What to give to brother for the New Year

The most native man on earth is Dad. However, no one can ever become as close a friend as a sibling. With the brother it is easier to discuss the problems, the elder brother will protect, and for the younger one you can watch yourself. And of course, in any case, it's nice to make gifts to your brother for the new year.

What should be your surprise? First, it is suitable for an age and interests dear and beloved relative. If you make a gift to a young researcher of this world, then the present should point to your patronage, and if already an adult held person - to be offered and respected. In this article, we'll look at what to give our brother for the new year.

Gift Ideas for Brother on New Year


Lie on the couch, happy and old and young! Make this occupation even more pleasant - give a pillow-headrest! Praise reviews receive the most usual pillows for the neck from IKEA. Although, no one limits your imagination. The pillow-headrest can be not only comfortable, but also beautiful: a young brother can give a pillow with a pattern of dogs or cats, or with the image of his favorite cartoon hero. A knitted pillow is suitable for an adult; By the way, for the new year you can find pillows with New Year's patterns.

If you are sure that even though your brother likes to be lazy on the sofa, but he does not need a pillow, then we offer a good alternative like pajamas or unusual slippers.
A warm sweater.
A warm sweater

In the west, there is a very nice and cozy tradition: to give bright and warm sweaters for Christmas. We are sure that you know what your brother's taste and size of clothes, so you too can make such a nice gift to your brother for the new year. Moreover, a warm sweater will be just in time for a severe Russian winter. Traditionally, Christmas sweaters depict deer, Santa Claus or just snowflakes. If you do not like such patterns, then buy a monophonic and warm thing.

Are you not sure that your brother will appreciate your gift? Or maybe you like to do everything yourself? Then buy a tie scarf, mittens, cap or socks. Yarn must be of high quality and woolen to your brother was warm in the winter evenings. And the thing itself will be with the character: who, if not a relative, knows what the person likes: color, style, pompons or patterns.


Another universal gift that will suit a man of any age and with any hobbies. For your younger brother, prepare something bright. A young researcher can walk with a backpack to school, take a walk, take it to the pool as a sports bag ... The backpack has many uses.

The older brother will also like this gift. If he is an athlete, then he will definitely be satisfied with a sports backpack with many branches: with him and in the hike, and in the gym, and on vacation you can go. If your favorite relative is an office worker, then, as an alternative to a backpack, give him a leather briefcase, purse or wallet. If you doubt your choice, you can always "accidentally" specify which wallets or backpacks your brother likes.

A game.
A game

Gifts for hobbies leave those people who do not know your relative. Imagine if every friend or acquaintance of his will give him something related to his car for the new year or, knowing that he loves the sauna, a subscription to this institution? Yes, it turns out to put it mildly "not very".

It's a game! The game is a broad concept and therefore you will be able to choose exactly what the person will like. Maybe he likes video games? Then why not be presented with some scandalous novelty? If the budget allows, select a prefix (for example, PS4). If your brother is already a respectable person, then you should not believe that such a gift will not suit him. There are no people who absolutely disliked the game: let it be a banal "Monopoly", "Cash flow" or "Jengha".


To give a belt is an original idea. It is not only beautiful, but also a very useful gift. In the world there is no man who would not wear a belt and believe any man in secret wants to get another brand new strap in his collection. Even to very young boys, the belt as a gift will be very pleasant.

The gift does not have to be leather. A young brother or an athlete can be given a textile belt. For someone who loves everything unusual - a belt made of crocodile skin or stingray. Well, the white collar of eternal classics is a black leather strap. Be sure to take care of the beautiful package: as a rule, in brand shops, belts are packed in special boxes, so find out if there is a gift version of the package in the boutique. If not, then pack it yourself.

Cactus or kitten.
Cactus or kitten

Traditionally, plants are given to women. But why not give a green friend to a man? Remember the same Leon-killer, whose only friend was aglonama Amelia. And Dr. Bykov? He had Igor - the most common ficus. If a person spends a lot of time at home, then maybe he will be happy to have a green friend that you can take care of, so a plant is a good idea for a presentation.

Animals - also a great option for a gift, only for very young boys and men who have become pensioners. A kitten, a dog, a turtle or a hamster will be an excellent friend to the kid, and the pensioner will give a "second wind": it is proved that at an elderly age a person simply needs to take care of someone and if the grandchild does not have a pensioner, then let him be a cat or a dog.


Do not underestimate such a gift for the new year. We agree that some stupid novel given to a man will look ridiculous, but here the book chosen according to his taste will perfectly please the person. Younger brother can buy comics: today this kind of literature is popular among young people. Well, what about the older brother? Flatter his interests: if he is a manager, then give a book about time management or something from the eternal classics, for example, the works of Dale Carnegie.

Do not know which book to give, but are sure that he will really like such a gift? Just give the certificate to a regular or online store. Well, if finances permit, then buy him an e-book.

What can you give as an impression? Impression - this is a fairly universal gift, because you can pick it up and younger and older brother. For example, if he likes thrill, then give him:

  • skydiving;
  • aerodynamic flight;
  • excursion to the bunker;
  • diving lesson;
  • movie ticket in 5D format;
  • riding lesson;
  • certificate for visiting the quest room;
  • Extreme driving lessons.

If you want to give a gift to a person who probably does not appreciate the extreme impression, then choose something more relaxed, for example, on a certificate in a sauna, protszal, bowling or billiards. As an option, choosing a gift, prefer a ticket to a concert, exhibition or a museum: it all depends on the person's hobbies.


To this category there are so many items that you will definitely find something that your brother will like. For the younger brother, the "gadgets" for the computer are suitable: for example, a new mouse, headphones. If he really does not need it, then why not give us a usb-stand for a heated mug?

The family man will be pleased to receive from his sister things that will be useful in the home: for example, a Turkish coffee, electronic photo frame, a multivarker. A real enthusiasm will cause a robotic vacuum cleaner, however, it is too expensive for every purse.

The athlete will be pleased with smart watches or bluetooth headphones, and a man of age will come up with something simpler: for example, a compact coffee maker.

To give such a souvenir that your brother will definitely like, you need to understand his tastes well. Are you sure that he does not like a soul in a super-woman, and not in a female cat?

With established people it's all a bit simpler: if a person is fond of playing chess, then give him some unusual look, and if a person works in the aircraft industry, the perfect model will be a model aircraft on a stand.