Gift ideas for the architect

The profession of the architect is one of the most creative engineering specialties. Each engineering structure is the result of the work of a whole team of specialists. The beginning of the science of construction takes in ancient times, when a person first encountered the problem of housing design. Today we will talk about representatives of such a wonderful profession as an architect. If you are looking for a thematic gift to the architect-designer, we are glad to offer you some unusual ideas.

What to present to the architect?

Flash card made of concrete.
Flash card made of concrete

Recently, designers from the Celestial Empire presented the world with an unusual flash drive made (attention!) from concrete. It is noteworthy that the amount of memory corresponds to the mass of the case. That is, a flash card with a capacity of 128 GB will weigh exactly 128 g. If you are looking for an original gift for the architect on your birthday, we hurry to share the idea. There is no doubt that the USB-device is immured in real concrete, from which modern buildings are built. That is why such a gift will be very symbolic.

  • The size of the device is 10x2.5x1.2 cm. From now on, the important information for the architect will be stored in a reliable concrete block.
  • For all its originality, common sense dictates that it is more convenient to connect such a drive through a usb-hub.
Carpet "Urban Fabric".
Carpet "Urban Fabric"

The company "Urban Fabric" specializes in very unusual carpets. It is noteworthy that each model is a map of a large area of ??the city. The canvas is permeated with all kinds of city elements - canals, streets and houses. The idea of ??the project belongs to New Zealand designers. The gift will not leave indifferent the person, whose activity is somehow connected with construction or architecture. Their work is made of wool wool.

  • The gift will decorate both the office and the house. Entire parts repeat exactly the whole parts of the cities. It could be Paris, Shanghai or New York (Manhattan district). In some works, water areas and fields are distinguished.
  • The disadvantage of a gift is its high cost. Therefore, this idea will find itself more as a collective gift for a housewarming or anniversary.
Set of "Lego architecture".
Set of "Lego architecture"

The "Lego architecture" collection was first presented in 2009. It included such buildings as the Empire State Building, Seattle Space Needle, and also the White House. Later the line was supplemented by such European buildings as the Leaning Tower, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. Soon there were released two more new sets - the opera house in Sydney, as well as the Brandenburg Gate of Berlin. The gift set "Lego Architecture" is a wonderful gift idea even for an adult.

  • Each kit contains a booklet that, in addition to the assembly instructions, includes interesting facts and photographs.
  • A gift can be presented to a budding architect or a work colleague. The occasion for such a presentation may also be the day of the builder.
Pillow «Geo Origami Square Cushion Cover».
Pillow «Geo Origami Square Cushion Cover»

If you do not know what to give an architect for a birthday, are happy to offer you the following idea. The pillow «Geo Origami Square Cushion Cover» is a gift that will help your friend creatively relax from work. The peculiarity of the pillow is its multifaceted surface. Ribbed elements make the pillow an interesting piece of interior. The model is presented in several colors.

  • The size is 50x50 cm. In addition to pillows, you can purchase other bedding from this material, for example bed linen.
  • Surfaces can be given absolutely any shape. Its structure is compared with origami. Even in a crumpled state the object looks very unusual.
3D pen.
3D pen

A creative tool that, in able hands, makes it possible to create really unusual objects. Separate cold and hot 3D handles. The first are devoid of heating elements and are filled with a photopolymer resin. The second for drawing uses the so-called ABS plastic, which heats up to 245 degrees. The full name of the plastic sounds very difficult - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. In other respects, the principle of operation of both pens is practically the same. 3D pen is a modern idea of what to give to a future architect.

  • As a rule, the pen has two drawing modes: on the plane and in the space. The difference lies in the speed of the supply of plastic to the heating element. When drawing up, the plastic hardens longer, and therefore its feed is slower.
  • With proper skill and experience, you can create really cool 3D models.
Laser Roulette.
Laser Roulette

If you are used to giving extremely useful gifts, your choice can be made in favor of a laser roulette. The item is quite affordable and is present in almost every major construction shop. Laser rangefinder will be a convenient gift for the engineer, whose profession is related to work at the facility. The measuring range is 80 m. The accuracy of the measurement is of the order of ± 3 mm. A practical idea of what you can give an architect or a civil engineer.

  • A three-line LCD is provided. Power is provided by finger batteries.
  • Impact-resistant rubberized case. The weight of the device is 130 g.
A mug that does not fall.
A mug that does not fall

Now the Internet is full of a large assortment of unusual mugs-chameleons, hot mugs or mugs with original inscriptions. However, the authors of this work went even further, presenting the world with a mug that does not fall, being only on one edge. In order to clearly explain the physics of the process, the designers have depicted on the circle several vectors of the acting forces. The resulting vector, as expected, is directed vertically upward, which actually explains its phenomenal stability. The original name of the gift is "Zero gravity mug".

  • Those who work in the field of architecture and construction know firsthand how important it is in designing a building to correctly calculate the load on load-bearing structures, and therefore this mug will be a thematic gift for those whose activities are related to technical calculations.
  • A zero-gravity mug will be a wonderful gift for both a guy and a girl for any holiday. Find and order the goods can be in any online store on request «Zero gravity mug».
3D puzzle.
3D puzzle

The coming holidays are accompanied by the complexity of choosing a gift. The original idea of what to present an architect for the new year is an unusual 3D puzzle. Present with an engineering tint will be a fascinating puzzle for your colleague or subordinate. So puzzles from CubicFun are represented by a collection of such structures as St. Patrick's Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral and many other famous sights.

  • The parts are made of laminated foam board. The number of details of the Eiffel Tower is 82 pcs. The height of the structure is 33 cm.
  • Inexpensive and fascinating gift for those who like puzzles.
Hammock for feet.
Hammock for feet

As you know most of the architects work in the office. In many ways it is from the comfortable organization of the workplace that our working spirit depends. In search of an office gift to a construction architect, it's difficult to get around such a thing as a hammock for legs. A convenient thing with which the design of drawings will reach a new level of comfort. Judging by the feedback, the hammock is gaining increasing popularity among office employees.

  • Such a fixture is fastened without any bolts or screws. It is enough two brackets-hooks, which are enclosed in the complete set. Height adjustment is provided.
  • Cotton, wood and rope are used as material. A mini hammock is sold in several colors.
Cube Yoshimoto.
Cube Yoshimoto

The puzzle is a multi-faceted mechanical puzzle, consisting of interconnected parts. The parties are able to transform in such a way that the design takes on a different appearance. So from the cubic form the puzzle transforms into an expanded rectangle, after which it is easily restored into a star-like dodecahedron. A fascinating gift that every engineer will like.

  • The idea of the puzzle belongs to the Japanese Naoki Yoshimoto, who for a long time tried to divide the cube into identical parts. As a result, he managed to get a body capable of transforming into two figures, each of which consists of 8 interconnected cubes.
  • The subject is really fascinating. At the moment of the break, the puzzle will not only distract from work, but will also train thinking.