Gift ideas for grandfather for 70 years

Sometimes it's not so easy to choose a gift for an elderly man. We all know that over the years the character of a person is undergoing changes. What pleased us a few more years ago, today can cause feelings of indifference. Therefore, when choosing a gift for an elderly person, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of his character and interests. Today the editorial staff of our website will present a material on the ideas of the gift to the grandfather on his birthday or anniversary. For those who are in search of useful and original ideas, GiftBox is glad to offer the following selection.

What to give to my grandfather for 70 years?


A great gift idea to a man who has a site and likes to heat a bathhouse. The feature of this wood splitter in its simple design. The log is put on the blade, after which a blow is struck on the bar. In this case, it is sufficient to have only one sledgehammer for chipping firewood. The tool is simple and safe to operate. The design will allow you to easily chop a large amount of firewood, while spending a minimum of time and effort. A compact and durable object that will find its place in everyday life.

  • The wood splitter is made of steel. The weight of the construction is 5.5 kg.
  • Easy to use, easy to use.

Good chess has always been a good gift for a man. Choosing chess as a gift to the grandfather, you give him not only a logical game, but also an opportunity to transfer your thinking skills to your grandchildren. With such a gift, you will have the opportunity to simultaneously occupy both the grandfather and his little grandchildren. What is important, this logical game well trains the memory.

  • The classical board is most often made of wood.
  • One of the oldest games of the world, the roots of chess go to India, in the VI century AD.
Cigarette case.
Cigarette case

If you are looking for something stylish, then another idea of ??a gift can be a cigarette case. If your grandfather is a big fan of tobacco, give him a case for cigarettes. Most cigarette cases are made of metal, leather and plastic. Some modern models have hydromechanical opening, - smooth opening in one touch. However, most models are performed in the classic simple style.

  • Such a gift can hardly be called universal, because not everyone has a habit of storing cigarettes in a separate case.
  • In tsarist Russia, cigarette cases were very popular. In the era of its heyday, the famous Faberg? House produced enamel cigarette cases for the very first persons of the Russian Empire. Each case was decorated with precious stones. To receive such a gift from the emperor could only for special merits before the Fatherland.

Vitamins are needed by the body at any age and at any time of the year. For those who want to present something functional, the perfect solution can be a juicer. However, when buying such a gift, make sure that the juicer will really be used by your grandfather, since it often happens that after 2-3 glasses of juice, the device collects dust on the most remote shelf of the kitchen.

  • Conditionally juicers can be divided into two groups: for citrus fruits and for hard vegetables.
  • Regarding the price / quality ratio, a quality option may be the juicers of the brand Redmond, Polaris and Sinbo. Following them are more expensive brands, such as Bork.

If walking with time becomes more difficult, it is probably time to think about buying a good cane. It can be made of beech, ash, walnut or strong aluminum alloy. Tips are often made of plastic, bronze or dural. The handle can be equipped with a leather strap. Some canes are height adjustable.

  • In addition to the classical designs, there are telescopic and folding canes.
  • The load on the cane can reach up to 110 kg.
Healing Salt Lamp.
Healing Salt Lamp

Most recently we came across such a gift as a salt lamp. According to the manufacturer, the lamp is made of Himalayan salt and can positively affect human health. When the lamp is heated, air ionization occurs. The effect is comparable to a Chizhevsky lamp, but in our case this process occurs quite naturally.

  • The greatest ionization occurs at a distance of 1.5 meters. The lamp is a single piece of salt weighing 8 kg. The brightness of the luminescence can be adjusted.
  • The lamp prevents bronchitis and chronic rhinitis. Removes unpleasant odors and germs from the room.
Fishing gear.
Fishing gear

What should I give my grandfather for the jubilee from grandchildren? If your grandfather is fond of fishing, you can play on his hobby. Previously, we wrote about the gifts to the fisherman in more detail. In the simplest case, grandchildren can present fishing gear as a presentation. These can be floats, spoon-bait or sack for catching fish.

  • A good idea may be a fishing bag Aquatic.
  • An alternative option of a gift can be a folding chair.
Folding shovel for snow.
Folding shovel for snow

The design can be either folding or telescopic. The peculiarity of the shovel lies in its lightness and strength. If your grandfather lives in a house and has a large courtyard, then in winter, he must certainly deal with clearing the site of snow. A simple and at the same time useful gift.

  • The length in the unfolded state is 50 cm. The bucket size is about 30 cm.
  • Inexpensive present, which is useful in the household.
Record video with congratulations from grandchildren.
Record video with congratulations from grandchildren

A creative idea of ??a gift can be a congratulation from grandchildren, recorded on video. Such a gift is especially relevant in case grandchildren or great-grandchildren are far away and do not have the opportunity to come to congratulate their grandfather personally.

  • Congratulations can be supplemented with postcards painted by children manually.
  • Perhaps, the most simple idea of ??a creative gift to the grandfather.
Tools for the garden.
Tools for the garden

The last idea of ??a gift can be a set of useful tools for the house and giving. For example, it can be a cultivator. There are manual, electric and gasoline devices. For cultivated soil cultivators of low power are suitable. The cost depends on the model. Also as a gift-inventory can act secateurs, saws and other small objects like leks.

  • A good option for such a gift can be a garden organizer, which includes cells and shelves. There are larger organizers with a lot of boxes.
  • All of these tools will be helpful helpers in your grandfather's household.