Gift ideas for the boss on his birthday

Sometimes it's not so easy to choose a gift idea for a young leader. Such a process can lead to a long search. Therefore, the editorial staff of our site decided to prepare a series of articles devoted to this topic. In search of an interesting gift to his boss, GiftBox offers a diverse selection of budgetary and not too budget gift ideas.

What to give to the head for his birthday?

Shredder Calendar.
Shredder Calendar

The idea of ??this unusual calendar belongs to Susanna Hertrich. The functional of the device once again reminds us of the most precious resource of our life - time. In the original, the device is called "Chrono Shredder", which literally translates as "destroyer of time." The calendar is designed for a year. Unlike the classic tear-off calendar, the shredder cuts the calendar sheets automatically and daily. Worthy idea of ??a gift to the chief for an anniversary.

  • Interesting idea of ??design, making to appreciate the time even more.
  • Office gadget with meaning.
Wall clock with an unusual design.
Wall clock with an unusual design

Now on the Internet you can see a large number of design works. Another idea of ??a birthday present for a birthday boss can be a wall clock. As a rule, a noteworthy point in them is the dial or the movement mechanism of the arrows. We are glad to offer you some examples of such models.

  • An original gift idea from a small team of employees.
  • The clock is suitable for both home and office use.
Case for watches.
Case for watches

And this is a surprise for those who appreciate the classics. The wooden box will appeal to the leader, who has a weakness for wristwatches. If in the personal possession of your boss a large number of chronometers, which he often likes to change, then such a present will certainly be appreciated.

  • As a material, it is best to choose a tree.
  • The number of packages in the case for a product usually does not exceed six compartments.
Business card holder with hydromechanical opening mechanism.
Business card holder with hydromechanical opening mechanism

he supermodel businesswoman, whose opening is also smoothly as the Mercedes trunk opens. The German company TROIKA has developed a modern business card with a smooth hydromechanical opening mechanism. Opening is done by pressing one button. A good gift to the director from the team. Weight of the card holder 85 g.

  • The material is aluminum. The dimensions are 10.2x7.2x0.9 cm.
  • A solid gift to the leader at any age.
Form for freezing ice in the form of the brain.
Form for freezing ice in the form of the brain

A symbolic gift idea that will cool the hot summer work of your boss. On a serious gift, such a present does not pretend, but the original form can boast.

  • Item is easy to order on AliExpress.
  • Affordable cost.
Bottle bottle case.
Bottle bottle case

Another idea of ??a gift to an important person for you can be a small wine set. This idea is more suitable as a presentation from a woman. The case includes five instruments intended for opening and drinking a wine drink.

  • The bottle is fixed by fasteners inside the box.
  • The affordable price and the pleasant material of the performance.
Portable Drum System.
Portable Drum System

An adventurous idea of ??a gift to a young boss who is fond of music. The drum system is a silicone surface with six zones for impacting the drumsticks. Each region has its own synthesized sound. If you are looking for an original electronic gift to the chef on his birthday, pay attention to this option.

  • Office entertainment will appeal to those who prefer to be distracted creatively during the break.
  • The drum panel easily folds into the tube and takes up a minimum of space in the table.
Creative Chancery.
Creative Chancery

Less expensive, but no less original gift to the head can be a creative office set. Designers are happy to offer a lot of ideas for office sharpeners, desktop business cards, magnetic marker boards and other, at first glance mediocre, things. It remains only to choose an idea.

  • Affordable cost.
  • The product can be easily ordered and bought online.
Watches on a ferromagnetic fluid - Ferrolic.
Watches on a ferromagnetic fluid - Ferrolic

The peculiarity of this watch is that the display is represented by a ferromagnetic liquid. This substance contains the smallest particles of a magnet. The material is enclosed between the display windows, on the back of which a controlled magnetic field is fed. In this case, the ferromaterial can be given absolutely any shape. In our case, the ferromagnet acquires the desired shape of the digits.

  • The author of the idea is the Dutchman Selph K?lm. The designer produced a limited series of devices. On the free sale of watches, unfortunately have not yet arrived. The forums talk about the device's release on the market only next year.
  • Really cool design. High expected cost.
An unusual cake.
An unusual cake

And finally, a simple solution to the problem. It can be a cake ordered in a good pastry shop. Such a surprise should be chosen by the team. Perhaps, the most classic idea of ??a gift to a man for his birthday (after alcohol). Here are some examples of such confectionery works.

  • Acceptable price.
  • Neutral gift to the authorities from the whole team.

That's not the whole list of ideas of what gift to give to the boss on his birthday. See more new ideas in our new releases.