Gift ideas for her husband on a wooden wedding

A wooden wedding is celebrated after 5 years of marriage together. Preceding this event is cotton, paper, leather and wax weddings. It is believed that during this period the family grew stronger and built strong relationships. For spouses it is an excuse to bring together friends and relatives, present gifts to each other. In the article we will talk about what you can give your husband for a wooden wedding. All gifts ideas, according to tradition, will be presented exclusively from wood. If possible, GiftBox will try to cover products from the most popular wooden species.

What to give to her husband for a wooden wedding?


Three important things in a man's life: building a house, giving birth to a child and planting a tree. And if the last item is not yet fulfilled, then a wooden wedding will be an excellent occasion to fix it. The idea of ??a gift is a seedling. If the time of the year allows such a surprise, the tree will be a wonderful gift that will fill your anniversary with meaning.

  • The symbol of longevity, strength and fidelity (reliability) is oak .
  • The personification of kindness (spiritual purity) and family fertility will be birch .
  • Maple will be responsible for wealth in the family;
  • Acacia is a symbol of birth. This tree is for those who do not yet have children. Spouses should put him together.
  • The patron of the family is alder . It symbolizes the home and comfort.
Wooden Case for iPAD.
Wooden Case for iPAD

A wooden case for the tablet from the Miniot studio. The gift can be found in the performance of walnut, cherry, mahogany, as well as wenge. African tropical tree family of legumes (aka panga-panga). A convenient smart cover of the tablet will appeal to all those who like to read news and watch your favorite movies.

  • The grip cover has a nice design and is made of quality materials.
  • The cost, unfortunately, bites a bit.
Wooden stand for wine.
Wooden stand for wine

Another idea of ??a gift to a husband for a wooden wedding can be a wine stand. Quite recently the studio "Conte bleu" presented a collection of four animals: Doberman, elephant, deer and penguin. The product is made of 8 mm plywood. The author of the idea is the Korean designer Choi Jinyoung. The collection was named "AB Wine Rack", which means "wine rack".

  • The design is easily disassembled and takes up little space. Inexpensive gift from the wife, to give which is best with a good bottle of wine.
  • Wine holder will decorate any festive table.
Products of the "Empty Bamboo" series.
Products of the "Empty Bamboo" series

Bamboo & # 8212; The type of wood most often found in Asian countries. The material is so popular that it produces a lot of things: from Chinese sticks to furniture and office items. I present to your attention the designer's set of products from Yu Jian'a. The collection consists of a flash drive, a pencil case, a set of pens, a stapler and other items. Asians consider bamboo a symbol of tranquility and perseverance. An unusual collection will suit your husband if he works in the office.

  • Все самое необходимое за приемлемую стоимость. Набор состоит из 10 настольных предметов.
  • Гармоничная коллекция, которая набрала популярность не только в азиатских странах, но и в России.
Backgammon and chess.
Backgammon and chess

Another idea of ??what to give a wooden wedding to her husband. it's backgammon or chess. Both of these games have appeared in our world for a very long time. So the first mention of backgammon dates back more than 5000 years before our era. Chess appeared even earlier. The legend says that once the Indians, wishing to check whether the Persians will cope with the rules of the game, gave them chess. Without thinking for a long time, the Persian sage Vasurmikhr not only understood the rules, but also sent his opponents another game - backgammon.

  • Every game has its own name. A classic gift for connoisseurs of board games.
  • The cost of such a gift varies greatly. Having once bought a quality board, you will be able to make a good gift to a man for life.
The bow tie.
The bow tie

Choose a gift for a man should be careful. This gift is for those who love everything new and fashionable. Bow tie is made of natural wood veneer. Several layers of wood are involved in the manufacturing process. To maximize the appearance of the texture, the product undergoes special treatment. Youth idea of ??what to give to her husband on the wooden anniversary of the wedding. The material most often used is walnut , oak or aspen . Products are combined with such materials as silk and cashmere.

  • It is worth mentioning that this gift is not for everyday use. Rather, it is suitable for a birthday, wedding or host family.
  • The accessory looks very unusual. Since 2014 popularity to "butterflies" has overtaken demand for classical ties.
Wooden stand for laptop.
Wooden stand for laptop

An interesting idea of ??a gift to a spouse from the company Samdi. The stand is made of natural wood. It is designed for vertical storage of a laptop. The original Holder is made of walnut , covered with a shockproof varnish. A rubber seal is provided in the stand. In the lower part there is a bracket for the wire.

  • A fashionable and convenient accessory that will free up space on your husband's desk.
  • A stable stand that will look good both in the office and in your home.
Ship model.
Ship model

Another idea of ??a gift from a tree can be a model of a sailboat. Varieties of such a gift a lot. It can be a yacht, a pirate ship, a Viking ship, a small boat or a frigate. as shown in the photograph. The model will appeal to all lovers of wooden products. Perhaps this is the same gift to the spouse, who he dreamed of buying since childhood. Another idea in the treasury of what to give to her husband on the wooden anniversary of the wedding.

  • The model of the ship can be purchased ready or assembly.
  • It is worth mentioning that ship modeling is one of the most common hobbies in Russia.
Wooden bag.
Wooden bag

But designers from Silva Limited offer to transfer their laptops in wooden cases. Outside, the product is perfectly polished. Inside & # 8212; impeccable finish of fine woolen fabric and polyurethane. The strap is made of leather and folds into the wooden bag cavity. The main body and the upper cover are snap-together. If you are looking for a modern gift to a husband made of wood, pay attention to this option.

  • The material used is bamboo. Beautiful design, a lot of thoughtful details.
  • Unfortunately, the price for such a gift will suit not everyone. Such an expensive gift is best done together with other guests of the anniversary.
Mechanical coffee grinder.
Mechanical coffee grinder

And this gift is for those who like in the morning the smell of fresh coffee. A hand grinder is made in a retro style. The gift will get the maximum pleasure from grinding. It will be necessary to all the supporters of the theory that coffee is best cooked by hand.

  • The degree of grinding is adjustable. In the case there is a drawer.
  • The coffee grinder is made of walnut and stainless steel.