Gift ideas for the military man

In our country there are many wonderful professions, one of which is the service to the Motherland. The history of military affairs remembers itself exactly as much as the state remembers itself. According to statistics, the number of servicemen of the Russian army is 1.9 million. To leave without attention and gifts such a large number of men would be a crime on our part, because suitable holidays for the congratulation of soldiers and officers in our country are many.

Fortunately, in the service of those who are looking for what you can give a soldier is GiftBox, whose arsenal of ideas is ready to produce a volley of 10 ideas right now. Today, our magazine will present an original selection of gifts to her husband-military, meet ...

What to give to a military man?

Thermos in the form of a projectile.
Thermos in the form of a projectile

Opens the collection of a vacuum thermos, made in the form of a shell. The lid has a conical shape that is used as a cup. It is worth noting that when choosing a stylized gift, the military does not overdo it. After all, the military - these are the same people who certainly would like to see in the gifts a useful or original component. By the way, the thermos is packed in a quality gift box, which is not a shame to present to the general.

  • The gift is thematic and clings to its form. Material - stainless steel. The capacity is 400 ml. To present such a present will be appropriate for your birthday, as well as for such a military holiday as February 23.
  • The container is capable of holding heat up to 12 hours. The assortment is represented by three different shades of protective khaki color.
Rotating glass with ice in the form of cartridges.
Rotating glass with ice in the form of cartridges

The next original idea of ??a surprise is a rotating glass, which can be supplemented with a shape for ice in the form of a horn from the machine. As ammunition - ice in the form of cartridges. If you want to buy something interesting for your man, while adding a military implication, pay attention to this set.

  • A few words about the glass. Material - crystal. Its peculiarity is that the surface of the glass is processed in such a way that the glasses can rotate. If you put it on a smooth surface and unwind, the glass creates a very mesmerizing effect. In order to understand what is at stake is to watch the video.
  • Handmade is used in production. A good gift from a friend or co-worker.
Swiss knife.
Swiss knife

The first Swiss knife originates in 1884, when a young 24-year-old enthusiast opened his workshop for the manufacture of blades, initially primarily for the military. Thirty years later the company began to produce the first multifunctional folding knives with the symbols of the Swiss flag. Now to the point. The standard multifunctional multitool includes tools such as a screwdriver, scissors, saw on wood and metal, an opener, and also tweezers. The expanded version has a much larger set of tools, but the cost of such a set also becomes higher.

  • By the way, the largest model includes 87 devices capable of performing 141 functions. It is believed that this is the most functional folding product among other competitors in this segment.
  • Sometimes it seems that the tourist knife turns into a pocket office in the field. A compact and practical tool that always comes in handy on business or on a business trip..
Mug of the "Pomegranate".
Mug of the "Pomegranate"

And here is another interesting idea of ??what to give a guy to a military man from a girl. For those who are looking for an inexpensive and thematic option, are happy to offer a mug, similar in appearance and appearance to a grenade. The product is made of ceramics. The model can be ordered in three colors: dark green, white and black. The decision of a question, what to present to the military man on his birthday. The military attribute is packed in a corporate cardboard package, which can be conveniently wrapped in gift paper.

  • The mug will perfectly fit both into the interior of the kitchen, and into the office of the General Staff.
  • Such a surprise weighs 0.45 g. On the outer side of the mug there is a marking Z-517, a prototype of which, unfortunately, we did not find.

Another idea may be a T-shirt with army themes. The Internet is ready to offer a wide range of similar products for every taste, color and budget. However, to choose inscriptions for this kind of gifts is extremely careful, so that the T-shirt does not dust in the closet and was loved for the soldier.

  • Acceptable cost. Possibility to order any image or lettering.
  • Available option for dad from children.
Gift set for the military.
Gift set for the military

And this is the idea of ??assembly. Here, the bet is on packaging. It is a stylized army box made of birch plywood and pine needles. On its top cover is an inscription with congratulations and a picture. Further, already at your discretion, the composition of the set is formed. It can be alcohol, dishes or even chocolate. A great gift idea for a career officer, contract officer, demobilizer or cadet military school.

  • A gift can be attributed to a product made by one's own hands.
  • The great advantage is that you choose and form a set, and therefore give exactly what your birthday loves, while adhering to a beautiful design.
Fleshka «Army Token».
Fleshka «Army Token»

Continues a line of thematic options, one way or another related to the armed forces, a flash-token. The device has a metal case. When ordering on its surface, you can put any inscription or engraving. The USB drive itself is pulled out of the case. Is attached such a USB flash drive on the chain.

  • The case has a size of: 5x3x0.6 cm. Chain length: 32 cm.
  • A small but useful trifle, which is always useful in part.
Winder for watches.
Winder for watches

Each officer appreciates accuracy and punctuality. As you know, even the most expensive and high-quality models of watches can lose accuracy after a long stop. Mechanisms that show not only time, but also, for example, dates, do not like long downtime. Winder is called upon to solve this problem. It is useful to a person who has a weakness for expensive watches and has several pairs of mechanisms.

  • The use of the windrower does not allow the lubrication of the watch to thicken, which allows to preserve the service life and the accuracy of the product.
  • Winder also has an aesthetic side. A small box will be an interesting decoration for the desktop.
The handle-bullet.
The handle-bullet

The handle is made in the form of a cartridge from the Kalashnikov assault rifle. First of all, brutal packaging rushes into the eyes. It is made in the style of an army wooden box. The handle itself is made of copper. On a large gift such a gift certainly does not pull, but as an honorable souvenir - quite. A symbolic gift for colleagues.

  • The product looks very authentic. In the folded state, the handle is easily confused with the real cartridge.
  • Affordable price, interesting packaging.
Chocolate set "Pistol".
Chocolate set "Pistol"

A very realistic chocolate set ends the collection of military gifts. Attention is offered to the Makarov pistol, with clip and cartridges, which are entirely made of mastic and chocolate. The gift is perfect for awarding the next title or birthday. Decoration at height. The box is made of wood, on the surface of which are the initials of the birthday man. And you can do all this right on the site, in the online designer. A cool gift to her husband.

  • The cost of such a set reaches 5000 rubles, but the present looks really smart and realistic.
  • The scale of the product is 1: 1. A real culinary masterpiece that conveys the tiniest elements of the legendary weapon. By the way, this PM was adopted in 1951.

A large country needs a large army. Such a number of soldiers and officers can not be left without gifts. We hope that this material helped you decide on the choice of a gift for your loved one for the anniversary. If not, boldly scroll through our next issues, in which you will certainly find something interesting for yourself.