Original ideas for a gift to the cook

The cook asks the cook: "Cook, what is your profession?". Unfortunately, for all its charisma, this video does not answer the question that interests many Internet users: what to give to the chef for his birthday. In the meantime, many people are interested in finding ideas for thematic gifts to the cook. Fortunately, our present task is to present 10 gifts to gourmet. In our article, we tried to include useful and unusual kitchen attributes. Sharpen knives, we begin the meal ...

Gifts for the chef?

Kitchen timer.
Kitchen timer

TOP-3 opens the product from the tree. We represent the kitchen timer in the form of a bomb, which detonates exactly at the time of cooking your favorite dish. This is an original and at the same time a useful reminder. The first thing that catches your eye is, of course, design: decorative wick, as well as two hemispheres, on the surface of which the countdown.

  • The notification is by means of a sound signal.
  • The cost of a miracle timer is 1500 rubles.
Unusual cutting board.
Unusual cutting board

Continues a line of kitchen accessories cutting board. Among other things, the design for baguette cutting attracts. It is a guide, at the edges of which are cut the slots for the knife. Present is sure to please those who adore delicious and beautifully cook. A good choice in favor of practical.

The canvas on the right is a classic variant, however, unlike many other models, the knife is integrated into the board, thus being part of the design. By the way, such a product can be made by the chef. To do this you will not need much time, skills and strength.

Set of knives "Matryoshka".
Set of knives "Matryoshka"

Closes the top three gifts ideas for the chef on the birthday exotic design of knives according to the "matryoshka" scheme. However, the image speaks for itself. This scheme will not only be compact, but also very convenient execution of the main weapon of the cook. The material used is stainless steel. The set is sold together with a stand made of natural nuts or metal. The original idea for those who love novelties.

It should be noted that the international cook day is celebrated annually on October 20. Despite the fact that this profession has its roots in the distant past, for the first time the date of the holiday was established in 2004 on the initiative of the World Association of Culinary Society.
Kitchen scales.
Kitchen scales

Sometimes for the preparation of complex dishes it is important to accurately maintain the weight of all the ingredients. An electronic scales can be an irreplaceable assistant in such matters. This is a functional and at the same time a simple gift to a chef for a man. Such scales are often made of glass or aluminum. They are presented in the form of a flat platform or platform with a measuring cup. The maximum load is not more than 5 kg. The device is easy to buy in the store or online.

  • The error in measuring weights usually does not exceed 0.2-10 g.
  • Power is provided by batteries, the service life can reach up to 8 years.
Barbecue set.
Barbecue set

The Caucasian gift for the day of the cook will not leave indifferent any man. Premium kit is a case of 15 items to create the most powerful shish kebab. Present will dive into the atmosphere of national cuisine, making cooking shish kebab your favorite pastime. The set includes a skewer, a chef's knife, hatchet, cups, a corkscrew and much more. A solid chef's gift from the heart can be found here .

Alternative version of the gift case can be a set of only skewers. The collection of six items is packed in an elastic leather case, and is a real work of art.
Refrigerator Bag.
Refrigerator Bag

Do not forget about cooking in the fresh air. To help the gourmet keep the food fresh even in the distance from the kitchen can the hotmoise. The main component of the refrigerator bag is the availability of a special cold accumulator, which, as a rule, is a sealed briquette with a heat-intensive salt solution. Thermobox will make your holiday and vacation in the country the way it should be.

  • Full freezing takes no more than 12 hours.
  • The volume should be selected from 5 liters. As for the lining of the bag, it is made of a special thermal coating.
Pillow in the form of cheese, burger, vegetable.
Pillow in the form of cheese, burger, vegetable

What can you give a cook who has everything? If you renounce some professional kitchen attributes, you can find very entertaining gizmos, like pillows in the form of vegetables, cookies, fruits or even chicken legs. Actually, the illustration on the right speaks for itself. If a person close to you has a great sense of humor, then he will definitely like this surprise.

Book of recipes.
Book of recipes

It's good that the cook or the cook, who improves his culinary skills. To encourage the preparation of something new can gift thematic literature. For example, the book "The Chef himself" contains over 80 interesting recipes, with a detailed description and illustrations of various dishes. The author shares the secrets of how to cook dinner not only deliciously and quickly, but also beautifully. The cost is about 550 rubles. To learn more about the book, you can here .

Original pothook.
Original pothook

If you are looking for a cool gift to the cook, you are welcome here. An interesting idea can be a creative kitchen tackle. As is known, in the course of preparing dishes, the cook often has to deal with hot pots and pans. The solution to the problem can be presented in such an amusing format.

The best material for kitchen stitches are natural fabrics with low thermal conductivity. It can be cotton, linen or cotton-like fabrics.
Unusual apron.
Unusual apron

As you know, they meet on clothes, and therefore you can give an unusual apron for the day of the cook. The choice can fall both on something strict, and in the direction of something comic, it all depends on how close you are to the birthday boy. So one option may be an apron "main in the kitchen" or "gentleman". Both are decorated in the form of a social suit.

We hope that our selection of 10 gift ideas for the chef seemed useful to you. Follow the news of the magazine and read our related issues.