Gift Ideas to colleagues for the New Year

In the hassle of preparing for your favorite holiday, do not forget to plan gifts to colleagues for the New Year. With these people we spend side by side almost every day. It's no wonder that I want to pamper my colleagues by giving them original gifts. Present from colleagues, especially if it is a woman, must certainly be extraordinary, memorable, but at the same time practical and useful.

Where can I get ideas for New Year's gifts to my colleagues? You can consult with friends or relatives, you can spend whole days searching in the store, but it's much easier and more useful to read our article. We will show you what to give to a colleague for the New Year and help you make a difficult choice.

What to give a colleague for the New Year?

Vacuum cleaner for keyboard.
Vacuum cleaner for keyboard

Your colleague is so keen on his work that he often forgets about lunch break and prefers to have a snack on sandwiches right on the job? This performance is like the bosses, but very often the keypad is unusable.

Inexpensive presentation is very useful and will help to keep the workplace in perfect order. At purchase choose a vacuum cleaner with several nozzles in the complete set. With their help to clean the keyboard of crumbs, dust and small items will take no more than 10-15 minutes. And for a clean and tidy workplace is much faster and more productive.


Many hours of sitting at the computer in the workplace and at home, using a personal car instead of an active walk lead to a decrease in muscle tone and a set of extra pounds. A pedometer is a useful gift to a male colleague who wants to be in good shape under all circumstances. Using the pedometer:

  • to monitor calories being squandered;
  • keep a record of their motor activity;
  • improve work efficiency;
  • to support the body in tone and vigor.
In addition, the device can have additional functions: timer, stopwatch, pulse control, radio, GPS. The device can be used at any time of day.

What gift to a colleague with an aristocratic taste? We offer a stylish and original accessory - cufflinks. In an age of mass consumer goods, they are partially replaced by conventional buttons, but they are sure to be appreciated by a businessman with impeccable taste and stylish manner.

It is better to choose cufflinks of discreet colors (black, gray or silver) of traditional shape. They will perfectly match with any suit and always emphasize the subtle sense of the style of their possessor.

Interior Recording Board.
Interior Recording Board

In our bustling modern world, sometimes there is not enough attention from close people. An inscription board is a good idea for those who want to make original notes in the usual interior of a strict office or a standard apartment.

With such a gift, your colleague will never forget the birthday of the chief or the anniversary of his wedding.

In addition, the recording board can be very useful if you want to leave a note-reminder to one of your family, write down the necessary information, admit to love, wish a good morning or just provide it for the field of creative activity of your kids.


Are you afraid that such a New Year's present looks too banal? Completely in vain. The New Year is a time of new plans, ideas and projects. And plan them, put them on the shelves and always have a daily help at hand. Do you want the thing to look original and remind the man of your attention to him? You can order a diary with engraving, which will show the name of your colleague or the original inscription. Or order an unusual performance of the diary, for example, in the form of an old book.

USB Lamp for Laptop.
USB Lamp for Laptop

Have you ever heard complaints from your employees about eye fatigue when you constantly work on your computer monitor? Very often it is caused by insufficient lighting, leading to a strain of vision. Thinking about what to give inexpensively and profitably, pay attention to the USB-lamp.

The device is made in the form of a small lamp, connected to a flexible leg, equipped with a plug for the USB-port. The lamp provides bright, sufficient light for comfortable work, which does not irritate and does not strain the eyes. Your colleagues will certainly appreciate its advantages:

  • a good combination of functionality and comfort;
  • possibility of installation in a user-friendly position;
  • compact size and light weight;
  • work directly from the USB input.
USB-lamp is designed to work with a laptop, but can be used for a stationary computer. It can be used both at work and at home.
Original set of tea or coffee.
Original set of tea or coffee

How realistic is it to create gifts for a colleague with your own hands? After all, such a gift will certainly be exclusive and unique! For this, it does not have to be a real master or a certified designer. It is much more important to invest in such a gift a piece of your attention and care. And who, if not you, the best friend of your colleague, know his addiction in drinks?

A set of good elite tea or coffee, packed in colorful wrapping paper and equipped with comic verses and sincere wishes, can be made by each of us. Having shown a little imagination and skill, you can make a gift in the form of a holiday bouquet. Another option - packages-bags from Santa Claus with New Year's symbols, tied with beautiful ribbons.

Enjoying the pleasant aroma of an invigorating drink, warmed by its warmth in the winter days, your colleague will long remember his team, who is ready to come to the rescue and provide support.

Smartphone holder in car.
Smartphone holder in car

What can I give a colleague for the New Year, if he is an avid motorist? Doubt can not be - an accessory for his adored machine. Very often there is a problem where to attach a mobile phone while driving, so that it is always at hand. And if you consider that many motorists use a mobile phone as a navigator, then the best idea for a gift is not found.

When choosing a holder, pay attention to its compactness, clamping reliability, ease of installation, the possibility of fixing on different surfaces. The device is necessary not only for practical purposes, many models have an attractive appearance and can additionally serve as a stylish attribute of a modern car.

Organizer for scarves.
Organizer for scarves

It is difficult to imagine the image of a modern man without such stylish accessories as scarves, neck scarves, ties or belts. They can be found in large numbers in any wardrobe. But not always they are a worthy place, allowing to keep things in perfect order and not to waste time searching for them.

Multifunctional hanger (organizer) is a very convenient and practical thing that should be in every house. Choosing gifts for colleagues at work, prepare to surprise them with an unusual thing.

Exclusive alcohol.
Exclusive alcohol

Such a gift certainly will not leave anyone indifferent, especially now, when the New Year holiday is very close. It does not matter which elite drink you choose for your employee.

It can be a light Italian wine, aged French cognac or noble Scottish whiskey. The main thing is that you present it with true respect and love.

An obligatory condition for such a gift is the original design of the bottle and proprietary packaging.

New Year is the time that each of us inspires for creative ideas and noble deeds. Show a little attention and concern to your colleagues, and in return you can also expect to receive original gifts that will please you for a long time.