Gift Ideas to Internet Friend

Going on vacation, you often meet new interesting people. It happens that later they become your good friends by correspondence. You catch yourself thinking that your interests and hobbies coincide. You can easily discuss with them important news for you or problems.

The World Wide Web connects billions of people every day. After all, wherever your friend lived, whether it's Winnipeg, Rome or Vladivostok, the Internet will always give you the opportunity to communicate. But here comes the solemn date, and you are wondering what to give the internet to a friend for a birthday. The main requirement for such a presentation is the opportunity to send it by mail or via the Internet. Today the editorial staff of our site will try to understand this difficult task.

What to give an internet to a friend?

Pillow in the style of social networks.
Pillow in the style of social networks

Since most of your communication takes place in social networks, an unusual gift can be a thematic pillow. Delivery can be ordered at any address convenient for you. The range includes pillows with logos of popular networks, browsers and instant messengers.

  • An original gift for those who are fond of correspondence in social networks.
  • Despite the large assortment of stores, it was unfortunately not possible to find the "VK" logo.
Wishlist user.
Wishlist user

An unusual idea is to create a friend's account on the wishlist-site. For example, on such as In short, this is a service where users can place their desires. Everyone can not only look at the dream of another person, but also donate a certain amount of money for its execution. With its minimal cash investments, the idea seems original and differs from such banal gifts as an online postcard or a holiday picture on a social network.

  • Having created a similar account for your friend, you can not only "dump yourself" for a gift, but also attract other users of the network.
  • For the first time the term "wishlist" appeared thanks to Western teachings about the materialization of desires. Others believe that the prototype of a whistle is considered to be a letter to Santa Claus.
Cufflinks with illumination iCufflinks.
Cufflinks with illumination iCufflinks

Every day the Internet offers new projects. Recently, unusual cufflinks with illumination appeared on the market. The idea of ??the project belongs to the Canadian studio Ross + Doel. Cufflinks are made of aluminum and have built-in pulsating illumination. You want to buy a gift. The project was called iCufflinks. The design mimics the "Power" button. The idea of ??a gift is good in terms of weight and dimensions, and it looks very impressive.

  • It is noteworthy in this project that it is open. Its author is a man named Phil Torrone. Anyone can download a scheme and a program of this project for himself, in order to translate the idea himself.
  • A great idea of ??what to give the internet to a friend by mail. However, the gift has a disadvantage & # 8212; relatively high cost.
T-shirt "Like" or "hashtag".
T-shirt "Like" or "hashtag"

And this, perhaps, is the most accessible idea of ??a gift to a friend by correspondence. Like the previous versions, you can easily order a T-shirt on the Internet, and then deliver it to any city in Russia. The most important thing in such a T-shirt is to choose a suitable inscription or image. This can be the "Like" logo or the #hashtag icon with a meaningful.

  • The advantages of such a surprise are many: it is easy to buy on the Internet, fast delivery, reasonable cost and a large assortment.
  • Option for those who are looking for something inexpensive and original.
Radio-controlled paper airplane PowerUp 3.0.
Radio-controlled paper airplane PowerUp 3.0

A dream of childhood for many. Attention is offered to a paper airplane on the radio control. In Russia, the model can be ordered on the site, pre-specifying the address of your friend. The author of the project is the American Shai Goityin. The assembly process does not take much time. We open the instruction, collect the paper fuselage, use special clips to install the radio module on it, download the application to the smartphone.

  • The radio module is powered by a lithium-polymer battery, which can be charged directly from the smartphone. The app is designed for both Android and iOS. Everything is simple and convenient.
  • If your friend likes everything new and unusual, he will have to his liking. The range is 55 meters. As a communication channel, Bluetooth is used, or rather its energy-saving modification "Bluetooth low energy".
Electronic certificate.
Electronic certificate

To organize this gift, you will need a minimum of information about your friend. The idea is painfully simple. You purchase an electronic certificate for the n-th amount of money, and your friend at his discretion exchanges it for goods from the catalog of the online store. When registering, you just need to specify the e-mail of the birthday person, after which he will receive a special certificate code on his e-mail. You can spend it on any product.

  • Similar internet & # 8212; stores quite a lot. For example, it could be an electronic gift certificate from Ozon or Eldorado.
  • The advantage of such a gift is that unlike the order of goods via the Internet you do not need to know the address of your friend's residence. The disadvantage of the online certificate is that your friend will choose a gift without your creative participation.
CardSharp Cardholder.
CardSharp Cardholder

Another idea of ??what you can give an Internet friend will be a portable knife. The idea of ??design belongs to the English studio «Iain Sinclair Design». The knife has dimensions of a credit card. The gift is easily placed in a purse or pocket. The device will find its application in small daily concerns. Judging by the reviews, the blade cuts vegetables, fruits, cardboard and even a tennis ball.

  • The product is made of stainless steel with a Teflon coating. The knife-card weighs 14 grams at a thickness of 2.3 mm. A small gift can be easily sent by mail.
  • The design is very thought out and unusual. There is a special security lock that prevents the random opening of the blade in your hands.
3D postcard with own hands.
3D postcard with own hands

The monthly volume of images exchanged between people in social networks and popular instant messengers exceeds hundreds of petabytes. The available exchange of digital photos leads to the fact that a person close to you increasingly starts to appreciate presents made with his own hands and sent by simple mail. That is why your friend on correspondence will be more pleased with this postcard than photos on the Internet.

  • If you are a girl who is looking for a gift for the Internet to a pen pal, you are welcome here. The idea of ??a postcard made by yourself will be a great idea for you. To give such a gift is a pleasure.
  • Have you ever heard about the POSTCROSSING service? Most likely, this topic will be of interest to girls again. The idea is to exchange thematic postcards between Internet users from around the world. Each your postcard-message can be tracked through the Internet. However, for this, both users must be registered in the POSTCROSSING system. P.S. The image on the right is not relevant to the service.
Piggy Bank Facebook.
Piggy Bank Facebook

Piggy bank in the style of social network Facebook & # 8212; This is an inexpensive gift for those who hunt for new thematic ideas. Originally intended to use a piggy bank exclusively for stores, so that visitors could leave their tips in it. The original name is "Like Tip Box", which means "box for tips". Perhaps for some it will be a discovery, but the annual turnover of gratuities reaches billions of dollars.

  • If your friend has a small store, the gift idea will be interesting to him.
  • In the rest - it's an inexpensive idea of ??a gift in the style of Fb.
Ball for decision making.
Ball for decision making

What to give an Internet friend at a meeting? If you watched the film "Track 60", you probably remember this ball. It was first invented in 1946 in the USA. Inside the ball there is an ink liquid and a "figure with answers". A ball can give one of 20 possible answers. Ball answers can be positive, negative and neutral.

  • A good gift for those who believe in the case.
  • The case is made in the form of a billiard ball with the number "8", which indicates that it belongs to the "eight" billiard game. On the other hand, the figure 8 symbolizes infinity.