Gift ideas for a little brother

For the most active and enthusiastic GiftBox with a made up a selection of gift ideas for a younger brother. Reasons can be different: the successful completion of the school term, birthday or a new year. Here are some unusual ideas that might be of use to you ...

What to give to a little brother?

Gloves "hands of the Hulk".
Gloves "hands of the Hulk"

If your younger brother can not sit still, is active, strong, and behaves like the Hulk from the Marvel universe, then the set of gloves Hulk will like him. By the way, the size of gloves is universal. They fit like a child, and a guy at the age of 10 years. Soft material will allow your brother to painlessly beat the walls of the apartment. And a "little monster" will amuse the tired after work dad. In addition to gloves, you can buy a mask. In this case, the issue with the New Year's costume is settled. The main thing is to behave yourself and not to break anything.

  • The length of the glove is slightly more than 30 cm.
  • The toy is made of cotton-filled textiles.
Snow Crossbow.
Snow Crossbow

Winter is approaching. For the child this is the time of vacations, snow slides and epic skirmishes with snowballs. As you know, for the battle you need a weapon. Your attention is invited snow crossbow Snow Crossbow. Charge it with snowballs and pull the titevu, your brother can aim to shoot snowballs on the neighbors. The game promises to be fun. But laying in a toy something heavier than a tennis ball is not recommended, because there is a risk of getting into a neighbor's car. Now you know what you can give a little brother.

  • The toy is made of plastic. Packing dimensions 46х32х11 cm.
  • A good New Year's surprise for a real warrior. The kit comes with a target and instructions.
Designer "Expert 999".
Designer "Expert 999"

And this gift will be the impetus to study the exact sciences. The set is a set of elements and connecting links. Your younger brother will be able to study and collect up to 1000 different schemes. The kit includes such elements as LEDs, capacitors, power supplies, phototransistors and electric motors. The game comes with detailed instructions. With such a gift, the child will easily compile the simplest scheme of an FM receiver.

  • One of the advantages of this set is the acquisition of practical skills in working with electronics. Since childhood, your brother will have a basic understanding of the device electrical circuit.
  • As part of the game, your brother will be able to gain basic knowledge in physics and electronics.
3D puzzle.
3D puzzle

Another idea of ??an amusing gift to a small brother can be a 3D puzzle. Most often, as a model collected, there are such famous buildings as the Kremlin, Big Ben, Taj Mahal or the Statue of Liberty. However, you can also find 3d models of old ships or military equipment. Mosaic develops the motor skills of the hands and expands the child's horizons.

  • An exciting build process that contributes to the perseverance and development of abstract thinking.
  • It is best to choose puzzles made of laminated foam cardboard.
Flying orbiting satellite.
Flying orbiting satellite

A flying satellite can float in a room at a certain height. To start the station, just press the stand button. Catching such a gift is not easy. The satellite flies around the room, rising up and down. The toy is equipped with sensor sensors. If you bring the palm to the satellite, it will rise even higher. Cheerful gift to little brother.

  • Includes remote control, manual and charger.
  • Battery charging time is 40 minutes.
Birdhouse with own hands.
Birdhouse with own hands

If you are looking for a gift to your little brother with your own hands, the idea of ??a birdhouse may suit you. All you need is a set of tools, nails, hardwood boards, a brush, an acrylic paint that does not smell, and a drill. To maintain the warmth of the birdhouse walls must be at least two centimeters in thickness. The bottom of the house should be even thicker. The height of the standard birdhouse is 40 centimeters.

  • There are several ways to hang a birdhouse: nail or wire. The second option is better done using pads.
  • A gift that does not need to be bought.

Another idea of ??an original gift to a brother on the day of birth can be a column with the effect of flowing water. Chinese developers offer columns filled with liquid. When they are turned on, the water jet begins to "dance" to the music. All this is accompanied by a multi-colored LED backlight. The original name of "Water dance speakers".

  • Columns are tight. The height of the flowing water is determined by the volume of the music.
  • Here, the bet is made for spectacular design and originality. This gift is connected to the computer via USB.
Viral stressball.
Viral stressball

The most terrible viruses of the planet are now in the hands of your little brother! This toy is called stressball. It is a ball, inside which is a colored filler. Outside, the toy has a mesh wrapper. The outer and inner colors of the ball are different. The toy is available in 4 models. Strasbol has very unusual names: bubonic plague, corn fever, anthrax and zombie virus.

  • The toy will break the brush and impress the school buddies. A cool gift that you can play forever.
  • The gift has an acceptable cost. Stresbol is easy to buy on the Internet.
Robot Designer LEGO.
Robot Designer LEGO

At the Lego constructor, no generation of children has grown up. In 1991, the company's management first added electronic components to toys. Since then, children have the opportunity to collect models with electronic stuffing. The main core of the smart designer was the P-brick microcontroller. It is he who is responsible for the operation of such elements as electric motors, sensors and light-emitting diodes. Soon, several series of "Lego Constructor" went on sale. A fascinating gift to a brother who is addicting.

  • The latest generation of microcontrollers was introduced in 2016.
  • For the first time the company "LEGO" was founded in 1932. Its founders were Ole Kirk Christiansen.
Gyroscope or scooter.
Gyroscope or scooter

A modern inexpensive gyro-canter can travel up to 15 km. Manage such a thing can even a child. Recommended age for operation is from 7 years. Their popularity giroskutery and scooters began to pick up sharply more recently. Due to their mobility, they gradually replaced the bicycles. If your brother has long dreamed of such a presentation, an inexpensive solution will be a new gyroscope "Smart Balance Pro Genesis 6.5", which will serve your.

  • The maximum speed is up to 15 km / h. Some models include overspeed sensors.
  • The kit also includes a remote control, a bag-case and Bluetooth-speakers.