Gift ideas for the priest

The profession of a clergyman is one of the most incomprehensible and mysterious. People who decide to devote themselves to God are generally serious and thoughtful, they have high moral principles and a sense of responsibility not only for themselves, but also for their flock. Therefore, the question of what to give to a priest makes even the most sophisticated donors think: it is much more difficult to choose a present for a clergyman than for a secular one. In this article we have selected for you 10 gifts that will please any priest. You can give them for birthday, name day, the day of his ordination to priests, Orthodox holidays - Christmas, Easter and others.

What to present to the priest?

Orthodox Icon.
Orthodox Icon

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you need to choose a birthday present for your father is the icon. Before giving such a present, it would be nice to ask: which icon is needed for a clergyman, and whether it is necessary at all. After all, you are not the only one whom such an idea visited. For example, a nominal icon certainly already has it, moreover, not in one copy.

A good option would be an Orthodox icon, painted under the order. Prices for such icons start in online stores from several thousand rubles. Also you can find a proven icon painter and invite him to take up the order. And if you want to invest some of your soul in the gifted icon, give the Lord's servant with his own hand embroidered or beaded icon. Remember that for this you need to take in the church a blessing.

It happens that the priest needs some concrete icon - but not for himself, but for the church in which he serves. Such a gift is a truly god-pleasing thing! This you will please the very father, and dozens of parishioners.

Clothes for worship.
Clothes for worship

Yes, the priests also love good clothes, and the church vestments are what they need all the time. A complete set of such clothes or parts of it - cassock, cassock, skufyu - can be bought in church benches or ordered on Orthodox sites. The cost of church vestments is quite expensive:

  • cassock - from 3-4 thousand rubles;
  • cassock - from 4000 rubles;
  • winter cassock - from 13 000 rubles;
  • косоворотка, shirt - from 900 rubles.

Vestments for solemn occasions, richly decorated clothes, of course, are more expensive. Therefore, we advise you to stop on simple options - they will come in handy forever! Another good option - fabrics for sewing church vestments. It can be as simple flax and cotton, and brocade with velvet. Vestments can be presented to the priest for a birthday or a grand feast day - for example, Easter.

Gift editions, antiquarian books.
Gift editions, antiquarian books

Each clergyman will be delighted with the luxuriously illustrated theme dedicated to the history of Orthodoxy, the life of the saints, or reproductions of famous icons and the history of their creation. And if you want to surprise your father - look into the antique shops, there you can find well-preserved rare books of past centuries. Be sure to sign the book - the gift inscription will warm the father's heart. Every time he takes it in his hands, he will remember you.

  • A good gift volume will cost you 2000 rubles and more.
  • Antiquarian edition - the price is negotiable, but be prepared to spend from 10 thousand rubles - and this is the minimum.

Orthodox forums write that incense - this is the best that you can give a priest on the day of the angel or a spiritual holiday. Frankincense, like clothes, is always needed for the father. It can be of several types: Athos, Greek, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Paschal, etc. To choose an incense advise on a smell. Remember that the priest will use it in the church, with a large crowd of people: the smell should not be sharp and pleasant. It is not for nothing that it is called incense - from the word "good".

Church utensils.
Church utensils

All that is needed for the priest is always for household needs and for the needs of the parish: they are lamps, candles, oil and so on. Before buying such gifts, it is worthwhile to clarify with the priest himself or his close associates what is needed at the moment. As experienced donors say, any priest will be happy with the lamps, incense, censers, candles. Prices for church utensils are also encouraging: lamps and glasses for it cost only 200-250 rubles, censer - from 3000 rubles, fragrant candles - about 150 rubles. Such gifts can be given for any spiritual holiday: Christmas, Easter, and also birthday and birthday.

Precious things.
Precious things

If you want to give a good person a memorable gift for Christmas, Easter or another patronal feast - rash on precious things. For example, among the products of jewelry factories and workshops there are many things from the silver of church purpose. You can please the familiar priest with magnificent products: priestly and archpriestly pectoral crosses, silver bowls for communion, lamps, gifts, anointing kits and other utensils. Also suitable are silver egg stands and plates with Easter symbols, mugs and flasks for holy water and much more. If you want to make a gift to a bishop or other clergyman of high rank, an excellent choice will be a silver panagia, an image in silver frames with colored stones.

Of course, not everyone is able to fork out such an expensive gift - but it is not forbidden to make a general gift from all the parishioners. Believe me, the priest will be happy at the same time.

Discs with spiritual music.
Discs with spiritual music

If you want a gift to please your friend priest in the camps of your home - present him with a CD with notes of sacred music or lectures of the Holy Fathers. On sale you can find audio recordings of bell ringing, church hymns and church songs performed by bards. For lovers of audiobooks, lecture notes are suitable, which can be listened to at home or on the road. Orthodox music will help the holy father relax after hard working days, and lectures will help him in the matter of self-development and self-education.

CDs are quite inexpensive. You can try and find a gift edition or yourself to beautifully pack them.
Souvenirs from pilgrimage trips.
Souvenirs from pilgrimage trips

Such gifts are very popular among parishioners. Many, having visited a pilgrimage trip, buy a souvenir to their father. However, before you give them to a clergyman, think: will they be useful to him? Would he be delighted with the next paper icons or consecrated crackers? Rather, of course, he will enjoy the attention of his spiritual children, but he is unlikely to find practical applications for gifts.

We advise you to give really interesting souvenirs, even better - if these are things that the place of travel is famous for: Greek incense, socks and mittens made of sheep's wool, olive oil, honey and so on. The main thing is that the gifts should be useful!
Rubber for car.
Rubber for car

Father is also a man, and worldly things are necessary for him. Now many priests have cars - they often have to go to the parishioners for funeral service, confession, consecration of apartments, visit distant parishes, go to the diocese - but little does the servant of the Lord! Good tires for the car in this case are simply necessary. Therefore, if you can not decide what you can give a priest for the day of the angel, - present him with new tires, and the next two years he will definitely remember the donor with gratitude. For this you will need to know the brand of the car of the priest.

We advise you not to give money to buy, but to purchase rubber yourself and give a gift to the addressee.
Things for the family.
Things for the family

As a rule, if the priest is married, his family has many children. Things for children will please any loving father almost more than a personal gift. Therefore, if you want to give a truly useful and useful gift - present things for the children of the priest. It can be a new beautiful clothes and shoes in size, school and office supplies for schoolchildren and pupils of a kindergarten. Yes, just sweets for every member of the family are guaranteed to please any loving father To the same category are gifts for two. Give the priest a pilgrimage trip for two with his mother - let them rest and gain strength for further service.

We hope our advice has been useful and you are no longer tormented by doubts about what to give to the priest. Most importantly, as Russian Archpriest Maxim Kozlov said, the gift should not be made for a tick, not just for that, but would be useful to the priest for the service of God. He can be kept in the house of a clergyman, and can go to the house of God - that is, to the church. Perhaps this will be the best decision - in this case your gift can become an ornament of the Altar and be passed on to the next generations of priests of your temple. By this you will contribute to the decoration of the temple, and your name (or names if the gift is made in common) will be mentioned at the Throne of God indefinitely.