What to give a man for an anniversary

It is believed that the gift, chosen with love, immediately recognizes the desire to guess the taste of the recipient, the originality of the idea and a special manner of presenting the gift. That is why the choice of a gift is not an easy task, especially if it is a matter of such an important and bright occasion as an anniversary.

If you have a question about what to give to a man for 50 years, then we recommend seriously approaching this task, because the gift for a jubilee must be spectacular and memorable, it must reflect your love, care and attention. How to achieve this? We offer you ten original gift ideas for the anniversary.

This selection will help you find a suitable gift for a friend, father, husband or colleague who will bring pleasure or benefit and remain within the chosen budget.

10 original gifts for the anniversary

Wine cabinet.
Wine cabinet

If the culprit of the celebration loves and appreciates elite alcohol, then the wine cabinet for proper and convenient storage of wine will be a significant and very useful gift. This compact and stylish device will store bottles at the right temperature, ventilation and humidity, in order to preserve all the useful properties of the drink. The most modest models of wine coolers allow you to store four bottles of wine. To create a good home collection will be quite enough wine cabinet for 12 bottles. You can choose a model with two or three zones, so that in each zone you can create certain optimal conditions for storing different drinks: white, red, sparkling wine.


Who does not like to rest in nature? A barbecue grill or barbecue will especially please a birthday person, who often goes to the dacha or simply prefers a country holiday. Together with the grill you can give a set of tools for barbecue. Such a gift will come in handy if the celebration of the celebration takes place in nature. The test of a new barbecue and the preparation of a shish kebab will be an excellent entertainment for the men's company. It is better to choose a compact and portable model of the grill, which it will be easy to take with you on trips. Modern models also have a built-in thermometer and such useful functions as smoking and smoke cooling. Grill and a set for a barbecue is an example of a gift that will suit for any budget. At a low cost, this is quite a quality and spectacular surprise for the anniversary. In turn, more expensive and professional models will impress the real master of.

Souvenir weapon.
Souvenir weapon

Any man will appreciate the donated collection weapon, be it a dagger from Damascus steel, a crossbow or an antique gun. Among the huge variety of cold, small, firearms, choose one that will match the rich inner peace of the birthday man. The value of such a gift is also in the fact that it serves as a symbol of real strong friendship and loyalty. And if the jubilee seriously takes a great interest in hunting, the weapon presented as a gift will have not only an aesthetic but also a practical.

Tablet PC.
Tablet PC

The modern tablet computer of the latest model is an excellent gift for the fiftieth birthday. Regardless of the level of computer literacy of the birthday boy, the tablet is a universal present. If a man understands computers at the level of a novice user, then with a given gadget it will be easier for him to master the Internet, communicate with friends and relatives, be up to date with the latest news and trends, which is very important in the age of information technology. If the birthday person treats any technique with "you", a new tablet with increased performance will be useful for work, leisure, and entertainment.

Echo sounder.
Echo sounder

The fisherman will like any useful gift related to fishing. It can be, for example, an echo sounder - a device for finding a good place for fishing, navigation and studying the topography of the bottom. Let the beloved leisure of the birthday boy become even more diverse along with a modern gadget. Knowing in what water bodies and under what conditions a man usually fish, you can choose an echo sounder with the right set of sensors and functions, such as GPS navigation, built-in maps, temperature sensor. For winter fishing you need a frost-resistant echo sounder, which can scan the thickness of water through the ice. Separately sold echo sounders for fishing from the shore or from the boat. And if the birthday boy does not yet have a boat, then it's worth thinking about how to give an expensive man a 50-year motor boat. Most likely, such a surprise for the birthday will fulfill the old dream of an inveterate.

Set of tools.
Set of tools

A quality set of tools is a real man's gift. You can not doubt that the jubilee will like a practical and multifunctional set of tools, provided that the gift will complement the collection already available at the birthday boy. Therefore, for a gift to be necessary and desired, try to find out exactly which tools a man already has, and which is clearly not enough. Even if the culprit of the celebration does not plan to start repairs in the near future, with a high probability, he will use tools at the dacha, in the garage or at home. Perhaps it is your gift that will be the reason for a man to improve his skills or become a master in a new area for him. The advantage of such a gift is that all tool sets are usually sold in practical suitcases, so they are convenient to store or take with you.


The next gift idea for the fiftieth birthday is more suitable for a relative and family member. To express your attention and respect for family traditions, order a family portrait for the jubilee. Do not doubt that the birthday person wants to hang this picture in the most prominent place, so that it reminds you of your favorite people. It is not by chance that 50 years are called "golden" age, when a person reinterprets the past years, prioritizes and values, and often pays more attention to his family. If you are not ready to make such a personal gift as a portrait, but you are sure that the man who celebrates the jubilee appreciates art, then try to choose a picture that could reflect the tastes and preferences of the future owner, his inner world and state of mind.


The car enthusiast will appreciate the gift associated with his favorite "swallow". DVR, for example, is a very useful thing. Even if your motorist belongs to that very rare kind of super-racy drivers, then the DVR will still be a reliable security deposit and protection from most unscrupulous traffic offenders. Modern DVRs shoot video in high resolution, have a viewing angle of the lens at 120 degrees, high-quality recording even in total darkness, and also have a built-in battery for autonomous operation. In the event that the DVR already has a car enthusiast, choose other useful gadgets for the car that are never superfluous, such as parking sensors, car washes or blind zone sensors.

Handle, lighter or mug with engraving.
Handle, lighter or mug with engraving

If you choose a gift for the anniversary of a colleague or boss, then as a memorable, solid and concise presentation, you can present a pen or cigarette case with engraving. Engraving can turn any, even the most modest and banal, gift into a valuable and original souvenir. Of course, the inscription must be personified and carry a deep meaning, so that the gifted item has acquired the proper value. By the way, a product with high-quality engraving can not only make a good impression, but also solve the problem of a small budget.

Training apparatus.
Training apparatus

Thinking that you can give a man for 50 years, think about his sports hobbies. Now you can choose from such a huge set of simulators and sports equipment that no man will be left without a present. A universal prezent may be simulators for complex training, but when buying it is worth paying attention to possible contraindications. The 50-year-old sports simulator will bear an important symbolic meaning, reminding that life and movement continue with renewed vigor, regardless of age.

Any of these ideas will help you to decide creatively what to give for a jubilee to a man who turns 50.

Jubilee is an important and exciting holiday, so try to fill this significant day with joy and pleasant congratulations. As you can see, in order to please a jubilee, you just need to spend a little time preparing and showing a drop of creativity so that on a solemn day your relations with the birthday person will play with new colors.

Whatever gift you ultimately choose, the main thing is that it should be presented from the heart, then any birthday person will appreciate the attention and love that you have invested.