Gift ideas for a husband on birthday

Today GiftBox publishes a selection of original gift ideas to her husband on his birthday. If your spouse prefers practical and functional items, are happy to offer you some fresh ideas.

What can I give my husband on his birthday?

Tarrago Shoes Care Set.
Tarrago Shoes Care Set

Let's start with the shoe kit, as Forest Gump said: "You can tell a lot about his person by his shoes." So, attention is offered to the shoe care kit, which includes a wooden polishing brush, a polishing glove, several tubes of skin care cream (black and colorless), a cream brush, and a spoon and cleaning cloth.

  • Good quality and affordable price.
  • Standard set is represented by two creams of 50 ml each
Business card-tool Vizitka stal.
Business card-tool Vizitka stal

A pocket and multifunctional gift, the size of which resembles the size of a plastic card. The multifunctional plate has a cut-out for the wrench 6-7-8-10, and also a cut-out for the key 4-5. The plate has a hole for a bottle opener, a key for a screw-lamb, a double-row saw, a can opener, a flat screwdriver, a blade, a ruler and more.

  • The size of the multiviteller is 69x45x2 mm. Weight only 30 g.
  • The material used is stainless steel.
Suitcase socks.
Suitcase socks

Such a gift as socks can be not only useful, but original, because much depends on how you pack and present them. Recently in the market there was an unusual gift set reminding a suitcase in which there are 30 or 50 pairs of socks.

  • A useful supply for your man for a whole month.
  • The set is represented by colors of the most running colors - black, blue, white and gray colors.
Type-A Handle.
Type-A Handle

A gift for men-perfectionists, made in the style of hi-tec. The design is very minimalistic, the handle fits into the cover-ruler, which, like the handle itself, is made of stainless steel. The scale is graduated in centimeters and inches. Silver color. Once the project was launched on Kickstarter'e and was widely recognized among millions of network users. Original gift for her husband on his birthday.

  • The length of the handle is 125 mm and its weight is 50 g.
  • The case weighs 74 g. The size is 120x12 mm.

A simple and unusual present. The comb has the shape of a pistol. Several options - from plastic to wood. Modest gangster surprise for your beloved husband, which you can give at any age.

  • Original design at an affordable cost.
  • The plastic can be black or white.
Smart watch.
Smart watch

Smart watches and fitness bracelets are becoming an integral part of our lives. Attention is offered to the next novelty from Samsung - the smart watch of the Gear S3 line. What is noteworthy, the watch is compatible with both popular operating systems. Stunning AMOLED touchscreen display, message notification features, alarm clock and more. A solid and functional gift from his wife.

  • Leather strap and stainless steel case.
  • Waterproof IP68. Buy and find detailed specifications can be found on the dealer sites.
Keychain "Eternal match".
Keychain "Eternal match"

A brutal keychain, the feature of which is a match that is a metal rod with a wick. A bit of gasoline is poured into the opening of the match, which is enough for a long time. Everything is sealed. With a sharp contact of the rod with the surface of the channel on the body, the match wick lights up. This match can be used an infinite number of times.

  • Keychain made of stainless steel.
  • The size is 46x27x9 mm.

The classic idea of ??a gift for a man on his birthday or anniversary. Choose the best from the skin. Comments are superfluous, so we'll just remind you of this idea.

  • A practical and quality gift that will suit every man.
  • A good leather belt will cost from 2500 tr.
Sticker co-op stick.
Sticker co-op stick

Authors of the idea are employees of the German company TrekStore. The invention will help its owner to easily open a bottle of his favorite beer or soda. The volume of the flash drive can be from 4 to 16 GB. A gift will please any guy.

  • Durable aluminum alloy. Judging by the reviews, the case of the flash drive is almost not bent.
  • With such a gift, your husband will be able to format not only the flash drive, but also the bottle.
Tea Calendar.
Tea Calendar

Not so long ago the editors of our site came across an unusual tea calendar, in which every day is a new bag. That's just a bag in its own way unusual - it's a voucher. The peculiarity is that tea leaves are pressed to the size and thickness of the voucher calendar sheet, after which it is dissolved in boiling water.

  • The gift looks really original and is designed for several weeks.
  • The author of the idea of ??the Colle Rebe.