Gift Ideas to the Customer

Someone sells goods, someone provides services. It's not a secret for anybody that it is the attitude towards clients that shapes the success of the business. There are a lot of competitors, and therefore any developing project has to fight for orders.

In pursuit of client traffic, the management is coming up with all sorts of bonuses and memorable gifts from the side of the firm. Each manager understands how important it is to achieve maximum impact from the case, but it is equally important to leave pleasant impressions of cooperation. But how to choose a gift to the client?
In my article, if possible, I'll try to miss trivial gifts with the company's logo. This is certainly nice, but the desire to stand out pushes the company to search primarily for original gifts. Each company works with a client in its field of activity, and therefore it is not so easy to cover everything. But here are some of the solutions ...

What can I give to a client?

Chocolate set of the original form.
Chocolate set of the original form

The Japanese studio Nendo design recently decided to rethink the concept of chocolate gifts, making a bet on the geometry of the shapes of its products. Having received the project of one of the largest design exhibitions in France, the company demonstrated its works to visitors. "Chocolatexture", a candy set of 9 sweets, each of which has its own unique shape: from sharp needle-shaped rods to ball-like and cubiform shapes. According to Oki Sato, the author of the project, this geometry is perceived by human taste buds differently. So if you are looking for a spectacular gift to your company's customers, order a similar chocolate architecture for them.

Gift for customers of wine products.
Gift for customers of wine products

Along with the spectacular traffic jams and all kinds of holders, this gift looks, in my opinion, the most unusual. The stand is made in the form of animals. Material-tree, which, in fact, shows the picture on the right. Such a surprise can be an excellent gift option for both wine shop customers and customers of other related areas.

Mini-florarium to customers of the flower shop.
Mini-florarium to customers of the flower shop

Than to please those who are a regular customer of your flower shop? If you omit all kinds of discounts and bonuses, then as a gift to your favorite client you can choose a small florarium - desktop or pendant.

Caramel colors.
Caramel colors

Creative agency Nendo does not cease to please with new ideas. Such a chocolate brand as "Pen" launched a collection of chocolate sweets in the form of oil paints. If you break such a "tube" in half, then the color filling of jam exactly reminds the original in the tube. The authors included the taste of grapes, lemon, vanilla and caramel. So, if customers of your business are not indifferent to sweets, rather order something similar for them. Perfectly suits as a gift to corporate clients of your business.

Self-tapping handle to customers of construction companies.
Self-tapping handle to customers of construction companies

Emphasis on the provided construction services can be done using a thematic notepad and pen. In the vastness of the Internet, it was possible to find here such an unusual kit-notepad + handle-samorez. Remember, gifts to regular customers, new ideas - it's easy. If your niche is construction or repair, you can stop your choice on a similar product.

Tea set "gunpowder".
Tea set "gunpowder"

What should I give to my client for my birthday? If you want to present something unusual, but do not decide, then here is an example of the original packaging of tea. The box has the shape of an old cannon, and the tea is poured (as you guessed it) as a gunpowder. Explode and enjoy, customers will be satisfied.

Chocolate tools to car service customers.
Chocolate tools to car service customers

Are you the owner of an auto service and want to surprise your customers pleasantly? Give them a themed set of chocolate tools. Now quite a lot of creative confectionery, ready to make for you even the most difficult sweetness - in our case, "detail". The cost of such a package is unlikely to make your customers happy with a set of spanner keys every day, but to hold such an event once or twice a quarter will only be beneficial to your cause.

Makaruny as a universal gift to the client.
Makaruny as a universal gift to the client

This gift is suitable for any sphere. Bright macaroons are a great way to express your attitude to the customer. After all, the correct attitude towards employees and clients of companies forms a portrait of your company. Remember that the properties of such gifts in the future will play into the hands of your business. Bright and compact, their only drawback is the storage time.

Strap-E cover for transport companies customers.
Strap-E cover for transport companies customers

The author of the project is an American John Nodilo. The case is a thin case, on the wall of which there are several loops for plastic cards and business cards. If you are looking for something inexpensive and unusual, pay attention to Strap-E. Such gifts to customers and ideas once again congratulate the customer.

Honey set.
Honey set

Another type of sweet gift to a client can be a honey set. Your attention is a combo-set of three cans: meadow, lavender and linden. As a manufacturer, it is worth mentioning the command "Honey wood". Yes, by the way, their site is well thought out. Everything is simple and smart.

In the article, I tried to reduce some of the original gifts to customers. People say: "What you sow, you will reap." After all, the way you treat customers depends on the attitude of clients to you. And this should not be forgotten.