Gift ideas for an astrologer

The roots of astrology go back to the third millennium BC. Even in ancient times, people observed phenomena such as a solar eclipse or comet flight. It is believed that it was astrology that first attempted to prove the influence of such events on the life and fate of a person. Already in the V millennium BC. began to appear the first horoscopes, and with them well-known astrologers. And although science denies such teachings, astrology with its many predictions and advice is very popular in the modern world. As you may have guessed, the article will be devoted to gifts for people enthusiastic about astrology. If among your friends there is a person who is keen on such things, are happy to offer you some themed gift ideas.

What to give to an astrologer?

Starry Light Lamp.
Starry Light Lamp

An astrologer who appreciates unusual design objects will surely like the Starry Light lamp. Its feature is that an aluminum lampshade is marked with a through marking of the starry sky map. When the lamp is turned on, shadows from the constellations are projected onto the walls and ceiling of the room. The idea belongs to the designers from Anagraphic, who managed to create a stylish art object with a fairly accurate map of the starry sky.

  • The lamp looks spectacular in any small room, whether it is a kitchen, study or nursery.
  • To make it easier to navigate in the constellations, the corresponding signs are marked on the inside of the luminaire.
Mask for Sleep "Cosmos".
Mask for Sleep "Cosmos"

You can not manage dreams with such a mask, but there will be a chance to get a good night's sleep. The mask is made of a dense lightproof fabric with the image of stars and constellations. There is a comfortable soft strap that is adjustable in length and does not allow the mask to slip off during sleep. If you do not know what to give an astrologer for a birthday, pay attention to this subject.

  • The size of the mask is 19x8.6 cm.
  • A gift for those who are looking for something inexpensive and thematic.
Storm Glass Weather Forecaster.
Storm Glass Weather Forecaster

Earlier we already wrote about this unusual device. The idea of a weather predictor is that the crystals of the bulb are able to change their shape depending on the upcoming weather. Storm Glass can make a fairly accurate forecast 15 minutes before the event. The result is achieved due to changes in pressure in the atmosphere. Another creative idea of a gift to an astrologer. A real helper for these predictors.

  • The accuracy of the device is higher the closer it is to the balcony or veranda.
  • So, depending on the coming snowfall, rain or fog, the bulb crystals take a different shape and change the transparency.
Kitchen towels "Constellation".
Kitchen towels "Constellation"

Stars can be found in everything. Even in such seemingly ordinary things as kitchen towels. In search of a gift for an astrologer, we came across one of such notable kits. Designers from Canada tried to dilute the kitchen atmosphere with elements of heavenly bodies. It turned out very well for them.

  • Several color solutions are provided.
  • Constellations are embroidered and signed over dense fabric. The kit includes several towels.
Modular picture.
Modular picture

The creative idea of a gift to an astrologer can be a picture. Most often this is a classic or modular option. In the latter case, the picture is a single image divided into three or four canvases. At the same time, the picture modules are not framed by a frame, which creates a single semantic effect for the picture.

  • An image consisting of four or more segments is called a polyptych.
  • Most often the central segment of the picture is larger.
Interactive globe of the starry sky.
Interactive globe of the starry sky

If you move away from the creative to the functional area, you can stumble upon an object like Oregon Scientific. This is a clever globe with a night glow mode. The gift will be of interest to girls who have children. The device can tell about interesting facts from different corners of our universe. The gift will help mother to clearly tell the child about the planets and constellations, as well as to interest him in astronomy.

  • The program gives a detailed answer about the chosen celestial body.
  • More than 30 learning scenarios. The story is played through the built-in speakers.
Cutting board "Solar system".
Cutting board "Solar system"

Surely your friend-astrologer likes to cook. An unusual kitchen gift will be a wooden cutting board, decorated in the style of the solar system. The gift has more astronomical, rather than an astrological bias. Whatever the quality board for cutting is unlikely to disappoint your girlfriend.

  • Gift for dishes of the most cosmic scale.
  • Nice material. Buy this board more profitable through the Internet.
Casket "Signs of the Zodiac".
Casket "Signs of the Zodiac"

It's hard to imagine astrology without the zodiac signs. It is believed that the zodiacal belt is divided into 12 sectors of 30 degrees. The origins of this division go back to ancient Babylon, when for the first time the year was divided into 12 months. Each month corresponds to its zodiacal sign. The girl-astrologer, if you know her zodiac sign, you can present a thematic box.

  • In the present era, the ecliptic passes through 13 constellations. Although classical astrology denies the existence of the thirteenth sign, some astrologers for themselves still adopted the new Ophiuchus sign.
  • The casket is made of polyester, silver and wood. The box is rather heavy and measures 15x15x18 cm.
Original shower curtain.
Original shower curtain

If you are looking for something bright and unusual, then the shower curtain can be your solution. The trump card of the gift is its bright color. Spilled constellations against a background of dark blue and purple flowers will color the interior of any bathroom.

  • Unusual design and affordable price.
  • Large assortment.
Armchair-pillow "Cosmos".
Armchair-pillow "Cosmos"

And finally, a chair-pillow in an unusual style. A comfortable and soft piece of interior is suitable for professional advice of an astrologer at home, and for a pleasant pastime with friends. And whoever is sitting in this chair, be it an ambitious aries or a practical bullock, both of them will necessarily appreciate your comfortable gift.

  • Jacquard is used as a fabric. The cover is filled with polystyrene pellets. Volume 460 liters.
  • The armchair-bag can take the form of a body. On the chair you can not only sit, but also lie.