Gift ideas for a lawyer

If among your friends or friends there are lawyers - you are lucky. After all, it is often to them they have to apply for advice, and this, you will agree, is not the cheapest pleasure. By the way, the day of the lawyer in Russia is celebrated on December 3. The symbol of jurisprudence is Themis - the ancient Greek goddess of justice. She is depicted with a blindfold, which symbolizes impartiality. In the hands of Themis there is a scales and a sword. Today, the editorial office of GiftBox will present several gift options to representatives of this profession. If you are looking for a gift for a man on the day of a lawyer, are happy to offer you the following selection of ideas.

What to give to a lawyer?

Business card holder "Slowhand Troika".
Business card holder "Slowhand Troika"

The peculiarity of this business cardholder is the availability of a hydromechanical opening mechanism in it. The opening of the case takes place automatically and very smoothly. The idea belongs to the German studio Troika Germany. The model is presented in several design variants. A very unusual and useful gift to a lawyer. In addition to the main function of a pocket card holder, the device acts as a desktop stand. If your husband or boyfriend works in a law firm and is not indifferent to fashionable and functional subjects, Troika's visitor will undoubtedly like him.

  • The case is made of aluminum. The dimensions are 10.2x7.2x0.9 cm. The subject is really nice. The opening is as smooth as if it were a Mercedes trunk.
  • An unusual gift for those who love everything new and unusual.
Flash drive "Kryptex".
Flash drive "Kryptex"

Another idea of a gift can be a crypto flash drive. The case is opened by selecting the correct five-digit code. The device uses mechanical protection, but this security is more symbolic. Count on the one hundred percent protection of information is not worth it, but it's nice to surprise such a gift to a colleague of a lawyer you will definitely get. The device can be purchased in several colors. The cryptex comes with a strap, gift wrap and velvet pouch.

  • The body is made of metal. Dimensions 6.5х2х2 cm. Recording speed up to 8 Mb / s.
  • A commemorative gift to a colleague on his birthday in an unusual design.
Folder-bar «For your own».
Folder-bar «For your own»

At first glance this is an ordinary office folder, however, inside it is a small bar that holds three glass piles and a bottle. Stacks are installed in a special recess, which is easily pulled out thanks to the folding mechanism. The name of the gift speaks for itself. The folder-case will be a worthy copy to the archive of your colleague in the office.

  • The folder size is 320x290x90 mm.
  • An original gift set at an affordable price.
Magnetic watches.
Magnetic watches

An unusual gift, which at first glance resembles an hourglass. However, there are several features. Inside the glass bulb there is magnetic chips, and a metal plate is mounted in the wooden base. Shavings are peppered by the action of magnetic forces, while gathering in unusual shapes. It is unlikely that you will be able to accurately measure the time with such a watch, but to watch the bewitching spectacle in a glass flask is definitely yes. In the rest it is an inexpensive desktop gift that will diversify the workplace in the office or office.

  • Glass, wood, magnet, and metal are used as material. The height of the flask is 14 cm. The height of the stand is 2 cm.
  • It is noteworthy that the bulb is not rigidly fixed with a wooden base. So, if desired, you can draw the most unusual magnetic stalactites inside the vessel.
Set of handles Cerruti 1881.
Set of handles Cerruti 1881

A pen is an elegant gift, which can be safely presented to a representative of the legal sciences. From a lawyer and a notary, to a judge and an investigator. The Cerruti 1881 includes two pens: a pen and a ball pen. The first thing that catches your eye is a double sliding cap. The model is presented in the case, which brings both knobs together. Cerruti is a rather old Italian brand, which, unfortunately, could not but affect the cost of the gift.

Stand for business cards "Spring".
Stand for business cards "Spring"

Another idea of a gift with a legal tint is a spring card holder. A kind of hybrid is useful and fun. So, when you detach the spring from the stand, you can use it as an entertainment. A good gift for a male lawyer for a birthday or a new year. The subject will dilute working days, and will also keep business cards in order.

Safe book "The Case of Perfect Privacy".
Safe book "The Case of Perfect Privacy"

And this gift is decorated in the style of secret documentation of the last century. The safe is a small metal box measuring 7 x 13 x 21 cm, which closes to the combination lock. The material used is a tree covered with eco-leather. Otherwise, the mini-safe looks like a real book. An original gift to the original person.

Figurine "Themis".
Figurine "Themis"

According to ancient Greek mythology, Themis is the goddess of justice. Traditionally, it is depicted with a sword, scales, and a blindfold. The last element symbolizes impartiality. What is remarkable, initially instead of a sword, Themis held in her hands the cornucopia. The sculpture of this woman is present in many court buildings of different countries. For people whose profession is connected with the law, Themis is the main symbol of law and order. If you are looking for what to give for a lawyer's day for a man, then this is a very worthy option.

Storm Glass Weather Forecaster.
Storm Glass Weather Forecaster

And this gift will suit those who are looking for something really unusual. So, Stormglass is a glass flask that is filled with water and an alcohol solution with elements of camphor, ammonia and potassium nitrate. When the weather changes, the pressure changes, which leads to the formation of crystals of different shapes. The device predicts the weather 10 minutes before it changes. Judging by the feedback, this really works, and works quite accurately, especially if you put the flask closer to ventilation or open air.

  • The transparent state of the liquid predicts a sunny day. The probability of precipitation increases with the turbidity of the solution. Spot crystallization indicates a possible fog.
  • Large flakes predict snowfall. Sparkling crystals predict frosts. A string of crystals indicate the impending wind.
Rotating glass "Shtox".
Rotating glass "Shtox"

The idea of the rotating glass belongs to Evgeny Bushkovsky, who first presented his work to the public in 2008. The peculiarity of the product is that thanks to a special treatment, the glass is able to rotate for a long time on a flat surface. The spectacle is really fascinating. The glass is decorated with an ornament that, when rotated, creates the effect of a flowing spiral. The idea quickly conquered the market and those who want to buy a miracle glass are getting bigger.

  • A year after the presentation, SHTOX won the international contest Red Dot Design Award.
  • The glass is made of rock crystal. Wizards modify each bottom manually.

P.S. Remember the difference between a lawyer and a lawyer. Every lawyer is a lawyer, but not every lawyer is an attorney.