Gift ideas for a married lover

It happens that after the creation of the family and long years of living together, suddenly you realize that you have fallen in love again. Moral whispers that it is not good, but it is difficult to struggle with feelings. If the spouses are connected by long years of relationships, children and mortgages, the mind advises not to rush to ruin the marriage.

What to give a married lover on his birthday, if he has a family? The editorial staff of our site analyzed the number of such appeals to the Google search system - in a month there were more than three thousand. Today GiftBox will offer your attention a selection of 10 gift ideas to a married man. If possible, we will try to offer useful, but not attracting attention items.

So what to give a married lover?

Thermo mug.
Thermo mug

A gift is useful both in the car and at work. It is convenient to take the mug with you to the ice rink or walk. A popular gift is unlikely to attract the attention of a spouse. Most of the time, thermo mugs are made of metal, ceramic or plastic. Double walls can keep the warmth of the drink for several hours.

  • If you like subtle sarcasm, pay attention to the thermo mug "5 tires", & # 8212; thin and at the same time an ambiguous hint at the fifth wheel in the family, which only the two of you will understand. The volume of 0.5 liters. Material - metal and rubber.
  • The ceramic models from "Starbucks" are also popular. Among the metallic variants, the "take away" mugs are popular. But all these are questions of personal taste.

What can you give a lover if he is married? Perhaps something that he had long dreamed of, but never had time to buy himself. If "your" person smokes, a cult starter called Zippo can be a good option. It can be a classic model in a steel case, or a model with a bright ornament and color. The lineup is really diverse.

  • The gift is universal and suitable for men of any age.
  • Production of the USA. By the way, "Zippo" is given a lifetime warranty. It looks stylish, but it's almost impossible to break it.
Vacuum cleaner for car.
Vacuum cleaner for car

Surely your meetings can not do without a car. And here you have to be careful in your own way. After all, the strange female hair found by the wife in the car's interior can cause a scandal, and this scenario does not suit us. In order not to leave traces in the car of your loved one, strongly recommends to purchase a portable vacuum cleaner as a gift.

  • The device is best purchased with a cyclone filter & # 8212; without bag for collection. Half-liter capacity will be enough for dry cleaning.
  • The vacuum cleaner works from the cigarette lighter. Suction power is sufficient at 22 watts.
Flash card.
Flash card

There are many really original models. Previously, we wrote about flash drives in the style of steampunk, pair of flash drives, flash drives and even about flash drives in a concrete case. As before, Chinese designers continue to offer the world a lot of interesting ideas. Today you are offered a USB flash drive made in the form of a guitar. A good gift for a married lover on his birthday, especially if he is fond of music. Such a surprise is not striking and does not attract attention.

  • Flash drive & # 8212; This is a practical option that will be useful both at work and at home. And if you decide to write down some of your photos on it, do not forget to warn about it.
  • The material of the case is a tree. The volume of the drive from 8GB.
Swiss knife.
Swiss knife

Everyone knows what a multifunctional Swiss knife is. The handle with the cross is traditionally red. The roots of this legendary device go back to 1891. Then at the sources stood Carl Elzener, who decided to equip the German army with knives of Swiss manufacture. A little later, the production took two major brands Victorinox and Wenger. Now everyone knows that such a folding knife is very useful. It can be useful anywhere, anytime. If you are looking for a functional gift for a man, pay attention to this option.

  • Modern knives can include more than 20 different devices. Some models are equipped with USB flash drives, flashlights, laser rulers or electronic clocks.
  • A gift for sure will seem useful to a man. Another idea in the piggy bank of what to give a married lover for a year of relationships.
Good alcohol.
Good alcohol

It's time to remind about such a wonderful gift option as alcohol. This is the very gift that you can open and try together. A quality drink is a pleasant surprise to a man at all times. Taste preferences are different for everyone, and therefore we will not advise anything concrete.

  • It's unlikely that you want your lover to drink the bottle of whiskey you gave to the company of your wife or friends. So, making such a surprise, take care to schedule all the details of the joint evening.
  • Here is a small characteristic of the fortress of popular drinks, which you probably already know by heart. Whiskey - up to 50% vol. Wine - 9-16% vol. Cognac - up to 40% on.
Smart Pen.
Smart Pen

Someone will definitely say that the pen is a boring gift. But not us. Your attention is offered a smart pen that is able to translate written on paper directly to your smartphone. There are several such models. Let's take a look at the Neo smartpen N2. And if the phone is not nearby, the pen remembers what was written on the internal drive. A creative idea of ??what you can give a lover for a birthday. From now on your young man will be able to send you the most original and romantic entries made by hand in WhatsAPP.

  • The model is presented in black and silver color. The case is made of aluminum. Weight 23g.
  • Good li-ion battery. Autonomous work up to 5 days. Full battery charge lasts only 2 hours.
Unusual gift set.
Unusual gift set

If you decide at all costs to please a man with something delicious, we are happy to offer the next unusual present. Many will agree that giving a man chocolate is wrong. We also think so, but we could not bypass the "such" selection. A set of tools for a real man is so believable that the bolts and gears seem to be real.

  • If the work of a man is connected with mechanics or transport, then this gift can easily claim the title of thematic.
  • For a man who has a family, a chocolate set will be a very bright gift. be careful.
Multi-adapter Lifetrons.
Multi-adapter Lifetrons

Another idea of ??gift-devaysa, which is useful to have at hand. Outwardly, the device resembles the legendary Swiss knife. However, instead of knives and screwdrivers, the device has several USB and mini-USB ports. There is a compartment for storing SIM cards, as well as an adapter lock button. A compact adapter will not only charge your smartphone, but also quickly transfer the necessary information to the computer.

  • A modern and functional gift for an affordable price.
  • The case is made of plastic and rubber.
Levitating photo frame.
Levitating photo frame

A gift for those who appreciate originality in surprises. After the device is turned on, the frame begins to float in the air thanks to the magnetic field of the frame. The frame is equipped with LED backlight. A perfect gift that will find its place on the office desktop.

  • The levitating stand is powered from the 12V adapter. The photo frame size is 12.7x8.5x2.2 cm.
  • The material is plastic. The backlight has 4 LEDs.

P.S. Remember, it's not good to change your loved ones, because: "All secret things become not at all in time." Successes with a choice, after all a gift to the married lover - business uneasy ...