Gift ideas for dad on tankman's day

The tanker's day is a professional holiday, celebrated every year on the second Sunday of September in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. This event is significant both for servicemen of tank forces, and for engineers and workers of the defense complex. Today GiftBox presents a selection of gifts to the Pope on the day of the tankman. If you are looking for a themed present to the tankman, we are happy to offer you some fresh ideas.

Congratulations to the tankman on his birthday

Hat in the bathhouse "It's hot as in a tank".
Hat in the bathhouse "It

As a gift, you can present a hat with embroidery "It's hot as in a tank". The hat is made of felt and is designed to prevent the skin and scalp from heat stroke. The gift will suit all lovers of the sauna and sauna. Sheep wool maintains the optimum temperature.

Gift set "Hardened steel".
Gift set "Hardened steel"

The thematic set, which is suitable for both the tankman's day and February 23rd. A set of men's socks consists of three pairs, which are packed with a roller in a box, decorated in armor style. The gift is made under the brand "World of Tanks". Socks are made of cotton. Learn more about this "home ammunition" can be on

T-shirt "To my father tanker".
T-shirt "To my father tanker"

Greetings can be supplemented with a fun t-shirt. The Internet is full of a large assortment of such goods. T-shirt "To my father tanker" & # 8212; this is a good way to express your congratulations. Prices are very liberal. The material can be 100% cotton, sports jersey, cotton + polyester or footer.

Fleshka «Army Token».
Fleshka «Army Token»

The gift is suitable for both the tankman's day and birthday. The case of a flash drive is made of metal, on which it is possible to put any logo or an inscription. By the way, ordering such engraving is quite inexpensive. The flash drive is made in the style of an army token with a chain. The amount of memory is from 8 to 64 GB. Useful gift for the father on the tankman's day.

Pillow «World of tanks & # 187;.
Pillow «World of tanks & # 187;

And this option for fans of the popular WOT'a. The pillow will find its place both at home and in the backseat of your father's car. A humorous sketch will dilute the boring atmosphere of traffic jams. The size of the pillow-triangle is 37cm (per side) and 10cm (in thickness). All pillows are presented in a wide range and at an affordable price.

The tank with a pneumatic gun "Heng Long Leopard II & # 187;.
The tank with a pneumatic gun "Heng Long Leopard II & # 187;

A really cool gift for those who from childhood are not indifferent to radio-controlled models. The tank is made at a scale of 1:16 and is very realistic. The tower is able to rotate 320 degrees and shoot 6-mm balls from the air gun. The store is charged with 70 balls. There is a smoke generator that makes the movement even more realistic. The work of caterpillars is accompanied by sounds. A tank can overcome a 40 degree incline. A real military gift, which will please even an adult father.

Brush "Tanks of dirt are not afraid".
Brush "Tanks of dirt are not afraid"

To congratulate the Pope with the tanker's day, and such a souvenir. As it turned out, with the original approach, the brush can be not only an effective means of fighting dirt. The first thing that catches your eye is the nameplate "Tanks of dirt are not afraid." And let the idea of ??a gift be painfully simple, but you will definitely get a smile from Papa. In the rest - it's an inexpensive gift, which you can make by yourself.

Theme charm "Megamind".
Theme charm "Megamind"

Just a keychain man is not interested. So for those who appreciate the functionality in everything, Megamind offers a keychain in the form of a tank with three screwdrivers. To transform the keyfob into a miniature screwdriver, it is enough to fix one of the tips to the muzzle of the tank. The key ring is always at hand, and with it the minimum set of tools.

Collector's collection of soldiers "Tankmen".

The kit consists of three tin soldiers that can be purchased complete with T-72, T-80, T-14 or T-90 tanks. In this case, the soldier can be placed in the tower as an arrow. The scale of models is 1:35. A gift is best presented to collectors. Favorite since childhood the set is presented in a wooden box with a cover-slider. Another idea of ??what you can give a dad for a tankman's day.

Suspension in the car "Helmet of the tankman".
Suspension in the car "Helmet of the tankman"

A tank gift to your father's car salon. The key ring is a miniature copy of a tank helmet made of leather. It is worth noting that, judging by the responses, the helmet is executed quite qualitatively. The product is made of genuine leather. Buy a car souvenir can be on