Gift ideas for dad inexpensive

Before you choose a gift to your dad, remember that you are looking for a present for a man, which means that in the first place the item should be functional and practical. Whichever occasion you find yourself, whether it's birthday or anniversary, are happy to offer you several options for what to give to your dad inexpensively. Meet a fresh selection of interesting ideas for your father from our team.

What to present to the Pope inexpensively?

Ashtray "Firebox".
Ashtray "Firebox"

Quite recently we came across an object combining simplicity and originality. We present a cool idea for an affordable price. This unusual ashtray is made in the image and likeness of a fire shield. Of course, the gift is suitable only for those who smoke. The ashtray has the size of a small box, inside which is a bowl for ash, sand, miniature shovel, hook and bucket. All this mini-inventory looks very authentic, and therefore takes first place in our hit parade of ideas of what to give to the Pope inexpensively.

  • The set is made of wood, metal, ceramics and sand. The size is 20x15x10 cm.
  • Present such a surprise is best in a gift box. The thing will surely surprise your father.
Wooden box for beer.
Wooden box for beer

And this interesting design is made of plywood. If you are a guy who is in search of a gift idea to the pope with your own hands, then this item will definitely suit you. For the manufacture of wooden boxes, it is sufficient to have a sheet of plywood, a jig saw (preferably electric), glue, and a little imagination. The cost of manufacturing is minimal, but the father's smile is priceless.

  • Dilute the design can be holes for plugs. The edges of the plywood can be burned or painted on them.
  • The design should be good, if necessary, you can use nails and staples.
Multitool plate.
Multitool plate

Do not know what to give to his father? Closes TOP-3 inexpensive, but useful things a multitool-set. Its size is comparable to the size of the credit card. The tool has 11 functions. There is a saw, ruler, opener and much more. The plate is placed in a cover and easily hides in a purse. This is a really inexpensive gift for the dad, which is easy to order from the online store.

  • Judging by the reviews on the forums, metal products are quite strong.
  • Low cost. A gift can be ordered even by a child.
Ignition set.
Ignition set

Another budgetary, but useful option, which is useful to the Pope both in the country, and fishing - a set for ignition. It represents a bunch: magnesium rod + stainless steel. The kit allows you to build a fire in any weather and at virtually any height. Includes chips for ignition and plastic waterproof packaging. A good idea of ??what you can buy a dad for a birthday is inexpensive. The produced spark has a temperature of up to 2500 degrees.

  • The resource of the flint reaches 3000 beats - about a year of frequent use. The rod produces a spark even in the conditions of rain.
  • The resource of the flint reaches 3000 beats - about a year of frequent use. The rod produces a spark even in the conditions of rain.
Car holder for phone.
Car holder for phone

The stand withstands devices weighing up to 0.5 kg. Most of these structures are attached to the glass, panel or grille. Let's stop on the last option. The mount is made of metal, rubber, magnet and plastic. The guides do not damage the grate even after repeated removal. The stand can rotate 180 degrees. If you do not know what to give to your father who has a car, pay attention to this gift.

  • Present will make any trip even more convenient. Buy a stand in any Internet store.
  • Low cost, real benefit.
"Gas station" bar.
"Gas station" bar

Find an inexpensive and at the same time an original gift is not always easy. However, today we managed to find a worthy decision. Attention is offered to the dispensary, which consists of two transparent containers, each 0.5 liters in volume. The vessel looks like a gas station with two themed hoses and taps. The original idea for the birthday of the pope. "Column" is intended for strong alcoholic beverages such as whiskey or rum.

  • The dispensary is suitable for making cocktails. The size is 117x117x495 mm.
  • Weight 810 g. Your man will certainly appreciate such a present.
Car care kit.
Car care kit

So, the standard car care kit consists of a universal sponge, an insect removal sponge, a polishing sponge, glass napkins and the detergent set itself. The cost of your gift for the pope will depend directly on the quantity and quality of the items included in the kit. Among the price / quality ratio, nice nails are used wipes from ABRO - cheap and angry, windshield wipers and rubber markers ASTO him, and, perhaps, shampoo for hand washing Zip Wax. In general, there is plenty to choose from.

  • Surprise does not differ originality, however such a set will necessarily be useful for the father.
  • A minimum set of relatively good funds can be collected for 700 rubles.
Pocket flashlight.
Pocket flashlight

The classic LED flashlight is useful both in the dark entrance and in the car. Now you can find a good model up to 1000 rubles. For example, the beam range of the new Fenix ??E12 Cree XP-E2 model reaches 87 meters. Depending on the power consumption, the operation is organized in three modes: minimum, medium and maximum. In the minimum mode, the charge lasts for 38 hours of operation. The device works on only one AA-type battery, which is supplied in the kit. Its capacity, unfortunately, the developer.

  • The body of the model described above is made of aviation aluminum. Length 90 cm.
  • Waterproof IPX-8.
Mug for dad.
Mug for dad

And here is another idea of ??what you can give inexpensive, but interesting for your dad. We present a thematic mug made of ceramics. Most sites have an online constructor that provides the ability to create their own unique inscription. Ideal gift from the daughter, the creative potential of which can easily be transferred to the ceramic surface of the mug. Pleasant present for a pleasant price.

  • The volume of 330 ml. Height 97 mm, diameter 80 mm. The cup is packed in a cardboard box.
  • Weight 400 g. Price from 200 rubles.
Flash drive-opener.
Flash drive-opener

Flash drive with advanced functionality, which allows it not only to store data, but also to open bottles technically. The device is made in a metal case. The amount of memory is from 1 to 64 GB. If desired, the body can be laser engraved. This can be a congratulation or a memorable date for your dad's birthday. Inexpensive pleasant surprise from children.

  • The flash drive has a reinforced case, and is therefore very durable. Convenient to use in conjunction with keys.
  • Present can be found on AliExpress. The cost varies from 500 rubles.