Gift Ideas for the Programmer

If your friend or co-worker is somehow connected with the IT-technology field, you probably have come up with the idea to buy a gift connected with the theme of his work. But first I want to say a few words about the IT people themselves. There is an opinion that only programmers are representatives of this sphere. Naturally, this is not so, because the field of IT technology is much broader than it may seem at first glance. But today we will stop on programmers. If you are looking for what to give a programmer for a birthday, I am glad to offer you a selection of unusual gifts, some of which I gave to my acquaintances before, and some just plan to purchase. So, original gifts for the programmer, we'll start.

What to give to IT?

USB vacuum cleaner.
USB vacuum cleaner

A keyboard for a programmer is his income and creativity tool at the same time. And sooner or later the programmer faces the problem of cleaning the keyboard. Portable USB vacuum cleaner is designed to facilitate this process. If you are a girl and still think that giving a guy a programmer, keep in mind this option;) The device has a small dust bag for small particles of dust and debris. Made of plastic.

  • A great excuse to get distracted from the display and let your eyes rest.
  • Now you can safely eat cookies at the monitor and not be afraid of the consequences.
Real-time organizer "Memo clock".
Real-time organizer "Memo clock"

Someone will say that the best gift to the programmer is the planner of cases. But giving a simple organizer is boring. You can change the workplace of the programmer with the help of unusual watches, on the surface of which you can write notes with a marker. An excellent reminder for those who are used to counting at work every hour. Like most watches, the device works on finger batteries.

T-shirts for IT specialists (I know ..).
T-shirts for IT specialists (I know ..)

The gift is perfect for young professionals. T-shirts with themed inscriptions dedicated to C ++, HTML or JavaScript, will briefly indicate to others the activities of your husband, boyfriend, friend or colleague. There are T-shirts with more "subtle" humor in the code, which only the same programmer can understand. Either way, IT T-shirts are a win-win option for young professionals who are proud of their professional choices.

  • An unusual way to express yourself.
  • Possibility to order any text (code) on the T-shirt
Container for contact lenses in the form of glasses «U-Lens».
Container for contact lenses in the form of glasses «U-Lens»

Constantly working with computers, due to their professional activities, many programmers wear glasses or contact lenses. I present to your attention a case combining both. The original container for storage of lenses is an excellent gift to the husband for the programmer for the birthday. Ideas of forms and materials of manufacture for all tastes.

  • Large range of original containers. It is easy to choose a case for every taste, color and shape.
  • Acceptable cost, it's easy to order on the Internet.
Chocolate set for programmer.
Chocolate set for programmer

What can I give a programmer? Belgian chocolate set in thematic packaging BASIC, JAVA, C ++ is a very creative gift for the programmer for his birthday. Handmade. Each tile of chocolate differs in composition: dark, milky and bitter. The original packaging is made in the form of a PCB layout.

Suitable as a corporate gift to IT staff.

A toaster that leaves an image on the bread.
A toaster that leaves an image on the bread

In between work, you just need to take a break. Recently I came across several types of original toasters on the Internet. On the top panel of one of them was a touch screen and a stylus. With their help it was possible to make an inscription on the bread. The idea belongs to the Japanese Sung Bae Chang. Impressed, but in free sale of such a device, I did not find. Looking for something similar, came across a toaster made in the stylistics of star wars, namely in the form of a helmet by Darth Vader. So if your programmer is fond of the universe of star wars, this gift will be to his liking.

  • A useful and original surprise for toasting.
  • The image on the toast corresponds to the face of the Sith Lord's mask.
The original Rubik's cube.
The original Rubik

The idea belongs to the Hungarian designer Erna Rubik. In 1974, at the age of thirty, Rubik explained to his students one of the mathematical theories. In order to better absorb the material, the young inventor demonstrated a prototype of a cube of 26 elements. Later, the design became a world-wide popular puzzle, known as the Rubik's Cube. To date, there are several popular modifications of the cube. And this is another idea of what you can give a programmer for a birthday. With confidence, I can say that this puzzle is an excellent way to escape from work.

Some cubes have a characteristic mechanism crunch.

3D pen.
3D pen

"Ink" for such a handle is a low-melting plastic. Some models have a small LCD display for displaying the most necessary parameters. Precise adjustment of the heating temperature and the flow rate of the plastic are provided. There is an auto-shutdown system after 5 minutes.

Switching the feed rate of the plastic ensures optimal hardening of the plastic in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

Table elephant for notes Luckies Eric.
Table elephant for notes Luckies Eric

Another idea of a creative approach to notes. Alternative to the diary and organizer. In the elephant's trunk there is a special marker. To erase the inscription on the figure, a cloth is provided. It is in the tail. A figurine made of porcelain is made.

  • A personal reminder for important dates, deadlines, meetings and other events.
  • A desktop stand for those who are in the office or freelancing.
Electronic drum sticks.
Electronic drum sticks

When you hit any surface, the stick synthesizes a drum sound. If you clamp a certain button on the stick, the sound will change, as if you were hitting something loud. You can combine sounds from each wand, creating an arrangement. Powered by 4 x AA batteries.

I would like to devote a selection of these gift ideas to programmers, technical specialists in the information storage service, its processing, transmission, as well as to vembasters. To all professional perfection and career growth, good luck!