Gift Ideas to a Best Friend

What is the best gift for the best friend on your birthday? Today the editors of the site will offer you 10 interesting and useful gifts for your closest friends. Most of the items you can buy on the Internet. Perhaps some ideas will seem useful or interesting to you ...

What should I give to my best friend?

Radioactive glass.
Radioactive glass

A glass of "Polluted" is made in the style of a radiation barrel. Such an unusual form will certainly please your best friend, especially if you complement the gift with a glowing stand. Filling the contents with a tonic with lime, the drink will turn into a spectacular cocktail, reminiscent of a mutagen.

  • The gift set includes 2 glasses of 300 ml. Glasses are made of borosilicate glass.
  • A gift will appeal to all connoisseurs of themed parties.
Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2.
Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The second version of the popular bracelet is equipped with an LCD display. The indicator displays information such as time, number of steps, distance traveled, and pulse. The information is switched by a touch button or by a wave of the hand. There is a vibrator function. A great gift idea for the best friend in the "price / functionality" nomination.

  • There is an event notification. When a message arrives on the messenger, the bracelet vibrates. Synchronization via Bluetooth. The battery lasts up to 2 weeks.
  • Dust-moisture protection. In the bracelet you can take a shower, but you can not swim. By synchronizing the device with the phone application, you will have access to information about your sleep phases and activity phases.
Clever glass Cipher.
Clever glass Cipher

The unusual glass is ready to offer the Serbian designer Damjan Stankovich. Outwardly, the object resembles a cylinder with a lot of pixels, colored with different colors. The glass is able to detect a liquid poured into it, such as milk, cola or juice. Depending on the content, the receptors "give out" the answer "milk", "orange" or "cocacola" directly on the surface of the glass.

  • Really an original gift to a best friend who is guaranteed to be able to surprise him.
  • The material is glass.
Mini 3D printer.
Mini 3D printer

A creative idea can be a mini 3d printer. This is a simplified model that has less functionality and cost. Like the 3D pen, the device uses a plastic tape. The printer can easily be connected to a PC. To work requires a special program, supplied in the kit.

  • A gift will appeal to a creative person who prefers to create something new.
  • You can wirelessly connect the device.
Powerball .

Initially, this expander was developed as one of the NASA simulators, so that an astronaut in a state of weightlessness could support the muscles of the hands in a tone. Later, the states began to sell a carpal expander for ordinary citizens. This model has a chrome casing with a speedometer, which has 6 functions. Powerball comes in a package of a translucent sphere. At work, almost no noise, which allows you to use it even.

  • The principle of the expander is based on a gyroscope. The simulator transfers the load to the shoulder, forearm and shoulder girdle as a whole.
  • For initial promotion, use a lace. To some extent it is both a simulator and an entertainment item. Good for daily workouts.

Compact audio recorder - it's also a dictaphone. At its minimum size, the sensitivity range reaches 8 meters, and the recording time is 23 hours. The key ring contains a sensitive microphone, which is activated at the command of the owner. Recording is made on the built-in USB flash drive.

  • At first glance, the question arises of the benefits of this device, but you never know where and when it can come in handy.
  • Minimalistic design. The presence of a display.
Shaker Bodykey.
Shaker Bodykey

The peculiarity of the shaker is that it contains 3 compartments. The first of these is the fluid compartment, which has a metal spring in the form of a spiral, so that the cocktail is stirred without any lumps. The second segment provides storage of biologically active capsules. The last compartment contains space for portions of dry powder, in case of making a cocktail directly in the hall. A cool gift to the best friend who sports.

  • ОThe output of the shaker is 500 ml. The spring is made of stainless steel.
  • The body is made of food plastic.
Battery cover.
Battery cover

Recently, Apple has released a battery case that simultaneously performs the function of protecting and recharging the smartphone. The outer surface of the case has a soft silicone coating. Between the body and the cover there is a gasket, which prevents from infection during the donning or removal of the device. The cover is presented for the sixth models of iPhones. The battery has an outstretched part, and therefore looks somewhat unusual. A useful idea of ??what you can give to a best friend.

  • The capacity of the cumulative part is 1880 mAh, which gives up to 17 hours of additional work in LTE mode.
  • The battery has an indicator that shows the current status of the battery. Unfortunately, the cover still has to choose from two colors.
Computer mouse BMW i8 .
Computer mouse BMW i8

And this gift will appeal to a connoisseur of unusual devices. Computer mouse is made in the style of a sports car. When the device is operating, the front and rear lights are lit up on the car model. Wireless connection. There is an auto-off timer, the battery level is displayed on the mouse. A perfect gift choice for the best gamer friend.

  • The kit comes with a carrying case and USB - Bluetooth adapter. Powered by one AA battery.
  • Several colors. Functional presentation on your best friend's desktop.
Cover «Brusnitsyn» .
Cover «Brusnitsyn»

If you are looking for a representative gift to a friend, pay attention to the hand-made cases "Brusnitsyn". Judging by the reviews, this is a young company that specializes in making accessories with their own hands, whose main asset is quality and unusual materials. Attention is a wooden case for the phone, made of wood. The structure has a rhombic surface.

  • A wide range of materials: from the skin of caiman to beech and walnut.
  • An interesting present for a man who loves natural materials. Individual order can be made on the site.