Gift Ideas to a Colleague for an Anniversary

Work is an integral part of our life, and the team plays the most significant role in it. A person spends with colleagues up to 40 hours a week. At work we not only work, but also celebrate the birthdays of our colleagues. Do not get along with such feasts without congratulations, gifts and toasts ... Often we want to present something truly original for the birthday. Today, the editorial staff of our website will offer 10 ideas that can be safely presented to the jubilee on his 50th birthday. In the article, we will try to bring gifts that take into account the age of the hero.

What to give a colleague for an anniversary?

Fountain Pen «Parker».
Fountain Pen «Parker»

The fountain pen can have several types of refills. The most common system of cartridges or pipette filling system. The metal fountain pen was first patented in 1803. As for the "Parker" brand, at one time he distinguished himself by being the first to solve the acute problem of that time - in 1894 George Sefford Parker patented a feeder that eliminates ink leakage. Since then, the company's affairs have gone uphill. Now the production of the company "Parker" is world famous.

  • The optimal ratio of price / style / quality can be a series of Urban. A worthy idea of ??what to give a man a colleague for a jubilee.
  • There are separate collections for men and women. Price range for every taste and color, from budget versions of the pen, to pens with gold leaf.
Modular picture.
Modular picture

The modular picture is a single conceptual concept, divided into several segments, logically complementing each other. Most often, the size of the cloths decreases from the center to the periphery. However, the asymmetric variant also looks spectacular, as, for example, the image of the tree on the right.

  • If you are looking for an original gift to a colleague for a jubilee, then this picture can be a modern present for your hero's home.
  • A rich assortment and affordable cost. The picture can be easily ordered via the Internet.
Nesting doll «Russian Doll Pepper Grinder».
Nesting doll «Russian Doll Pepper Grinder»

And this is a more budgetary, but no less original idea of ??a gift. A pepper mill in the form of a nesting doll made of wood. Outside, the painting is varnished. Classic turning mechanism. A gift though original, but more suitable for a woman. An interesting idea for those who do not know what to give to a colleague for a woman. "Russian Doll Pepper Grinder" will undoubtedly decorate the kitchen interior of your colleague.

  • As well as it is necessary to the present dolls the product has a hand-painted.
  • There is an opportunity to buy online. Delivery will have to wait a long time.
Desktop bio fireplace.
Desktop bio fireplace

A spectacular object that fits into the interior of any apartment or house. The fireplace works on bioethanol, and therefore the combustion process is harmless. It occurs without soot and some smoke, you can only enjoy the flame. By the way, as for bioethanol, its cost is comparable to the cost of conventional firewood, so that fuel costs will be minimal. The only point that raises the question is the cost.

  • The fireplace does not dehumidify the air. The width of the flame is about 23 cm. Fuel consumption? l / h. The capacity of the tank is 0.6 liters.
  • The product weighs about 6 kg and is made of glass, metal and ceramic elements.
Set "Caucasus".
Set "Caucasus"

"Hot" presentation for the "hot" colleague. Barbecue set is a set, which provides everything you need to make the right shish kebab. Sets are collected in Kizlyar. The kit includes: 6 skewers, four piles, a flask, a knife in the case and hatchet. All tools are stacked in a beautiful wooden case. A decent idea of ??what to give a colleague for a jubilee 50 years. A gift will please those who like to cook meat in the country or nature on a summer day.

  • All tools are made of Kizlyar steel. The gift looks very dignified.
  • If you believe the official site, then when ordering this set, the delivery will be free of charge.
Wrist Watch.
Wrist Watch

Another idea of ??a collective gift can be a watch. The first thing to pay attention to is the mechanism. Qualitative mechanical watches will last at least 25 years. The error of such a mechanism does not exceed 10-12 seconds per day. Quartz watches are more accurate, their error is less than 25 seconds per month. As for the way of displaying, you have to choose between the dial and electronic time display.

  • The next moment is a source of energy. You have to choose between a mechanical platoon, a battery or a self-winding system. The most popular are the last two options.
  • Do not forget about the "smart" clock, but this format may not like everyone. Among other things, you should take into account the operating system of its owner's smartphone.

A great gift to a colleague at the dacha. Conditionally the grill can be divided into several categories: electric, on gas or on coals. Consider the latter option, since it is he who is considered the most natural in terms of cooking. Everyone is well aware that the very way in which meat is baked on a grill is called a barbecue. If you are looking for a practical idea of ??what you can give a colleague for a jubilee of 55 years, pay attention to this option.

  • The word "barbecue" originates in the US, in the early 40's.
  • The construction is made of cast iron. The temperature inside the grill is over 280 degrees.
Collection aircraft assembly model.
Collection aircraft assembly model

Depending on your place of work, the gift can have a thematic focus. Suppose you and your colleagues work in the design bureau of aircraft or shipbuilding. A symbolic presentation will be a mock-up of an airplane or submarine. Of course, for the anniversary such a gift is best supplemented with an envelope with money n-th amount. The goods can be purchased at any toy store. A qualitative large-scale copy of the car will please even a mature man.

  • The model is best purchased from metal. The cost of such "toys" is higher, but higher and quality. Details are very detailed, and some elements have rubberized seals.
  • The scale of the model can reach up to 1: 400. Each set has a detailed instruction. Gift ideas for a person on the anniversary, who is fond of assembling aircraft models.
Globus Bar.
Globus Bar

A luxurious and functional gift to an adult man for a jubilee celebration. The most popular floor and table bars. The product mimics the globe. Under the lid there is space for several bottles of alcohol. The bar is divided by wooden partitions. Material - nut and plastic. Painting inside and outside.

  • Manufacture Italy, diameter fifty centimeters.
  • Relatively high cost, in the purchase of such a gift is worth participating all the team.
Chocolate set "Arsenal" - TT pistol.
Chocolate set "Arsenal" - TT pistol

And finally a little creative. If you are looking for a cool gift set, you found it. Attention is offered to the chocolate set of tools and weapons. The present looks very realistic. At first glance, it's hard to believe that we do not have iron at all, but real chocolate. The kit can take the form of nuts, bolts, gears of working tools or a TT gun. A good present to a colleague or boss, which is a pleasure to give

  • An unusual idea of ??a gift to a colleague, which will be to everyone's taste, in the truest sense of the word.
  • Each set comes in a gift box