Gift ideas for a nurse

After a successful recovery, the thought often comes to thank the medical officer, giving him something inexpensive, but noteworthy. By the way, the day of the medical worker in Russia is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Today's article will be devoted to gifts for a nurse. After all, this is the same person who contributed to your treatment, rehabilitation or childbirth. The editorial staff of the site tried to collect the most fresh and useful gift ideas.

What to give to a nurse?

Ballpoint pen "Syringe".
Ballpoint pen "Syringe"

The handle has the shape of a syringe, which contains a colored liquid. The gift is presented in red, blue, green and yellow. The body is marked with a scale. The material is plastic. The liquid inside the "syringe" gives the impression of the recruited medicine. An original clerical gift to a nurse at an affordable cost.

  • Snapping mechanism. Replacement rod.
  • Thematic presentation for health workers and pharmacists. The size will be 13x1 cm.
Chocolate medical set.
Chocolate medical set

And this is another idea of what to give a nurse in gratitude. A set of chocolates is represented by several square tiles with a cartoon sketch. On the reverse side of the wrap is a humorous text. A small gift set will help to thank the nurse for the attention shown.

  • Optionally, you can purchase a set of 12 or 4 tiles.
  • Dark or milk chocolate. The packing size is 14.7х11.2х1.5 cm.
Thermal mug "Awakening".
Thermal mug "Awakening"

The peculiarity of this mug is that when pouring boiling water, the sleepy image of the eyes turns into a cheerful look. When the circle is cooled, an inverse transformation takes place. If you do not know what to give to nurses at discharge from the hospital, the chameleon mug can be a very topical present. For nurses of the maternity hospital who have to spend a lot of time on medical duty, the gift will be a useful attribute of night shifts.

  • The mug is made of ceramics. The volume is 250 ml. The size will be 11x8x9 cm.
  • A gift for those who like to start the morning with a hot cup of coffee.
Sweet set "Delicious help".
Sweet set "Delicious help"

Another idea of what to give a nurse for a birthday is a large jar full of marmalade sweets. On the back there is a label-instruction with funny recommendations on how best to feel the happiness that is inside the can. The volume is 250 or 500 ml.

  • A delicious gift that is nice to get to every woman.
  • A wonderful token of attention for a nurse aged 18 to 99.
Medical USB flash drive.
Medical USB flash drive

Another useful gift for a nurse for a birthday is a thematic flash drive. The case of a flash drive can be chosen depending on the direction of professional activity. There are a lot of similar accessories for medical subjects. It can be a flash card in the form of capsules of tablets, a thermometer, a syringe or even a human bone.

  • Nice trifle, which will surely make your health worker smile.
  • Low cost, large assortment.
Drinking capacity "Doctor".
Drinking capacity "Doctor"

Soft drinking capacity in a medical style. The first option looks very eerie, because it is similar to the capacity for blood transfusion. This package is perfect for home parties, especially if you write on the tag the names of your guests. As a drink can be wine, juice or cocktails. The second variant of the package is a medical gown with a stethoscope. He looks more neutral. Packages are for reusable use.

  • A great idea for thematic medical corporations. Packages will dilute your idea of drinking.
  • Plastic is used as a material. The capacity of the package is 300 ml, which is slightly larger than a standard glass of red wine.
Thematic cookie set.
Thematic cookie set

The idea that you can give a nurse quite a lot. Just look at the site of the confectionery, as soon as you stumble upon new unusual sets. So, for example, as a gift you can present a thematic cookie in the glaze. It is done with images of medical attributes. The timing of such orders, as a rule, is from 3 to 5 days. Handmade.

  • The set is packed in a box and decorated with ribbon. A decent gift for a nurse for a birthday.
  • Another idea of a gift from a patient may be a themed cake.
Portable Battery Charger.
Portable Battery Charger

Someone will say that the best gift as a token of gratitude will be flowers. However, there are those who first of all will appreciate the functionality in the gift. So, for example, a useful idea may be PowerBank, designed in a medical style. Such a gift will be useful both at home and on medical duty. The case is made in the form of a statuette of a doctor.

Stand for pens «Tooth».
Stand for pens «Tooth»

And this idea is suitable for employees of dental centers. A stylized tooth support stand is suitable for both toothbrushes and office supplies like pens and pencils. The stand is represented by 6 colors: white, blue, pink, yellow, purple and green.

  • A great gift for the medical staff of dentistry.
  • Inexpensive and bright gift. The size is 10x7x7 cm.
Original First Aid Kit.
Original First Aid Kit

And finally a few new products. The idea of the first aid kit belongs to the young British designer Gabriele Meldaikyte. Recently, this young graduate decided to approach the problem of first aid. The main task of the project is to create a first aid kit with an intuitive and clear instruction on the provision of medical care. The original name is "First Aid Kit Provides One-Handed Relief". The new concept of the first aid kit includes three sections - burns, cuts, and abrasions.