, look at which you want infinitely long.

  • Material - ceramics.
  • Each mug comes in a cardboard box. Buy goods can be in the online store

What should I do with the teacher during the exam? Sometimes we do not have a couple of minutes to rewrite the ticket, which we did not learn very well, but we read at home exactly. The solution is simple, it is enough to give him an interesting puzzle, which should be difficult but interesting. There are several types of puzzles: combinational, semantic, mathematical. The models are popular for extracting a certain figure from the general design, riddles for unraveling, and also moving the product modules. However, now we want to pay attention to the puzzle IQ fit. To solve it, you need to lay the details of different geometric shapes in the cells of the pencil case. The solution is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

  • The set is accompanied by an instruction, in which, depending on the level of complexity, the initial arrangement of the puzzle elements is shown. To get into the rules is easy, but to conquer difficult levels from the first time is not easy.
  • IQ fit involves 120 different tasks, divided into 5 levels of difficulty from beginner to professional.
Spices in test tubes.
Spices in test tubes

Everyone likes to eat and can play. Pay attention to the unusual set for spices, made in the form of chemical tubes. Such an installation will be very relevant if you are doing it for a chemistry teacher. Girls-students of medical schools, - safely take the idea to the armament. By the way, we managed to stumble not only on the standard design of the set, but also on the gzhel version. It looks really present, in a word - to take.

  • The collection consists of six tubes, each of which is signed. Names from left to right: mint - mint, sage - sage, ginger - ginger, turmeric-turmeric, chili - pepper.
  • The material used is glass, wood and food plastic.
Watch with an unusual dial.
Watch with an unusual dial

What to give a man to a teacher? For the master of mathematical analysis, you can find something equally thematic. For example, this could be a clock whose dial shows the time implicitly. To find out which time it is now, you need to strain hard, remember the natural logarithms, square roots and trigonometry. With 100% certainty, we guarantee that a person with a sense of humor will definitely appreciate such a surprise. Buy watches can be in the online store of unusual things. The object will find itself if not at home, then in the office.

  • A large assortment. Cost less than 1000 rubles.
  • Size is 30.4x30.6x3.8 cm. The dial is made of plastic and glass.
A fountain pen.
A fountain pen

Mention of the first handles date from 3000 BC. The first samples were made from reeds. Years later, the excitement of goose feathers. As for the ball structure, in the modern view it appeared in 1888. Then a capillary channel was added to the ball mechanism. Later, a patent on the principle of the mechanism was handed over to George Parker. At the moment, the pen is not only a professional tool, but also an element of the image. If you are looking for something like this, do not overlook this option, because the brand "Parker" is a kind of style empire.

  • The price range of models strongly depends on the brand. However, from all this wealth you can always choose something interesting.
  • By the way, the French baron Biku, the founder of the world famous company BIC, managed to make the pens accessible. He managed to achieve a production technology in which almost everyone could afford to buy such a miracle for themselves.
Book safe.
Book safe

They say if you want to hide something, put it in the most prominent place. Folk wisdom does not lie. Introducing an inexpensive souvenir. The object is a small metal safe, made in the image of the book. Just behind the cover is a door with a keyhole. The safe closes on the lock and is intended for storage of various trifles. The object is not conspicuous, and therefore, copes with its task for five with a plus. You can buy a safe, both with a mechanical and combination lock.

  • The package includes an instruction and two keychains.
  • The main thing to forget is where you left the keys.
Portrait by photo.
Portrait by photo

If the birthday is not far off, and your group still does not know which gift to choose for the holiday, pay attention to such an idea as a portrait of the photo. To make it, you will need a successful photo of your "victim", as well as an artist ready to take up this work. Umeltsev good enough. The most popular work done in pencil. By the way, you can supplement such a collective gift with the autographs of members of your group, and do not forget about the elder. Surprise will decorate the interior of your employee.

  • Decide on the color. Do you want a color or black and white portrait?
  • The size should not be small. Optimal format A3.
A tea set.
A tea set

And this is a solid set of tea, which is not a shame to present even to the rector or the head of the department. A new lot from "Dammann" is a wooden box lacquered, the contents of which disclose 18 different varieties of tea. In total, the kit has 17 jars of 30 g and one for 25 g. English idea for a person who starts the morning right. A present for any celebration for both a man and a woman.

  • Two jewelers enter the box.
  • The possessor is lucky to try the most delicious kinds of tea: from herbal with the aroma of strawberry, to black with bergamot from distant Calabria.
Certificate in the bookstore.
Certificate in the bookstore

The book - the best gift, but because do not forget about this option as a certificate in the bookstore. Undoubtedly, the giant among the stationery is "Bukvoed." In the capital - a book boutique "Moscow". Not bad goods for good money, and most importantly - a large assortment of books, pens and all kinds of accessories. Do not count for advertising, but it is. If the date is pressing, and the surprise does not want to be selected, safely take as a surprise a certificate in the bookstore.

  • The certificate deposit starts from 1000 rubles. The card is in a card, inside of which you can leave a collective congratulation.
  • The certificate is universal. You do not break your head, a person chooses what he really needs to acquire.
Figurine "Owl".
Figurine "Owl"

The defense of the diploma was successful, and it's time to congratulate each other on the completion of training. Do not forget about your assistants and curators. A symbolic gift can be a statuette of an owl. Everyone knows that this bird is a symbol of wisdom. Most of these statuettes are made of bronze, but there is a more budgetary technology - an artificial stone, covered with a layer of metal. This significantly reduces the cost of the analog. The object will certainly adorn everyone's workplace, whether it's a professor's desk or an assistant professor's office.

  • A perfect collective congratulation from the group.
  • Size 16x8x7 cm.

Sometimes we do not always understand how important it is to learn new things. You never know where and when you might need it. Remember, knowledge is power, but to digest knowledge, you need to absorb them with an appetite. Today we offered ten ideas of what you can give a teacher for a birthday. We hope that some of the options seemed useful to you.