Gift ideas for florist

When choosing a gift, you should remember some differences between floriculture and floristry. Of course, floriculture can be attributed to creative activity without any "but". However, unlike the florist, who is fond of growing color crops, the florist-designer's creativity is aimed at creating floral compositions and decorating interiors. Man always aspired to the beautiful, and therefore wishing to order from the florists the original color composition is more than enough. In this article we will try to find a compromise: to choose a creative gift for the florist, and also to find something useful and original for the florist.

Gift ideas for florists and florists


The lamp radiates the most favorable wavelength for photosynthesis. Blue and red light are most important for plant growth. Red contributes to the formation of leaves, and blue is favorable for the root system. The power of such luminaires does not exceed 300 W. But let's stop on a small model Grow UFO in 50 W. The lamp promotes an increase in yield and growth rate of plants. A similar LED lamp promises to last up to 50,000 hours.

  • The lamp is used for additional lighting with an area of 2 sq. m. Does not contain mercury. The weight of the lamp is 1.5 kg. There is a fastening on the suspension at a distance of up to 2.2 m from plants.
  • The lamp distinguishes the following spectral components in a ratio of 8: 1: red - 640 nm, and blue - 440 nm.
Creative toolkit Mr. Painter.
Creative toolkit Mr. Painter

Beginning florist as a gift, you can present a set of mr. Painter. The kit is suitable for working with small decor elements, as well as for working with clay and plastic. The gift includes three tools with ball tips with a diameter of 1 to 8 mm. The set also includes tweezers. The tools are placed in a cover, in which there are locks.

  • The set is suitable for working with paper elements. The official site of the manufacturer looks like this:
  • The kit is intended not only for florists, but also for those who are somehow engaged in creativity. Conveniently adjust the concave surfaces. The cover closes on the magnet.

Working with flowers is water, ribbons, packaging, paints and much more. Therefore, as a gift, a florist can present such a practical and convenient thing as an apron. It is desirable, that it was convenient, had enough pockets, and also brought aesthetic pleasure from wearing. A lot of shops are ready to offer a lot of original solutions with unique embroidery, company logo or custom logo.

  • The most common material used for the material is a gabarin - wool fabric, produced from merino yarn, twill - dense and strong cotton fabric or it can be all known jeans.
  • Most models have pockets for scissors, a pruner, a stapler, or some other professional tool.
Tinting fan.
Tinting fan

When working with bright projects, designers often use a color fan. To select harmonious combinations in a bouquet composition, a tinting fan can be a useful object for a florist. The fan itself consists of sectors of different colors, varying degrees of saturation, brightness and shades. A gift can be useful for working with fabric decor materials, as well as with combinations of colors of the bouquet itself.

  • One of the most popular color palettes in the world is the RAL CLASSIC K7. It includes 213 colors. The size is 50х50х4 mm.
  • Each page of the catalog has 5 colors. A convenient palette-assistant is executed in gloss. The gift will be useful to those whose projects need a strictly consistent color palette.
Album for the portfolio.
Album for the portfolio

Today, the era of digital technology and virtually every photographer or florist (as in our case) has its own portfolio site, where he can demonstrate all his work to everyone who wants it. The site is a website, but a good leather album with printed works will be a valuable gift for all times. The price range of such goods is different, which can not be said about the format - most of them are produced in A4 or 20x30. With whatever customers you do not have to work with, having a quality portfolio will be a plus for you.

A set of sprays and aerosols Spring PRO Florist.
A set of sprays and aerosols Spring PRO Florist

For the design of the bouquet composition florists use special sprays and aerosols. So, for example, a set of Spring PRO Florist will help decorate any work. The spray can be applied to both dry leaves and fresh ones. The manufacturer is ready to offer a fairly wide range of various colors. The volume is 400 ml. Spray the balloon at a distance of 30 cm.

  • Pro Florist paints can be used on almost any artificial surface, such as cardboard, stone, rubber, glass or metal.
  • Universal paint from Holland, which is used by both florists and professional designers when decorating gift packages.

A novice florist-lover or florist can present a vessel with a hydrogel. The gel is a polymer compound capable of retaining a large amount of water. For example, 1 g of a high-quality hydrogel can absorb up to 0.3 liters of water. The advantages of hydrogel is that the plant, penetrating roots into granules, consumes as much water as it needs. In addition to water, granules are capable of retaining fertilizers, preventing their washing away.

  • The intervals between watering can be significantly increased. You can go on vacation and do not care about watering until 2.5 weeks.
  • Does not have a chemical effect on the composition of plants. At the end of its service life, it decomposes into carbon dioxide, ammonium and water. Such polymers are widely used in phytodesign, floriculture and landscape design.
Book about floristry.
Book about floristry

If your friend is fond of flora, do not rush to give him a watering can or a pot of plant. To a beginner florist as a gift, you can present a book-manual or a portfolio of various compositions. The book should contain illustrations of the basic concepts of design.

  • The book "Color Me Floral: Stunning Monochromatic Arrangements for Every Season", is a large collection of flower compositions for any season of the year. Judging by the reviews, everything is collected in it: from bright illustrations to the basic methods of creating compositions.
  • The collection "International Floral Art" demonstrates a collection of 280 design works. The book reflects all sorts of innovative methods of working with plant materials. The publication is relatively fresh, 2014 -2015.
Planto garden bag.
Planto garden bag

What to give a florist who spends a lot of time in the garden? A useful gift can be a simple bag for inventory. For convenience, it is better to choose a shoulder version. The gift will be of interest to those who often have to go out of town. An example of such a gift can be a Planto bag.

  • Polyester is used as the material. Dimensions: 24.5x26x15 cm.
  • An alternative option might be a garden belt or a handy wrapper.
Container for tools Greenhouse.
Container for tools Greenhouse

The original container, in which there is everything necessary for working in the garden. There are departments for gloves, pruning shears, ropes, fertilizers and scissors. Everything for storing the necessary little things. It is convenient to take in a greenhouse or a greenhouse. The manufacturer's brand is BURGON & amp; BALL. The product offers a site:

  • Tools are not included in the kit. The dimensions of the box are 28x20x17cm.
  • The container weighs a little more than a kilogram. The material used is enameled steel.