Ideas of a gift to her husband for a cotton wedding

Calico wedding is celebrated after 1 year of married life. In the first year, the couple's relationship is just starting to get stronger. It is believed that after 12 months of marriage, the pair's relationship is not yet strong enough, and therefore the people compare such relations with a fragile calico cloth. Anyway, there is a tradition to celebrate this date, and therefore the editorial staff of our site has prepared a compilation of 10 ideas of what can be presented to her husband on this significant day. After a little reflection, we came to the conclusion that strictly thematic gifts can not always please the spouse. Tying for more modern solutions, we offer our selection of interesting gift ideas to her husband on the anniversary of relations.

What to give to her husband for a cotton wedding?

SmartPen N2 Handle.
SmartPen N2 Handle

The idea of ??this device was developed in Australia. The peculiarity of the pen lies in its ability to memorize the written text. Thanks to a special notebook with reference points, the handle determines its position on the surface of the sheet. The scanner is able to recognize records with a frequency of 120 frames per second. You can attach a voice comment to the file. The built-in memory is enough for 1000 pages of text in A4 format. With each sync, the recording is sent to the device you selected. The official application is available for free. An interesting idea of ??what you can give your spouse on the anniversary of the wedding. If your husband likes modern unusual devices, the gift will necessarily be to.

  • The handle body is made of aluminum alloy. Battery life up to 9 hours. Built-in memory - 90 MB, which is in principle a lot to store vector images. Weight only 24 g.
  • Of the shortcomings can be identified only that the handle requires a special notebook on which are painted beacons. The problem is solved, however, you only need to make notes in branded notebooks. By the way, some of the competitors went on a different path of technology development. In other respects, the present looks very futuristic and fits perfectly as a gift to the beloved.
Belt for tools with magnetic bracelets.
Belt for tools with magnetic bracelets

And this idea for girls who believe that the best gift for a man is tools. In case you have already bought the spouse everything you need, we hasten to recommend such a gift as a bag-belt for tools. The gift will be useful both at the cottage and at home. Seven sections of different sizes. Pockets are roomy and perfectly suited for large tools and trivia like a roulette or nails. Inexpensive gift to her husband, the reason for which can be absolutely any celebration. You can purchase comfortable magnetic bracelets for the set.

  • Attribute is designed to fasten small metal elements on the wrist.
  • Affordable cost. Practical benefits.
Wine set.
Wine set

The collection of gifts continues with a selection of wines. This person, who seriously approaches the issue of wine products, will surely please this surprise. As it turned out, there are a lot of varieties in the sale of such wines, in various forms and colors. Thus, the most popular is a kit in the form of a bottle, a classic box with a box, and a mini-case with 5 tools.

  • Most cases include items such as: corkscrew, drop catcher, aerator, as well as a set of glasses and a cork.
  • Some kits may contain an accessory such as a decanter - a special glass vessel for decanting the drink - separating the wine from the sludge.
Smart socket.
Smart socket

And this is a small, but useful and functional gift for her husband for home. In short, this smart outlet is designed to control household electrical appliances. The device is inserted into a normal outlet, after which it is synchronized with the smartphone via Bluetooth. To work with the device installed a special application. It is worth noting that it is most convenient to use a gadget with electric appliances such as heaters, lighting devices or a warm floor. All management is carried out from your smartphone. An interesting device, the functional of which will be .

  • The big advantage of the device is the ability to control not only via Bluetooth, but also via the Internet. To do this, the socket provides a slot for the SIM card. So your husband can turn on the kettle or heater in the apartment, being just on the way to.
  • The gift is simple and interesting to use, and the useful and affordable feature that everyone can afford will make your home even smarter. A modern gift from friends.
Portable speaker Charge 2+.
Portable speaker Charge 2+

What to give to her husband on the first anniversary of the wedding? Another idea of ??a gift to a husband from his wife may be a portable speaker. In addition to good sounding, the great advantage of the column is that it is waterproof. The case is made of dense rubber. The gift can be used both at home and in the country. The price is amazing. Connects the device via Bluetooth.

  • The battery capacity is 6000 mAh, which corresponds to 12 hours of continuous operation.
  • The speaker can be used in hands-free mode. Power is 15 W.
Tie and cufflinks.
Tie and cufflinks

Going to the topic of classical gifts, do not forget about such ideas as a butterfly, a tie or cufflinks. To the same category should include the idea of ??a gift as a shirt. If you are invited to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding of friends, a good presentation for a man on a cotton wedding can be one of these options.

  • Most often cufflinks are made of steel, enamel and fionite.
  • Tie and cuff links can be purchased in one set.
Wi-Fi Signal Repeater Amplifier 2.
Wi-Fi Signal Repeater Amplifier 2

And this is a simple and functional gift for a man whose work is connected with a computer. Repeater, it's a repeater - a useful thing that is useful at home and the garden. The antenna is designed to increase the power of the Wi-fi signal. Unlike the previous model, the speed of this device is increased to 300 MB / s. With its cost of less than a thousand rubles, the device will become a very functional addition to your husband's desk.

  • Ability to simultaneously connect up to 16 devices.
  • The device solves the problem of a weak signal in concrete-monolithic structures of apartment buildings.
Keychain for car .
Keychain for car

If you are looking for an image attribute for your man, then another idea of ??a gift to her husband on the 1st anniversary of the wedding can be a gold car keychain. Virtually every jewelery store can buy such a thing. A wide range of brands: from Mercedes and Audi to Opel and Toyota.

  • Gold / white gold. Weighs a gift 7.5 grams.
  • A magnificent gift to her husband on the anniversary of a joint life that he deserves.
Unusual multiframe.
Unusual multiframe

In general, it is a universal gift that is suitable for any occasion. Photo frame, collage will be a pleasant surprise. Complementing this design with wedding photos and photos of your best moments of life together, as a result, you can get a very creative gift. Moreover, the frame can be made with your own hands, coloring subsequently with paints according to your taste and discretion.

  • When choosing a collage, preference is given to wooden products, rather than collages of plastic. It is interesting to look at frames whose surface is made of mirrors.
  • On the Internet you can often find a framework from the manufacturer MORETTO, order and buy which you can on the Internet. In this case, the cost will be lower.
Printed scarves with own hands.
Printed scarves with own hands

And finally, the last idea of ??what to decorate a gift to her husband for a cotton wedding. Closes the top ten ideas with a handkerchief embroidered with embroidery. The material is made of cotton fabric, which makes the idea of ??the presentation maximally thematic. Of course, such a gift should be supplemented with something else. This can be one of the gifts offered above or any of your own decisions. Either way, your husband will appreciate such a surprise from his wife.

  • A gift can act as a memorable thing or an element of a kitchen decor when serving a festive table.
  • Handmade, which will definitely please your beloved man.

Believe me, the ideas of gifts to my husband are many. We bring to your attention other issues of our magazine. Perhaps some ideas will be interesting to you as gifts to loved ones and friends.