What to give a former boyfriend for his birthday

Many girls after the break up maintain friendly relations with the former young man. Rupture of relations does not mean an enemy spirit of ex-lovers. Peaceful communication means common interests, companies, events, holidays. Therefore, every year, girlfriends are thinking about what to give a former boyfriend on his birthday.

If further communication occurs at the level of "hello-bye", it will be enough to send the young man a greeting or a postcard. But when the former lovers continue to communicate at the level of friendly relations, it is worth trying to make a memorable gift to the former boyfriend on his birthday.

Before you please the attention of the former guy, it is necessary to decide for what purpose and for whom specifically you choose a gift.

An unusual towel.
An unusual towel

Sometimes finances do not allow you to buy an expensive gift, or you simply do not want to spend money on an ex-boyfriend. You can get out of the situation by giving a symbolic present. A good friend will appreciate first of all attention, not price. Modern stores have a huge range of inexpensive, but original things for a birthday present. There is no need to invest large sums. With a limited budget, you can buy a decent present for the former guy. The choice is huge. It can be an unusual towel, creative mug, flash drive or inexpensive webcam.

Handmade soap.
Handmade soap

With your own hands. Handmade gifts are becoming popular and in demand. Creating individual items for a specific person brings a lot of positive feelings to both. The original gift, made by own hands, will undoubtedly be appreciated by the former guy. Just a good friend from the category of ex-boyfriends can present a memorable present hand made, made with his own hands. It can be handmade soap in the form of a car, a weapon or a logo of your favorite football team.

Alcoholic-game set.
Alcoholic-game set

If there is another. If a former young man has a new relationship, one should be extremely cautious, acquiring an original gift. A girl may not understand you, tune in aggressively and subsequently in general affect your friendship. In order to avoid quarrels and scandals in the couple, as well as for their own dignity and the preservation of friendship, one should give presents of a neutral character, such as, for example, the original alcoholic-game set.

Original painting.
Original painting

Creative guy. If the birthday boy is a creative person, fond of art or other kinds of art, you can choose a gift for a former boyfriend based on his passion. The former girl is certainly aware of his preferences, so stopping the choice on the right gift will not be difficult. It can be a replica of a famous painting or actors - a fine gift to a connoisseur of art;


With a hint of reunion. If you are determined to return a loved one, pick up a present with a hint. It is unlikely that he will guess about such plans, having received a frying-pan or a mug for the birthday. It is necessary to think over every detail, take into account all the nuances that will help the former guy remember the wonderful moments of your relationship. A classic gift idea with a hint of reunion may be an unusual photo album, in which your photo.

Car Smartphone Holder.
Car Smartphone Holder

For the car enthusiast. Most guys have their own car, spend a lot of time in the garage. If your ex-boyfriend is a fan of car driving, there are no problems whatsoever to give for an anniversary. The machine constantly requires care and investment. A good gift for a guy-car enthusiast can be a creative mobile device holder or anti-glare glasses.

A fountain pe.
A fountain pe

A business man. If the former guy works a lot with documents, a good idea can be a quality pen. A business man will appreciate a useful thing, like your attentive attitude. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive gift. You can hit and quite a budget option. There are a lot of suitable ideas: from a proprietary pen in the original packaging to an organizer or a notebook.

Wireless headphones.
Wireless headphones

For a hobby. Surely the former guy has a hobby or dreamed about something. Knowing his passion, you can pick up an original gift that will be appreciated and not forgotten on a dusty shelf. So it can be music or active sport. Meloman will be happy with wireless headphones or a portable charger for a smartphone. The athlete will be delighted with a quality expander, soccer ball or season ticket to the sports club.

Certificate of Shooting.
Certificate of Shooting

Gifts-impressions. Strong friendship between the former beloved is real, therefore, on the birthday you can give more substantial gifts. A fan of thrills will delight in a present like a teaching lesson of shooting - in a dash or in the open space. This task is perfectly handled by new-fashioned event-agencies that provide extensive programs of impressions. By them is meant a certain certificate for complex reception of bright emotions. The program is chosen individually for everyone. This takes into account personal preferences, tastes and hobbies.

Flight on a light aircraft.
Flight on a light aircraft

Expensive gifts. People leave, but they are still friends and communicate. Often, former lovers continue friendly communication, attend general events and holidays. A more expensive idea of ??a gift can be a flight on a light-engine aircraft, a glider, or a helicopter tour of the city.

Choosing a present for a former guy for a birthday should be carefully, given the current level of communication, the presence of a new girl, a budget for presentation. It does not matter what you are going to give, the main thing is to pay attention and arrange in a beautiful gift box.

Warm friendship is a sign of adequacy and prudence. People who part peacefully, in most cases live together. Often the former beloved become best friends. Therefore, careful selection of the gift shows you in a favorable light. An extraordinary approach to buying a lot of impressions, memories and feelings of gratitude.